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Thyologisms, Technically, Neologisms

Post Published: 23 June 2008
Category: Dear Thyroid News and Updates, Neologisms
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Part of Dear Thyroid’s brand is creating words, evidenced in many posts written by our Dear Thyroid Products, and in our Tweets and Facebook posts.

True to Dear Thyroid form, the below is an example of a Thyologism:

Thymentia: noun

  • Origin: Hunters from the Paleolithic era who overslept, or forgot what their weekly hunting quota was were relegated to Gatherers. Upon forgetting what they were supposed to gather, they were eventually,  thrown out of their clans, left to fend for themselves.
  • Definition: Of or pertaining to, any type of thyroid or autoimmune thyroid disease that causes forgetfulness, brain fog, word loss, memory loss, and a compulsion to overcompensate.   Feeling chronically stupid is normal, as is spiraling low, to no,  self-esteem.

On the first of every month (provided we don’t forget), we’ll announce a request for Thyologisms to be submitted. At the end of the month, we’ll post everyone’s Thyologism. Dear Thyroid readers will have 30-days to vote in the comments section for their favorite Thyologism.

The winner will receive:

  • A Dear Thyroid Product (TBA)
  • Their Thyologism turned into a T-shirt named after them in the Dear Thyroid Store
  • Their Thylogism will be included in the Glossary of the first annual Dear Thyroid Anthology
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3 Responses to “Thyologisms, Technically, Neologisms”

  1. Thylogism:

    If the herb “thyme” is pronounced “time” then…

    shouldn’t “thyred” by pronounced like how most of us feel all the thyme?

  2. Michael;

    You are so funny. I’m howling because it’s so damn logical, you know?

    That’s a kick ass Thyologism. When we officially deploy 8/1, I’d love to add it with your permission, of course.

    PS: did you read this? http://dearthyroid.wordpress.com/2009/07/03/graves-becomes-him/


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