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Where Did You Say My Thyex Drive Was, Dear Thyroid?

Post Published: 10 August 2009
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

Now, of course you knew you were going to hear from me again. Did you think I would leave you alone after all the struggles you have put me through? I am told that I’m supposed to be sensitive to cold weather yeah; I’m sensitive to weather all right, HOT weather!

You make me think you did this to me on purpose, knowing I live in Las Vegas, a desert like no other. OMG!

Another issue I have with you is all this added constipation. I mean seriously, is it necessary? All I do now is find any source of fiber I can find get my hands on. DAMN you.

I know I took you for granted, but damn, what a price you are making me pay now.

Finally, last but not least, the one thing people seem to be shy about discussion, which I’m not, is the loss of sex drive.   I hate you for this symptom the most; I used to be ‘freaky’, now it’s like, damn!

On a serious note, sex used to be a great way to relieve all of this added daily stress. Now, I feel overwhelmed and excessively stressed out.

So, thyroidella, until next time, you nasty ol’ bitch, until you hear from me again, I remain;


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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Where Did You Say My Thyex Drive Was, Dear Thyroid?”

  1. Curious Carol says:

    Yeah, when the rut puppy is asleep, it’s a drag. But there are some of us hyper-gals who got the surprise of our lives when we tripped into super-sex mode. For a while, all I could think about for 24 hours a day was sex sex sex. I was fortunate to have an understanding (if bewildered) husband who was up for the antics (and maybe even misses them some now).

    I can’t imagine what it would have been like not to have an outlet…to have been unattached. I would have surely turned into the town slut, my sex-drive was pretty out-of-control. My endo had NO sympathy, not having known another hyper patient in the same predicament. There is a book that touches on it, though. It’s called “The Thryoid Solution,” by Dr. Ridha Arem.

    Now I’m hypo, and things have slowed considerably. I have my bio-identical hormone cream and my testosterone cream…and since my thyroidectomy a couple of weeks ago, I am on my way up to a good level on Armour (now on 4 grains a day (220 mg). In the meantime, I’m achy, tired, and not even in the mood most of the time.

    I guess if I were a stereotype, I’d swing between slut and prude in these seven years since Graves’/Hashi’s dx.

  2. not happy says:

    Just discovered your site & I’m in love. 😉

    I think the sex drive aspect is one issue within the thyroid conversations that often gets lost but is very important.

    Pre-thyroid issues I had a very very very healthy sex drive. Post-thyroid… what’s sex? I think I’ve heard of that.

    The only advice I have been given (and I ask / bitch constantly) is once the thyroid is within ‘normal’ for a period of time, my sex drive should return to normal. Test results show that a few months ago & I’m waiting…

  3. Michelle says:

    Yeah, at the height of Grave’s disease I was always having sex. I was always running around, doing anything for an outlet for my excess energy. But now that I have normal-ed out, and gone a little hypo, it is different. It is not the strong desire anymore that it was, but it is still enjoyable. I think like anything, when you are hypo, you need to push yourself a little to do it at the beginning but then it is fine. I think exercise also falls under this catagory. It is often the beginning lack of motivation that stops many people, so you just have to admit it is going to take a little more willpower along with physical longing to be satisfied and successful in life! There are too many people with thyroid issues who sit at home and just complain, gaining excessive amounts of weight and not moving. Yeah, it sucks we don’t feel good but you need to MOTIVE yourself. I have successfully lost a ton of weight and managed my symptoms, while others mope and feel sorry for themselves which blocks them from progressing or getting better (bodies, going out, having strong relationships). Don’t let it control you…fight back!! Of course it is ok to complain, I do all the time 😉 but do something about it by getting up and defining your own life, rather than the thyroid defining it for you!

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