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Thyrants Week of June 27th – July 3rd

Post Published: 04 July 2009
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This week’s Thyrants are about Thymentia, memory loss with balanced numbers. Reaffirming the fact that numbers don’t really,  mean shit. Okay, they something, reduced symptoms and a less near-death experience.   Our cognitive functions, our MINDS, however, do not belong to us, not the way they used to. Funny, sadly and angrily, a few dames and a family member,  have shared their Thyrants. Thank you!


Linda McClure Woodham,  Dear Thyroid ghost: Are you still angry with me for having you cut out? I think you must be haunting my body. Surely it is your spirit that has pushed my LDL cholesterol to the highest in the damn universe!! I hate you.

Anita Roberts,  Well, its 11 PM Poor Moi. Heart palpitations, that’s what’s shakin’, like a bit too much caffeine on a decaf day. Hmmmm. looks like Hashi’s strikes again and I’ve gone just a skosh hyper. Yippeeeee! Now, pass the deodorant and don’t make me mad!

Kathleen Taylor,   I spend the whole day going two steps forward, then four steps backwards. My theme song is “What the hell did I come in here for?!” Write it down? Sure, but can anyone tell me where I put my notebook?!

Pamela Lau,  I’ve been on PTU for a year & a half (I lost count) & my levels are finally “normal” but I still have MAD insomnia (can’t go to bed until 6 am, sleep 10-12 hrs), have problems breathing on a daily basis, hot flashes like crazy. And yes, cognitive problems galore! Been on disability for a year & a half as well… Not feeling like I can go back to work soon, although I’d ♥ to be able to.

Annie Rz,  I start off doing something specific, then I do everything else except what I originally planned. For example, I might go downstairs to get a can of tomatoes, but first, I do laundry, clean the cat boxes, take a load out of the dryer, straighten out a few things, and come upstairs…. THEN I remember why I originally went downstairs!!! Good thing I can laugh at myself!

Janet Chopack,  For some reason I just cannot remember names. I’ll see the face and I KNOW I know the name but it just won’t come to me.

Kathleen Taylor,  How do you explain to someone when you just cannot think? I sit, stand, and walk around, and nothing. I often now have trouble with simple math. I look at it and cannot figure out a thing. I listen to a speaker and the words come out as if on tickertape, following one another, but making no sense. I just can’t think. ARGGGHH! Makes me nuts!

Pamela Lau,  Yeah, simple math. I now have to use a calculator or a tip chart. I’d been giving my hairdresser a 30% tip for almost a year instead of 20%! :O. I prefer email & HATE talking on the phone.

Pamela Lau,  Putting clothes on backwards & not noticing for a long time.

Cyndi Potts Woodruff,   Tried to put mascara on this morning. Arrrgggh! I know most people lose eyebrows, but for me? It’s my upper eyelashes on my left eye. They fall out! Luckily, I went today to get blood work done after so many weeks on steroids for pneumonia….we’ll see what the results are next week.

Pamela Lau,  Hmm, it’s 6 am & I’m still up… Insomnia anyone? Going to bed now…

Manda Richardson,  I’m so sick of my mind going blank when I need it the most. 🙁

Anne Mauer Ridgway,  Dear Mom’s Thyroid, You make my mother feel terrible, and for that I cannot forgive you. I wish she could feel great all of the time. She deserves that. I love her so much and would really appreciate it if you could just go back to being regulated. All my love, Anne


hmhrn My numbers are allegedly balanced & my brain fog is still a problem. I forgot where I left my coffee this morning!

ekr8401 ha! I’m lucky to remember my name, apartment number & where I work LOL!

Steeler_Gal Normal? Ha! You must be joking. Will I ever be normal? Will I ever stop forgetting words, dates, times? Time will tell?

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One Response to “Thyrants Week of June 27th – July 3rd”

  1. Geri says:

    As my DH is fond of saying, “my memory’s great………it’s just really, really short!”

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