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A Dose of THYroid Rage a Day Keeps the Insanity Away

Post Published: 06 June 2009
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As a new addition to Dear Thyroid, we’re introducing a weekly post called Thyrant of the Day; a compiled posting to go live on Saturdays that will contain all of the entries we’ve received from the previous six days. We’ll solicit your thyrants all week long from:


Facebook Page

Facebook Group


In 100 words or less, we want your rants, as many as you wish, about how you’re feeling in that very moment about your thyroid disease and how it’s affecting you. It can be what you dealt with last week, yesterday, or what you’re dealing with today — something you just need to get off your chest, or something that’s difficult to express to the other people in your life; or your rant can be something broader — parts of your thyroid story as a whole. Because, let’s face it: sometimes we aren’t in the mood to write a full letter to our thyroids and these snippets can be just as healing and cathartic. We will post as follows:

Tweets will be posted as @YourName rantarific rant

Facebook notes will be posted as @Facebook (Nick)name rantalicious rant

Email notes will be posted as @(Nick)name (NO EMAIL ADDRESS, NO real names. Protecting your privacy is of the utmost important to us) rantarella rants

There is no limit on how many Thyrants of The Day you can send in, so keep em coming and if you haven’t had a chance to submit a full letter yet, use this as an opportunity to get your feet wet. We love, love, love reading what you send in!

Note: Please include your name or nickname that you wish to be used when submitting via Facebook and email.

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9 Responses to “A Dose of THYroid Rage a Day Keeps the Insanity Away”

  1. Bonnie says:

    Dear Immune System,

    I know you mean well, but Thyroid is not an alien invader that you need to destroy. Thyroid is tired, which is making me tired, and making my doctors think I need to be on psychiatric drugs and to put the fork down. I think my charts have been branded with some sort of scarlet letter to state that I am making up all my symptoms. Obviously, my doctors don’t understand what is going on. So, please stop being a bully. You have distracted Thyroid so much that someone has forgotten I am not supposed to have the energy level and metabolism of an overweight cat. I shed like one; that is for sure.

    Keep up the good work on protecting me from all the other gross germs in the world. But, please, stop pestering Thyroid because you aren’t just hurting me, you are hurting yourself.



  2. Wendy says:

    Dear Thyroid:

    For about 30 years now we’ve had an off-again on-again relationship. We’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end you failed me, you didn’t hold up.

    Then, you deserted me and left me swollen and exhausted in bed, my heart broken.

    Well, it’s over. I don’t need you anymore.

    I have a new love, a new focus–every day I am in reverent awe of your replacement, a little green pill.

    Ahh, and you thought I couldn’t live without you. How wrong you were! You threatened to shrivel and die–go right ahead–you were never reliable to start with. Your replacement, well he’s always there for me.

    You threatened to make me suffer without you–well, ha, ha–look at me now! With my little green pill I am better than I ever was!

    No, we can’t just be friends, this is the end, and I’m not wishing you well for all you’ve never done for me.

    Never yours again,

  3. Enid says:

    Dear Thyroid,

    Thank you for sparing me the need to get a tattoo. Every morning when I wake up my face has a brand new ‘pillow tattoo.’ Now that I’m 56, I can be as hip as any 26 year old. The really cool thing you do for me is allow me to have a different one every day! You even create ankle tattoos for me from my socks. Way to go, Thyroid!

  4. fisherwife says:

    Dear thyroid,

    You suck. I mean it. You suck the memories out of my head. Will I forget what my best friend told me about her life? Where did I leave my purse? Where is that phone number? Which customer needs a call back?

    I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, thyroid. You need to get with the program and take in the right amount of iodine and that’s it! No more gobbling. No more poking along. Just keep with the beat. That must be what your problem is, thyroid. You have no rhythm.

    Give it another try, thyroid. Here, take this pill and shut up.


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