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Thyrants August 15-21st

Post Published: 22 August 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves
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Before we move onto the thylliant Thyrants of the week, in the past month or so, we’ve received quite a few letters from our Dear Thyroid writers, written from their thyroids to their host/hostess (as Anastasia would say). We are proud to publish these letters, as we are with each letter (a gift, really) that we receive.

We also thought it would be great to share this with our fellow thyroidians, and add it to the submissions portfolio. If you want your thyroid to write to you, we’d love to know what your thyroid would say. So far, the letters we’ve received are as riveting, bold and gorgeous, as each Dear Thyroid letter.

If you’d like to send a letter that starts with “Dear (insert name)” from your thyroid, GO FOR IT. Bring it on. Like all Dear Thyliciousness, Freedom of Speech abounds, say anything (save politics and religion). After all, we come together in the name of thyroid disease. If our thyroids want to hock, we imagine they have a whole lot to say, evidenced by the letters we’ve received so far.

Before we head into this week’s Thyrants, did we all see who won the Dear Thyroid Marco Thylo contest? I still have not heard from the winner. Please email me, Katie@dearthyroid.com, to claim your prize. Thanks, doll. We will be running another contest in September.

This week’s Thyrants made us laugh and cry so hard. (Katie) didn’t know if she should buy stock in Depends or Kleenex. What a week.

We’re in constant awe of your fearlessness and honesty. Each one of you KICKS ASS, we’re mighty of proud of you. Thank you for being you.


@othergretchen My lovely pharmacy has decided to give me random generic desiccated thyroid, not the hypoallergenic one I switched to. They no longer give out Armour, Nature-Throid, or Westhroid; just a no-name wonder subject to change without notice.

@RawHealer I have a thypraise! After being super hyperthyroidic for 2+ months due to a doctor error, I am back to myself and feeling awesome! Having been hypothyroidic forever, I can honestly say that the hyper side is HELL. I have a new appreciation for what you go through.

@christinah84 My thyroid has been very nice to me today. Even my hair is looking shiny again. What’s the catch?

@Yodat I am tired of my thyroid wanting me to cut out the outside world.

@sparklefluff I’m so tired of being tired. I hate needing a nap every day like a toddler. I’m 32, not 3.

@cowpunkmom Cancer claimed my thyroid, and now I’m stuck on Synthroid. Feels like I’m a hand-puppet, controlled from within. Bleah!


@getsquirrel Heat + thyroid = racing heart, jittery, sweaty, can’t concentrate, etc. Do not want to wait ’til winter to feel better!

@ekr8401 No major thyrant other than the usual dry skin and hair falling out LOL.

@bananagirl244 Thyrant at Forest for changing Armour and causing my downward spiral for the last two months.


Billie Jean Doty Thyrant: “No man is an island…,   Hahahahaha, have you seen me lately?

Joyce Jordan Corley Thyroid, you actually gave me hope by letting me feel better for a day or so on the Synthroid. Now you have snatched the rug out from under me. I had to stop taking the Synthroid after a week with 2 migraines and now I feel worse than I did before taking the Synthroid. And to top it off, many people are requesting the dessicated thyroid and supplies are low. Just when I need it the most. Damn, you have some excellent timing.

Joyce Jordan Corley Because I feel so crappy, I want to snap every one’s head off. Just snap it like a twig. Clean off. Like in Highlander when there can be only one and someone loses their head. My patience has gone out the window and I don’t like feeling like this. I have had to bite my tongue all day so I didn’t hurt other people’s feelings.

Liz Schau I accidentally ran out of Synthroid this morning and have actually felt BETTER all day than I have in the last few months of being on it. WTF is up with that? I go back on it tomorrow. Thyroid, please tell me this good feeling thing isn’t gonna leave me, with the swig of water and pill first thing in the morning.

Diane FamaI have no thyroid, but I do have Hashi’s so my numbers are never good. I just want a normal month.

Rebekah McAlinden,  Dear Thyroid: You are a pain in the neck. Literally. *angry face*

Robyn Davis Hahn My thyroid *must* be a woman, because she can’t make up her mind. For 3 years, you’ve been sluggish. For 5 days, you’ve been in overdrive.   Do you really have to rev my heart rate up to 140 to be noticed? No. I know you’re angry, and I agree with you–Hashimoto’s sucks. Now go back to sleep!

Cyndi Potts Woodruff,   The past few days, I’ve had palpitations, insomnia and anxiety. Geesh. After 3 years of napping, gaining weight and moving in slow-mo, this is annoying.

Chris Prestano I lost touch with a friend when I first got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It took a year, but I finally figured out why: he didn’t know the difference between a thyroid and a hemorrhoid, so all this time, he thought I had butt-hole cancer.

Regina Cintron Why is it that the medication that is supposed to relieve symptoms causes the very symptoms it’s supposed to relieve??? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this picture?

Keli Ana Depression, memory loss (hate that at work, and co-workers just laugh so I just laugh with them) weight gain, lack of sleep.   :'(

Giggle G Giggle As of late, sweatiness, weakness, insomnia beyond the normal, and yes I have forgotten the simplest things lately. LOL

Pamela Lau I think we all won the lottery, just the wrong one! LOL

Regina Cintron RANT: (sung to the tune of “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson)

Fallin’ out again

Why the hell’s my hair fallin’ out again?

Cytomel and Synthroid were supposed to be my friends

So why the hell’s my hair fallin’ out again!!

Linda McClure Woodham Well, sure, you are gone, dear, dear thyroid; long ago — medical waste. Why didn’t you reset my thermometer before you were cut out???? Sweating in a 69 degree house with fan blowing on me. Funny? Cute? No!! CRAP!!!!!!!

Kathleen Taylor This week was so hard. Seven days of walking with a crutch because of the plantar fasciitis, three days of insomnia, and then I had to be on top of it all for a huge day of surveyor’s questions. How can I do that when I can’t think? The woman’s words appeared to be like ticker tape spitting out of her mouth, and I was trying to read them as fast as I could and focus. It’s too friggin’ hot, and the nausea… oh, thyroid you’re makin’ me sick! What’s next?!

Carolyn Vitale Wakefield Today is brain fog and fatigue… I just want my “JOY” back!

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7 Responses to “Thyrants August 15-21st”

  1. Robyn says:

    I am so glad to be a part of this, and want you to know that I know very much how each and ever one of you feels–unlike the rest of the world, who thinks we’re just puffy, sluggish, whiners who can’t string a set of words together to make a coherent sentence. *hugs*

  2. Katie says:


    I feel the same way! You said exactly what I was thinking. I’m so glad we have each other to traverse our way through the gland canyon 😉


  3. Rebekah says:

    Regina Cintron — best rant ever.

  4. Rebekah says:

    Me too 🙂

    Also – Carolyn Wakefield — I empathise there with you. x

  5. Regina says:


    Thank you, thank you very much .
    *said in my best Elvis impersonation*

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