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Thyrants, September 12-19

Post Published: 19 September 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves
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thyrants sept 12-19


@EAWake After months of trying to get you back in shape, a test Monday says you’re still not happy! Another increase in hormone.

@EAWake Thyroid — What do you want from me? I give you everything and you give nothing back: no hormone, no love, eff you!

@christinah84 My thyrant: I love my foggy brain; lets me forget how much money I already spent on meds so I don’t get frustrated about it.

@lejeal I realized something yesterday: I am doing enough to help you. I do what I can. It is enough. Please accept my help.

@christinah84 My hair is dry my eyes are too. Why thyroid do you do those things you do? After those meds, is this as good as it gets?


Becky Lou Duffy Why do you make me feel so shitty and spaced out! Grrrrrrrr!! There’s only one thing for it: CHOCOLATE!!!

Zari Absaroka Well today I’m sick, I have a cold and have low energy, body aches, etc. I got to thinking how being hypothyroid was a lot like this except it didn’t need any germs to accomplish it.

Keli Anaok, I haven’t slept yet since yesterday and I am so tired and it’s hard for me to walk today. I can’t bare the pain anymore my whole body is aching I just feel like crying. Does anyone ever get like that? And I have been SOOO cold today covered up in so many blankets and I am still freezing cold.

Kathleen Taylor What do you call a hot flash that lasts an hour and a half… a super deluxe thylossal heat wave? And, my stars; it even made lil’ ol’ me sweat, that’s right s-w-e-a-t! Oh, those little pools inside my elbows, behind my knees and under my boobs…I especially love it when it happens at 3:00 in the morning. I’ve noticed that the sky is especially pretty at that hour as I stand in the doorway fanning myself trying to cool off. I never would have known all this, thyroid, if it wasn’t for you.

Robyn Davis Hahn I would like to have an entire day that I don’t think about my thyroid. Of course, that would mean it would have to stop choking me. Maybe the saying should be “butterfly on your neck” instead of “monkey on your back”…

Billie Jean Doty Thyroid-thanks SO much for telling my body it wanted sleep when my brain was behaving like a ball in a pin-ball machine.   Wish I knew Kathleen was up. We could’ve played scrabble (making only 1 syllable words of course…).

Rebekah McAlinden Dear Thyroid: had my endocrinologist appointment on Thursday. Mad because you’re only slightly overactive so I’m not getting treated yet, just because he expects you to get worse in a few years. I hate knowing the inevitable. Go. Fuck. Yourself. Gently though. Sick enough as it is.

Amy Elizabeth Parker How about a thypraise? The cooler fall weather definitely agrees with my thyroid!

Vicki Harman Fluharty Dear thyroid, I had an incredibly busy day: school, work, and a walk with my daughter. I made it. Fuck you. I win today.

Pat Mooneyhan I wish I had my thyroid back. Even dying with cancer is better than living without one!!

Cassandra Boykins How about now that I am on medicine for my broken thyroid I am cold!! Before I couldn’t get cold enough. Now I’m ALWAYS cold.

Anita Roberts Last week I forgot my afternoon thyroid dose twice in a row. I spent the weekend as a weepy mess. Why does my thyroid have to attack me that way? I go from a confident, happy go lucky person to an anxiety-ridden weeper in no time. I hate that.

Katie Tipis Colamonaco One word… drained.

Becky Lou Duffy It’s fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was supposed to be getting better!! BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! This stinks!!!!!

Caroline Sander I can’t deal with stress anymore. It tires me out as if I am running a marathon every day.

Kathleen Taylor Three weeks of climbing out of the well, finally seeing the light, getting closer to the top and in one quick slip, I lose my grip and fall back into the dark muck at the bottom called depression; just a reminder that you THINK you’re still in control, thyroid? Uh, NO!!! I’m getting back up!

Cyndi Potts Woodruff Just tired. And I’m so sick of being tired.

Pamela Lau Dear thyroid, thanks a lot for giving me blisters while wearing shoes that were never a problem before! Freakin’ awesome!

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6 Responses to “Thyrants, September 12-19”

  1. Cyndi Woodruff says:

    Gosh, wish more of us had “good” days.

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s so difficult to remember the good days when we have ’em.. but, when they’re here CELEBRATE!!

  3. Rebekah says:

    Amy — love the thypraise 🙂

  4. cynthia says:

    When will I ever feel normal? Stupid thyroid!

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