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What Were You Thyxpecting

Post Published: 15 September 2009
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid;

Every day, we meet people along the way, who smile and ask “How are you?” Then, they walk away before even listening to your answer. They don’t really want to know? They don’t care to know? Or, maybe they care, but they are afraid of what you’ll say, and they won’t have an answer or be able to fix you. Or, you don’t want to say how you really feel, so you just reply “Okay”.

Then, there are the people who genuinely look you in the eye, ask how you are, and wait patiently while you try to come up with an answer, an honest and truthful answer, because that IS what they want to hear, no matter what you have to say. Today, someone did just that, and it was a virtual look in the eye, but I know that this person is patiently waiting and does care what I have to say, and does care about how I am feeling, no matter how shitty or great I am at that very moment. This is how I answer the question today…

Let’s say I am doing more up and downs than a whore on a guy with a four hour Viagra hard on problem.

The day starts out well and goes downhill. Some days are visa versa.   I went to see the physical therapist for my foot last Friday. She really is a ‘Dear’. I use that term loosely. Not only do I have problems with what is turning from plantar fasciitis to plantar faciotis, but apparently my back is involved. Hmmm, we discussed the hypoT, the weight gain, and depression no less.

According to ‘Dear’, “Did you know that if you saved 500 calories a day, that you could save 3500 calories a week, and my goodness that would be a pound lost” (Please insert index finger in dimple in cheek and turn.)

Now, what I would like to tell ‘Dear’ is to take that finger next and shove it up her ass. What kind of therapy would that be?,  Insert, sit and twirl, repeat as needed (at least as much as I need her to).  

Okay. I need to try and be pleasant. She is trying to help. I have so much fluid in my,  legs and my feet are swollen enough, so that if I poke my finger tips in, I can draw a smiley face that lasts a half hour. Yes, I tried that. I will try anything once.

Once I had dermographia, I could just barely touch my skin and immediately hives would form in whatever,  pattern,  I traced lightly on my skin. It lasted for several weeks. I went to the doctor and saw an assistant, who’s answer to the problem when,  I showed her was, “Well, don’t do that!”

Omigawd! I am still chuckling over that one. At least something will make me,  laugh. Look up dermographia and guess what, thyroid, and voila, they even go together. What the hell?!

Why does no one seem to know these things?!,  To be fair,  some doctors DO like patients to advocate for themselves, but I haven’t found any close by yet. I am scheduled,  for my first visit to see an endocrinologist, and I have to say that reading some things about how even endos can be non-supportive has,  me a little anxious, but I am determined to give this person a chance. I stumbled upon her and she was put in my path more than once, so I am banking on it happening for a reason.  

Recently, there was a question on DearThyroid on Facebook about what we are doing to help ourselves to,  wellness. Writing these letters has been the best thing that I have done for myself in a long time. Just getting out the crap does lift heavy weights off my shoulders. There are other weights trying to jump on, but its better.

So, unlike my thyroid,  which has turned a deaf ear, and doesn’t apparently care how I’m feeling, I’ll talk to you. ,  I’ll keep you posted. Know why? Because you asked me how I’m feeling, and I know that you will wait for the answer, because you care.  

A Thyfull Sistah,  
Kathy,  Taylor

(Bio) Today, Kathy,  Taylor is a 54 year old woman,  who,  is emerging from being buried under a mountain of smoke, debris and falling rocks aka thyroid avalanche.  ,  Her super hero outfit is her polka dotted boots and her colorful raincoat, cuz she is on her way to,  feeling,  stronger and happier.

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Reader Feedback

11 Responses to “What Were You Thyxpecting”

  1. yodat says:

    LOL! Sit and Spin indeed! Woot Woot for empowering women like you! 🙂 Your letter was a brilliant read and made me laugh. What a perfect thing for a Tuesday morning!

  2. Robyn says:

    Oh my thysister! You made me chuckle. Most of my days start out pretty good, then I wait to see if the other shoe will drop, which it usually does. I never knew about the dermatographia–I have it too, not bad, good party trick to write on my skin with my finger and have it show up a few minutes later….

  3. Bee says:

    Oh, Kathy –I so relate–thankful my Phyhsical therapist was chubby. Tale out 500 cals/day??!! Are you F***ing kidding me??!! then I’d only be eating 700 cals/day…got that right, sit and spin, deary—and I’ve had dermographic skin all my life and was just diagnosed with hypoT 3 yrs ago when my TSH was 39—dumb ass docs (and some of the dumbest in my area are the Endos) good luck

  4. Cyndi Woodruff says:

    Oh, Kathy!
    What a great letter! Your sense of humor and writing skills are just amazing!! Such talent!

    Isn’t it nice to know that you have a “place” to go, where everyone understands the ups and downs??

    I hope that your appointment with the endo goes well. Good luck to you and remember to be your own advocate. 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    My TSH was 20 something and I felt like I’d died and no one told me. I don’t want to think about what a TSH of 39 feels like.

    I have to say that any doctor who can look at a test result of TSH 39 and not say “okay this is what needs to be done today, not tomorrow” probably ought to hand in my license. One of my favorite moments with my first endo was when I walked into his office 2 months post I131 and he looked at me and said (and I am quoting him here) “I can’t believe a man of your intelligence didn’t call me up, say I feel awful, and ask to move the appointment up to the next day. You should have done that 2 weeks ago” After some discussion he handed me 100 mg of synthroid, told me to take it right now, gave me some more to take tomorrow, and a prescription that he suggested strongly I bring to the pharmacy on the way home from his office. He then said “I have patients who call me with imaginary symptoms and annoy me. You are not one of them. If anything else strange happens call me right away”

    All this is a way of saying that a lot of endos are actually pretty good, and with a TSH of 39 your GP if no one else should be doing things RIGHT NOW. Be a pain in the ass, it’s your health.

    That 500 calories a day works pretty well but only if your body is working right, which it sounds like it isn’t

    Plantar fascitis (and a lot of other muscle problems) all can be worsened or even be precipitated by low thyroid.

    Again, be a pain in the ass. It’s good for the irritable male syndrome, even in females.


  6. Bee says:

    Zari- I’m “old school” as in I was raised not to bother a doc unless you were really sick…so i didn’t actually know “I was really sick” until a change of events got me to the doc pronto; even tho I felt like shit in every cell in my body. I believe I spoke of this in my future letter To Dear THy.—suffice it to say we found the diagnosis by accident… which is why I’m still not regulated after 3 yrs.

    Is anyone else noticing how many more people are responding to these posts–and more men??!! I love you ladies but I really love me some men…gives us a whole different perspective.GREAT!!!

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