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Thyrants, August 29 — September 12

Post Published: 12 September 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves
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thyrants august 29--september12


@Yodat Bought a beautiful pair of shoes yesterday. Woke up today and was so bloated they didn’t fit!

@getsquirrel Damn TSH levels!!!! F U thyroid, F U!!!!! >:

@lejeal We survived a wedding. It was a good week. Let’s keep it that way.


Rebekah McAlinden Dear Mr. Thyroid Man, I have an uber fat neck and am having hot flashes. Fuck you.

Pamela Lau I can’t remember if I forgot to do something.

Kit Kellison I’m really angry about the natural thyroid shortage. How can this happen? This has a serious impact on me and the millions of people in the US who depend on it.

Deanna Mudd Just one of those lovely days when you feel the numbness, the puffiness, the fluid piling on!

Giggle G Giggle It is almost the end of the week, start of school week, and we’re probably all too THYRIED to TYPE LOL!

Suzy Jackson Here’s one for you — I think I’m feeling better these past few days but because I now have the memory of a goldfish I can’t remember how bad I felt last week to compare!

Leslie Freeman I just got back from the pharmacy. Got to pick up a new prescription — this time it’s a medicine for the pain in my hip!! Yeah, the fun never ends!!!,

Rebecca Louise Duffy Freedom from my thyroid doesn’t mean I am fine! I wish it did! I didn’t know what you were prior to being diagnosed by my endocrinologist. 
All of a sudden you were the most important organ and somehow you were controlling the beat of my whole body. So small and yet so crazy! I would stand there shaking, whilst you allowed that somewhat manic hormone
to rush through my body at a wild racing car speed…¨Palpitations, choking, coughing controlled what activity I could do with all of that happening at once!
I’d fall asleep and not wake up for 13 hours on end and have the most rigid nightmares that would stay with me for days!
Just answer me one thing…..¨”What did I ever do to you?’ I’m glad you’re gone and finally I felt free. For the first year I would have good days and bad days and then as I managed to adjust, the good days became more frequent! I’d increase my dosage and then slowly as I got leveled, my doctors no longer cared, they believe I am normal because my thyroid levels are!!,   Normal is dictated by the masses as Webster once told us! It makes me so mad that just because I am within range, they believe I am great! If I was great, do they really think I would feel so bad, some days?,   I wish those doctors could spend a day in our shoes! Maybe then they would understand!!

Rebecca Louise Duffy Dear thyroid, why do I feel the need to blame you for so many things; even when you no longer exist in me?! I think we would have had a better relationships had you have been vanished from me, before I was even born! 

Kathleen Taylor I love how ‘others’ who have back pain, leg pain, headache. Whatever, cranky as they are, expect to have the rest of us step out of their way, and when I’m stuck in the middle of thymentia and cannot remember what the hell I’m talking about or doing, and I become frustrated, get told by the cranky pain people “Geesh! You need a day off! You’d better take two!” Thanks thyroid. I DO indeed have a day off. So, let me be! I’m doing fine on my own today, thank you!

Michelle Farrell I would like to thyrant the fact that I am having a low-carb. smoothie for breakfast instead of my favorite omelet with a ton of potatoes at the Stephanie’s on Newbury because I now gain weight like CRAZY! Thanks thyroid!

Liz Schau Thyroid, you did your best to make your presence known this past week. I can’t ever go somewhere without you getting jealous. You want my undivided attention, I know this. You even showed up at my cousin’s wedding. You crashed the wedding, really. I did my best to fight, or accommodate, or ignore you. It didn’t exactly work… everyone found you out. But the point is, I did it — I traveled, and I made plans without your consent. And, for once, that was nice.

Michael Ray McGoodwin Wilson, Thyrant: Hey you, thyroid! I feel great! I feel like a new man! A new, younger man! I’ve felt this way for the past two weeks! YOU ROCK! (for now)

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11 Responses to “Thyrants, August 29 — September 12”

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  2. Freida Bee says:

    These are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Rock on everyone!! Thanks Katie and Liz for such a fab site!!

  4. Rebekah says:

    Pretty sure hot flushes aren’t entirely normal on my behalf 🙂

  5. Pam says:

    I have to comment on the illustration: My boobs would never look like that! 😛

  6. Bee says:

    I SO know about the shoe issue—I presently have 3sizes of shoes in my closet and it’s a daily surprise which ones’ll fit…

    I’d like to apologize to Frieda Bee as I don’t want her to think I’ve stolen part of her name-I’ve been signing off for years using this nickname and I never checked to see if it was similar to anyone else’s…guess I was in a thyroid bubble( Thubble ???) I’ll change it if you wish…Bee

  7. Annie Rz says:

    I thought I was the only one who had fluctuating shoe size and at times my hands seemed to become thygantic!! The incredible Thyulk!

  8. Zari says:

    Actually thanks to you, you evil immune system that lead to the demise of my little butterfly, my boobs were starting to look a bit like that. But since I’m a guy, this was a bad thing. A very bad thing……Fortunatly they’re gone again.


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