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Thyrants, August 8-14

Post Published: 15 August 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves
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@danabaker,  Just saw pictures of myself in high school, when you were “normal” and my hair was gorgeous. Now it’s thin and brittle because of YOU.

@danabaker Thank you for taking away my sex drive, since I don’t have a boyfriend and want absolutely nothing to do with men right now.

@latina702 THYRANT: Caught you trying to take my vision with you. Guess what? It ain’t happening. I look kinda cute with my new glasses.

@jeangfl,  Dear thyroid (aka my worst nightmare) – today I think you are IMPOSSIBLE!!

@christinah84 Now that I finally got my meds, I not taking a nap anymore. Instead, I can barely sleep at all.

@christinah84 My doctor told me I am depressed and that some kind of rays from my TV are the reason for my insomnia.

@Yodat Today I wanna to kick my thyroid out. It hasn’t paid rent in MONTHS!

@tchatchke Ever since he left, I can’t concentrate on anything. No matter how much I try, the fake stuff just won’t do.

@christinah84 Today I am very pleased with my thyroid meds because it finally stopped me craving sweets for good.

@lejeal When will we start being honest about the real symptoms? I can’t take this fatigue shit anymore. Utterly insulting.

@christinah84,  My thyrant for today: I am sweating like crazy. Everyone is staring at me.


Linda McClure Woodham Thyrant for the day: too damn hot to live. Fibromyalgia and thyroid ghost have joined bipolar’s army to kick my butt. I think I will just surrender and get it over with.

Anita Roberts Mini rant: my hair is falling out!!! Dammit. Sigh. Okay, I know it was ’cause of that week in and after the hospital and I was taking all the vitamins and blood thinners and pain meds and abx, and, and, and, and I missed a couple of my afternoon Armour doses.   I’m getting back on track now, but not before I’m seeing my lovely red tresses circling the,  damn drain- again. The first things that happen is that my eyes puff up, my skin gets gross and I go bald as an eagle. SUUUUUX!!

Michelle Farrell,  OHHH…My rant is I am annoyed that I have short hair now because I lost it all, and that my eye is puffy again. Could this PLEASE settle down before I go meet my boyfriend’s parents and all his friends for the fucking first time???? FML.

Manda Richardson More of a taunt than a rant: Haha thyroid!!! I worked two jobs today, did grocery shopping, studied and still feel like I have energy to cook dinner for my children and read them a bedtime story! How you like that sucker?!! Who’s winning now?!

Pamela Lau Thyrant: (First of all, it took me a couple of hours to remember what I wanted to rant about… Oy…) This is a new one for me: I am now mixing up dates. I was doing a purge of my coupons and took out a bunch that I thought had expired (8/31 and anything before that date, since a new month just started). Ugh. I also threw out cheese that I thought was old (8/22 was the expiration date). Of course, I later realized that it is August and I was wrong.

Kathleen Taylor Well, thanks again thyroid for the lovely gift of plantar faciitis which is rapidly turning into a chronic pain in the ass rather than foot! I’m deciding if I want to use the very plain chrome crutches or the lovely patchwork quilt looking painted cane that was a gift from my mother. Ohhh, decisions… I am thinking NEITHER! I want my foot better and soon!!

Sandy Savino Sieglaff I wish I could thyrant right now, but I’m too tired!

Cyndi Potts Woodruff Right now?? I’m up to my eyeballs in homework and my brain has decided to vacate my skull. I’m in a very technical-mechanical class (3D computer drawing), which is not normally a strong point in my intelligence. For the last two weeks, I can’t handle or understand ANY of it. Freakin’ thanks for making me feel so damn stupid.

Joyce Jordan Corley Dear thyroid, thanks for the reaction to the Synthroid I just started taking. Two migraines in less than a week was fantastic, and the nagging headaches in between the migraines let me know just how much you don’t like Synthroid. Thanks for a horrible week.

Michael Ray McGoodwin Wilson Ladies, my thyroid gave me PMS yesterday, and as a guy I don’t even have the M part of it! I so now totally understand why you suddenly start crying at the drop of a hat. **grr**

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2 Responses to “Thyrants, August 8-14”

  1. Robs says:

    thyroid issues are connected w/ plantar fasciitis? WTF? Why has no one ever told ME this? I spent a year and half getting fucking cortizone shots in my foot, doing knows what damage to it to stop the pain. JFTC is there ANYTHING the thyroid doesn’t fuck up?

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