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Thyrants Of The Week, July 25-31st

Post Published: 01 August 2009
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Hello, Thyrellas and Thyfellas, This week’s Thyrants are Thylicious.

If we left anyone out, we are very sorry. P lease email your rants to Katie and I will get them posted ASSSAPY.


Kathleen Taylor Opening the window of my mind, I am yelling down at you, thyroid “Leave me alone! Let me sleep for once, please!!!” Nightly, now it seems, I just close my eyes and begin to relax and you come around tossing thyful after thyful of anxiety. You bang the pots and pans of confusion in my head!: I’m too hot! I can’t breathe! You are making me crazy!,  You are robbing me of precious rest; setting my sanity on fire! Where are the endo-police when you need them?! There are NO superheroes to fly in and SMACK! Pow! Whack! you away, and carry me to safety! Save myself?! Where the hell is the safety net?! Is there no where to hide from you?!

Amy Elizabeth Parker I think actually having a disease sucks. But then I start making lifestyle changes and realize how beneficial that is and how I can hopefully help my daughter to start out with a healthier lifestyle. If only I knew what all those refined carbs and sugars, cigarettes, smoking pot, etc. were doing to me. There is no room for regrets but I can definitely learn from the past.

Pamela Lau OMG, I am SO friggin’ full my stomach hurts. Ugh! I hate my damn anti-anxiety Rx; it makes me overeat because if my stomach is not full enough when I take it, I get really nauseous. Can’t win!

Pamela Lau I’m also unusually pissed today. Been super hyper (I have Graves’); this usually doesn’t happen. Feeling crappy. Grr.

Madison Merritt, Dear Thyroid,  you have come to ruin my life. I know it now; you can stop pretending you love me at times. Just pick one, and I think you have learned the best way to irritate me is to let immune system pick on you. Right now I don’t know if I have a cold or if you are pressing your big, fat self on my throat. That’s right you are the one who is fat. You know what? I figured how to beat you — walking. Just taking a walk will kick your big fat butt. You can’t ever stop me, you know that? You can never bring me down. You are nothing more than a stupid infected organ that is replaceable. So I’ll be talking to you soon, or hopefully your ghost soon.  Never Yours, Maddi

Joyce Jordan Corley, Dear Thyroid, thanks for the humiliation of going to the endo today and basically being told he can do nothing for me except put me on Synthroid. If I want to lose weight I can go on a diet or either have gastric bypass. Yes, fellow Krappa Krappa Glanda members, you heard that right. Those are my 2 options. Diet or gastric bypass. Gastric bypass??? Excuse me? Isn’t that a little drastic? We can’t find out anything else that might be wrong? I look at these labs and the numbers are not even in the normal range for the lab on several of the things listed! So basically, I’m fat and lazy! Doesn’t matter that I exercise like a mad woman or try to watch what I eat, I’m just fat and lazy! My husband went with me and saw the rudeness of the doctor so it’s not a case of me being thyroid psycho –which I think I might be — or, it could be the assholeyness of the endo that has set me off. Right now I feel like I am going to go stark raving mad, or go into a depression.

Manda Richardson, Dear Thyroid, ME YESTERDAY: yipeee! Finally after weeks of fighting off germy attacks, I feel great! I’m awake, alert, thinking clearly, feeling well, energetic, getting things done! This is fabulous, I wonder how long it will last this time? — weeks? months? ME TODAY: yuk. I feel like crap. I’ve woken up with sore ears, sore throat, slight cough and sniffle, mouth ulcers, weak muscles and swollen sore glands again. So Thyroid, and Immune System, do you see the huge fucking problem here? Ok, so I might have overdone things yesterday. I might not have slept well last night and sure, I ate some white rice. But are you serious? I think this is a major overreaction on your part and I feel as though I am being unjustly punished. Yours sincerely, M.


latina702, THYRANT: you ain’t getting me yet biioootch! Gonna protect my eyes fo’ sho’!

EAWake Dear Thyroid, can I have control of my bowels back? They are mine after all, thanks!

EAWake Dear thyroid, I love needles and having blood drawn twelve plus times a month, how did you know?

EAWake Dear thyroid, I hate the wispies, tired of explaining to hair dresser that I don’t have nor want bangs

greeneyez1116 So not only did you make me have to pee every thirty minutes, but you gave me anxiety about it — like if I don’t I might die. Thanks.

LibertyImages Ohhhhh, so THAT is why I have a FOOD SCALE (thanks, Alton B!) to weigh with? I see now.

LibertyImages Oh, have been on almost liquid diet for two months, can’t eat without stomach upset. GAINED weight. 4-5 boosts a day, max.

YodatI am at a point in this week where I feel it will take a week to recover from this week.

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