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Thyrants Of The Week July 18 – 24

Post Published: 25 July 2009
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Hello Dear Thyroidians, How are you?

First, if any rants have been left out, please email Katie and I will make sure this post is updated with your thyrantyliciousness, capisce? Capisce?! Please forgive the oversight. Any oversights are due to Thymentia, something we all combat, don’t we? Please know it’s never intentional. When oversights are pointed out, I/we, are tremendously appreciative and grateful for your receptivity and willingness to let us know.

Second, before we get into this week’s thyfuckingtastic Thyrants (thank you very much ladies and gents for your mad thyliterary skills), we would like to request that our wonderful Dear Thyroid readers please join our group and fan page. We want to continue our fabulous discussions! Let’s move those thyversations to Dear Thyroid Group and Dear Thyroid Fan Page.

We’ll be tossing out more topics. And we sure hope you’ll continue throwing out your brilliant topics for discussion, too. One thing we’ve learned and fallen madly in love with, is how vocal everyone is about their disease. Honestly, it’s a thing of beauty that inspires us every day. Speaking for myself, Katie, it gives me confidence about dragging myself out of the,  thyloset even more. Thank you!


Angel Do you know any Thyroidologists?! I think I need some help with my Thyroidemons! Maybe an excothyrocism!!

Kathy Taylor Well, little thyroid o’ mine, I DID go to the physical therapist for evaluation on my plantar fasciitis today. She just loves what you’ve done with the place! The extra 50 pounds of weight has been a little unevenly distributed, though. The extra fluid in my legs, giving me that uh, steady on my feet look, it ain’t the look I’m wanting. So, tonight, I get to sleep on the floor with my feet propped up on the couch, or even better a wall. Now, I ask you, ain’t that sexy?! Yup, just what I was thinkin’!! GRRRRRRR!!!”

Manda Richardson, Dear Thyroid, yesterday I had a mini-breakdown and did the “ugly cry” in front of my children. I feel ill, nauseas, and soooo tired; my joints are aching, my throat is sore, my back hurts, my head aches, I have hives all over my arms and legs. I had to enter college with brain-fog and severe lack of confidence. Lately, I feel like nothing I do is good enough. Hey, I’m not here to point fingers, but, Thyroid, I’ve got my eye on you! And Hashi’s – just watch it buddy. I’m in no mood for any of your nonsense. Consider yourselves warned. Luv, m. P.S: now you’ve also made me sound like a whiny bitch, honestly, Thyroid, you’re pushing your luck.

Rebecca Louise Duffy, Dear Thyroid, I am 23 and have never felt so awkward about telling people about how I feel. But now, YOU have made me feel like the biggest drama queen ever! How do I answer people when they ask, “How are you?”…. Quite frankly, I know they don’t care and they don’t want to listen to me talking about YOU! YOU are the one that has created this vicious circle in my life. I wish I had someone in “Live time” to talk to about how I am feeling and someone that knows what I go through. To some people a thyroid is just a gland. To me, my thyroid was a complete and utter nightmare. Not only did it produce a thick and hefty goiter, it also moved my trachea, so now I am stuck with friggin’ reflux and an uncomfortable neck!! I just want to chat, talk and cry. I crave hugs from someone, anyone. Just be there for me and I’ll be there for you.

Linda McClure Woodham, Dear dead thyroid, if I say I loved you, will you make me feel better? Probably not; you were too vain and selfish. You left your anger behind when you were cut from my body. Your damage still rushes through my body and my brain. Thanks for nothing.

Bonnie Stears UGH! I woke up this morning, stepped on the scale, and magically gained like… 13 lbs in; 3 days. WTF?! (What the Thyroid???) I mean, I just started doing cardio 3 times a week again… and I gained weight? Barf.

Amy Elizabeth Parker Some days, I am constipated. Some days my legs hurt for no apparent reason. Some days, I am irritable. Some days, I want to eat, eat, eat. Some days, I am tired. Some days, my mind is so fuzzy…Is there a rhyme or reason for this?

Regina Cintron, I misplaced my breakfast last week and still haven’t found it!

Pamela Lau It is nearly 5 AM and I’m barely tired. I won’t be in bed ‘til 6 am. 🙁


EAWake TSH of 154! I’m coming after you thyroid.

EAWake Please stop being such a bitch and let my other meds work.

EAWake I have other problems and don’t want to deal with yours right now.

Latina702 Damn these endocrinologists that think they know what I need as your replacement. If they only knew how much you used to do for me.

Hmhrn Dear thyroid, if I’m gonna lose my hair again, why can’t it be from places other than my head?

EAWake I hate going to the hair dresser and it’s all your fault, thyroid. I have to explain why my hair is thin and falling out in clumps.

Yodat Dear thyroid, it is all your fault my house is dirty.

Hyperchondria Something is just plain wrong. Me, and my goiter were just beat in a game of Scrabble by the word “goitrous”.

Ekr8401 My sister gave up soda and lost 85 lbs. I give up sodas, sugar, gluten, goitrogenic foods, white carbohydrates, and “empty calories” and I GAIN 4 lbs!!! FMT.

Sparklefluff ,  Dear Thyroid, Thank you for the Low Iodine Diet, now I can’t even drown my hypothyroid sadness in a pizza.


Geri As my DH is fond of saying, “my memory’s great;;;it’s just really, really short!”

M—Dear Thyroid, “Not tonight dear, I have a neck ache.” Don’t you ever…   EVER…   make me say that again! (I’d kill you, but you’re already dead.)

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