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Thyrants Of The Week, July 4th – July 10th

Post Published: 11 July 2009
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We don’t usually introduce Thyrants. This week we’re going to.

We’ve received so many beautiful, touching, sad, funny, angry, hopeless, hopeful and happy Dear Thyroid letters, from women, men and teens. We are tremendously grateful and can’t wait to share each one with you. We’ll be posting letters now on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

That being said, we want to keep encouraging you to write. DON’T STOP WRITING TO YOUR THYROID. Please submit more Dear Thyroid letters, more Thyrants, more Thygraphs and more Thyologisms. Every word you write to your thyroid is important and makes us all feel less alone and hopeful, and brings us closer. Our voices need to be heard. Speak up and out. WE ARE LISTENING. Families, please submit your letters, too, of gratitude for having a healthy thyroid, and about what your loved one’s thyroid has taken from you.

And now…. THYRANTS


Mary Shomon,  Rant: Dear Thyroid: I think you must have failed math. Because you have decided that your main goal these days is to produce as much REVERSE T3 as you possibly can. You’re supposed to convert T4 into T3. Notice that the word “reverse” is NOT part of the equation. Oh thyroid of mine, you get an “F” in math, and I’m sending you to summer school for remedial conversion.

Joyce Jordan Corley Dear Thyroid: Thanks for bringing back the double chin that I had finally managed to lose last year. My fat-o-meter is broken. I look so much fatter than I feel. All I needed was some new pictures posted on Facebook to slap me back to reality. Everyone appreciates some reality now and then, but your reality hurts my feelings and makes me want to cry. And then my new endocrinologist says you have nothing to do with my weight gain. I know you are so proud of that. Damn you.

Annie Rz,   Dear Thyroid: Who would have thought that we would have such a “Hot and cold relationship?” ,  Love it when you help me feel SO good one day, only to drop me like a hot potato the next, making me feel so slow and out of sorts. Who would have known that we would develop such a relationship after all these years? There are some days when you make me feel on top of the world, full of energy for about 20 hours straight.   Tell me, thyroid, who the heck can function on 4 hours of sleep!?

Julie Baumer Dear Thyroid: Thanks for the added pleasure of not being able to use Novocain at the dentist like a normal person, and have to use the shit that wears off during drilling. Always a pleasure.

Julie Baumer,   Dear thyroid, Thanks for sparing me this weekend so I was able to enjoy the festivities on the 4th of July.


@stepritejaneide I can’t tell my Thyroid story in 25 words or less, not possible. Then again, maybe: slow, weight gain, swelling, change of appetite.

@latina702,  THYRANT: You’re caring doctor said “Forget about you, you’re no more” but why are you still tormenting me? Stupid LEVO. You suck too!

@Yodat Thyroid – Let’s make a trade. My motivation for the extra weight you placed on me?,

Katie Schwartz — This week I had stomach flu, so my ass was glued to the fucking porcelain goddess. Poor thing felt violated to the point of almost giving up on me towards the end of the week. I do have a thyoint to make, though. This flu brought me right back to my Graves’ days. Those memories flooding back, floored me, as they always do because it’s still so raw. I guess learning to live side-by-side with this disease is going to take a hell of a lot more time and work. Mother fucker.

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  1. Carla McW says:

    Julie Baumer oh my goodness, I never made the connection btw thyroid issues and my intolerance of Novocaine. Thank you! I thought I was the only one…

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