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First Official Thyrant Post June 8th Through June 12th

Post Published: 13 June 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves
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Thank you to everyone who submitted for our first official Thyrant post! Your bravery ASTOUNDS US. Every delicious word is savored and treasured. Keep venting and ranting and getting your thyrociousness out of your body. Rant, rave, cry, scream, whatever it takes. (Note: If anyone was excluded from our first post, please bring it to our immediate attention. We promise it was an oversight and we will promptly update.)


Mary Shomon: Dear Thyroid, Guess what? If we listen to these chuckleheaded doctors and don’t give you any medication when you’re underactive, we might end up as exhausted, overweight, hairless, sex driveless, depressed, fuzzy-brained 100 year olds!

Linda McClure Woodham: Dear Thyroid, even though you became medical waste more than a year ago, your time in my body will never be forgotten. I could eat dirt for weeks and still gain weight. I hate what you did to me.

Stephanie G: Dear Thyroid, Did my TSH rise because I gained weight? Or did my weight rise because of my TSH? I try my best to take care of you, but you always seem like you’re out to get me. I am told that it’s just part of getting older. But, I won’t give up the fight that easy, we’re only 29! I have been treating you badly over the year since school began and I am going to start to listen to you more and take better care of you, I promise. I’m stuck with you till the end. XO. Your best friend, S

Lupita Morales: Dear Thyroid, My back is still sore from slipping a disk on Sunday from just getting out of the shower. Thyroid, you suck.

Lupita Morales: Dear Thyroid, I started my period again today during a lunch date, out. Did you forget that I already had my period 3 times this month? I have contacted a lawyer because I’m about to sue you for reimbursement on Tampons & Maxi pads. Just a heads up!

Paula Buckley: My uterus and thyroid need to take a VaCa from me. I despise them both.

Kathleen Taylor: Oh, dear thyroid, we DO have a lot to catch up on. Were you so envious that I had lost all that weight and was in control of my depression that you had to kidnap my serenity? Two months to gain back the 50 pounds that I had lost and then sending me ‘over the rainbow’?! You may think that you are in control of everything, but I’ve got news for you!

Paula Buckley: I have to have a biopsy Monday morning. “It’s a stick a needle in my neck ‘check'” as I like to call it. My 14 yr daughter is MAD. She yelled at me ” It better not be cancer cause I need you here when I am 30 and have kids and no friggin’ clue what to do with them. ” I told her “Don’t tell me. Tell my thyroid” and lifted my chin. She then yelled at my thyroid, which has a small lump, kinda like an accessory; like a handbag. And she said ” YOU BETTER NOT BE CANCER.” So my thyroid better be scared cause I wouldn’t piss her off. She is a hormonal teenager.   Love, Dizzygirl

TWITTER Thyrants

Misti_Hope, Could I be any more exhausted? F*ck you, Thyroid AND the horse you rode in on!

Dana Baker: ,  My THYRANT for the day, convincing the pharmacy that Levothyroxine is NOT the same thing as Synthroid. No generic for me!

Mom 2 Wild Things: Because of Hashimoto’s, I have lost my health, my self esteem, and feel like I am losing my mind!

Liz Schau (Lejeal), THYRANT: My 82-yr-old grandma has a better memory than me. You turned my mind into a geriatric mess. I can’t remember jack shit

Yodat: ,  I never knew sanding surfaces WITH MY ARMS could be so fun!

Charlcies: Mine is probably the most common thyroid rant of all. I’m tired of being tired! #thyrant

Get Squirrel: THYRANT, Can’t seem to stay up past 8pm. haven’t needed this much sleep since I was 6! Damn you Grave’s!!

Latina 702: ,  THRANT: This sensitivity 2 weather is getting out of hand. I’m in VEGAS damn it! No more brain-fog 2 the heat Please!

Lejeal: THYRANT, If I wake up to one more sore throat at the hands of your mistress, I will go crazy on your ass

Lejeal: THYRANT, OMG, I’m awake???!! Well hallelujah and praise Jesus

Get Squirrel: THYRANT, In case you were wondering, darling thyroid, I still hate your guts. Can you at least TRY to temper my heart rate?

Latina 702: THRANT, When u left, u should have taken these mood swings with u, not my menstrual cycle.

Katie Schwartz: Graves’ eye disease, I hate you with unrelenting passion, for killing my ravenous browns and forcing my lady balls to hide behind singlasses — day and night. So far, the one treatment I seem eligible for is Methotrexate, a cancer treatment? Seriously?! You do not have permission to make me sick again.

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  1. Mauigirl says:

    Love this! Enjoyed reading all the short letters to the Thyroid. I often wonder if I have subclinical hypothyroidism – I have to get the “needle in the neck check” for some nodules and have trouble losing weight…yet all my measures are in the right range.

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