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Thyrants, September 19-26

Post Published: 26 September 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves
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thyrants sept 19-26



@Yodat Thyroid – why would I need my armpit hair to grow at an alarming rate?

@christinah84 My TSH is good, but I still feel tired even after 10 hours of sleep. What should I do? I wish I could have my life back.

@EAWake I think I’ve ranted something similar before but I am sick of my thyroid inactivity not allowing other meds to work!

@christinah84 I’m taking my meds religiously at the same time each day. Still I’m sweating like crazy. Can’t hardly wait for winter.

@greeneyez1116 Uhm why exactly am I sweating !? I hate you for this too thyroid.


Cindy Nieswender Not a good day, just felt foggy, couldn’t concentrate and had no energy for anything. It was just a lost day.

Cynthia Reyes Ortega Well it’s the start of a new day for me (I live in Japan) not good either. Just weighed myself and gained 5lbs in a week! Not good! I’m waiting for a call back from the doc so he can give me my lab results! Ughh! Damn thyroid!

Liz Schau Maybe I put too much pressure on your performance. You’re perfect; great; in range. I think I’m accidentally blaming you for some other organ/gland’s failures. Sorry.

Kit Kellison Okay, you jerk! I took a hit out on you and now I’m paying the price. It’s been seven weeks since I had you bumped off and it’s taking forever to get my life going again. I will be a productive member of society, that’s my vow. I WILL win!

Susan Garman So what!!! I stayed out late two nights in a row and you have to have me dragging for an entire week. What’s up with that!!!

Natasha Kahn Keep up the good work! We’re working well together lately. See how nice it is? See how both of our dispositions have improved?? Wouldn’t you like to be like this always? We can. 🙂

Billie Jean Doty Well, I’ve finally figured out who keeps pushing me from behind every time I stop walking.   It’s my OWN ass.   Thanks for that clarification.

Rebekah McAlinden Yo Thyroid – that tight clenching I get in my throat when I’m stressed? It’s not that helpful in exams. I would truly appreciate it if you could just stop doing that now. Thanks.

Giggle G Giggle I have had more heartburn since the removal. I only really had heartburn when I was pregnant and I know that is not happening lol. So is this a common thing for other Cancer patients or ones who had removal or are on thyroid meds? It SUCKS!

Second one: getting bitched out by the EX for not getting enough done. Like he understands crap! Thanks thyroid for making things much more tiring and resulting in something the ex’s bipolar mood swings can direct his problems at.

Megan Orr Dear Thyroid, thanks for needing to be removed which caused some damage to my vocal chords. Now I can’t even scream when I’m mad.

Laura Chen It’s so annoying, so f-ing awful. No one should ever, ever need to experience this!

Lori Caprio Callahan I have LOVED butterflies all my life and I am really pissed off that this beautiful creature represents something that has been sucking the life out of me and causing such horrific pain. But, listen up “thyroid gland”, you’re a F’in good fighter but I will not lose. I will rise above and dance with the butterflies again! You watch and see!!!

Rebekah McAlinden Also thyroid, not at all happy about this new flu that I’ve picked up. Can you stop messing with my damn immune system?

Lysa Rivera I miss my hair! My flat(ter) stomach, and being able to get a full 8 hours of sleep. :=(

Kathleen Taylor I went for an occupational physical this week. The very supportive medical director asked the loaded question, “How are you doing?” My reply, “Better, since my most horrible visit with the endo”. So, he begged me to explain; which I did. His reply, “The doctor acted inappropriately with you, but more, she probably didn’t know what to do WITH you, so she blamed it ON you”. Now I ask thyroid, is this what I’m doing with you, or what you’re doing with me, too?! You make it so that I can’t figure anything out anymore. Help me out here.

Becky Adams De Luca Do I love you or do I hate you? I do not know right now, but I do owe you an apology for having you cut in half. I know it wasn’t your fault, but that golf ball had to go. I was having trouble living, washing my hair, sleeping, and breathing, and if I can’t breathe, you can’t live. I thought it was a compromise we could live with. I get rid of half of you and I can breathe again!

In the four days since the procedure, I am feeling fine. I feel the void where the lump used to be, but cannot say I am sad. I need now to wait and see if you will love or hate me.   Love, Becky

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