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How To Kick Your Thyroid’s Ass: The Two-Month Detox Challenge!

Post Published: 27 September 2009
Category: How To Kick Your Thyroid's Ass
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I’m a little upset that my doctors have never mentioned it.   I’m a little upset I had to happen upon this information on the internet.   You’d think this sort of data would be pertinent enough to be conveyed immediately, from physician to thyroid patient. Unfortunately, things just don’t work like that. ,  And anyway, I didn’t even get a basic explanation of my disease itself at the time of my diagnosis.  I guess I can’t expect too much.  I guess the internet would be the only way I’d ever learn about this thyroid-helper gland.  This week, pretty much, I’m shitting a brick, and I hope by the end of this, you will be too.

Previously, I’ve mentioned how important the gut is in managing thyroid disease.   That is, if our gut is dysfunctional and is unable to absorb nutrients and our medication, we’re screwed because those essential hormones aren’t being acquired by the body.   And this still holds true.   However, apparently, there is another system at work in treating thyroid disease: the liver.   Yes, the liver.   The liver as in that thing that is supposed to detoxify the body from bacteria and pathogens and chemicals and all that alcohol we drink over the course of our lifetime.   Well, aside from being the body’s detoxification system, the liver also metabolizes thyroid hormones.   Crazy right??!,   The liver? Thyroid hormones??,   Basically, it’s a whole long, complicated, scientific process, which you can read about here,  and includes some other details that I haven’t mentioned.   But here’s what we need to know today: the liver is integral in both metabolizing those thyroid hormones that are released naturally via our bodies, and also those we ingest via medication.   The liver regulates the systemic endocrine effects of thyroid hormones.   What this means for you and I is this: if our liver is weak, our thyroid hormones are going to be unregulated and/or not absorbed or utilized.   In order for our medication (and/or our body’s natural hormones) to be effective, we need a high-functioning liver.

In addition to thyroid hormone regulation, the liver also plays a role in supporting the digestive system, blood sugar regulation, and fat storage.   Did you catch that last one?,   Fat storage. ,  The liver is responsible for burning fat.   However, if the liver is too busy cleansing our systems from the many toxins we ingest, it cannot be effective at burning fat.   When this important organ is overwhelmed and in a constant state of filtering and toxic overload, we will have a hard time losing or maintaining weight.   But why, you ask, would our liver be in this constant and over-worked state of detoxification?   Well, for one, the liver must eliminate the chemicals we ingest via food on a daily basis.   Things like pesticides (in every non-organic product we buy), chemicals and synthetics that have been added to food, unnatural flavorings, foods that individuals may happen to be allergic to, chemicals like fluoride and chlorine in our water and soda and juice (this includes bottled water), antibiotics and hormones in non-organic animal products, and the list goes on.   Most everything in our environment is toxic at this point, so unless we’re actively and purposefully making natural choices, we’ll be unwittingly putting a toxic load on our liver and body.

Taking care of our liver can mean better thyroid hormone absorption, as well as a better chance at a steady weight.   For me, this information is convincing enough.   I don’t see a downside to trying to help my liver, so I’m making myself a guinea pig.   I’m going to go on a two-month liver detox.   And, here’s the kicker: I’m inviting you along with me!,   Yes, you, my dear readers!,   But before you freak out like this is gonna involve eating nothing but alfalfa sprouts and carrot juice, hear me out.   A liver detox program actually requires no deprivation or fasting and you’re not doing anything extreme.   It simply involves eating whole foods (of course, organic is always the best choice, if you can), tons of cleansing and nutrient-dense vegetables, nuts and seeds, good fats (especially those known to aide in liver function, like coconut oil), fruits (citrus especially), herbs and spices and digestive aids, and if you choose to eat animal products just try and make sure they’re organic (meat, eggs) or wild-caught (fish).   Avoid common allergens (gluten, dairy, etc.) and starches.

What to include in your liver detox:

  • Lemon water. Drink lots of water in general, but lemon has great flushing and antibacterial properties.
  • Supplements. I bought the Renew Life brand Critical Liver Support, which not only contains extracts and antioxidants that are known to strengthen and detoxify, but it also contains amino acids that are utilized by the liver.
  • A liver detox drink, such as,  Caisse’s Tea,,  which is nothing more than some more of those extracts brewed in a liquid form. ,  I’ll be taking it before eating in the morning, as well as before bedtime. Today was my first day trying it, and fyi, not at all gross. Actually pretty refreshing.
  • More liver-friendly spices: turmeric, onions, garlic, dill.
  • Whole, unprocessed foods. Plain and simple.
  • Vegetable (and fruit) juices via a juicing machine. ,  I’m going to be adding vegetable juices to my snack repertoire.   I’ll probably be relying mainly on green, non-starchy vegetables like celery (really yummy and refreshing as a juice) and sprouts.

What I’m not hoping for:

  • A miracle cure-all
  • Anything too difficult or challenging
  • Hunger. I just can’t and won’t do it
  • Any life-changing results in a two-month time frame

What I am hoping for:

  • Greater immunity, even if only by a smidge
  • My body’s ability to better fend off the infections to which I am prone
  • A little more energy (perhaps due to my body’s ability to absorb my thyroid hormone a bit better)

So please, join me in this little (safe/not-too-complicated) experiment.   I’ll keep you updated over the next two months about the state of things via a special blog which you can find here.   I’ll be including pictures of what I’m eating, notes on how I feel, and any readings or research that relate.   I’m hoping to update it frequently, like, as in daily, if we’re lucky.   If you’re participating in the challenge, be sure to keep me updated how you’re doing too, either via the new blog, or here in the comment box, or via my email, Liz@DearThyroid.com.   I started my two months today, which means you can either join in now or begin at the start of this new week. ,  How exciting!


Until Next Week,

Love Always,


Have a question, comment, story, love letter, or rant/rave to send me?: Liz@DearThyroid.com

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Reader Feedback

49 Responses to “How To Kick Your Thyroid’s Ass: The Two-Month Detox Challenge!”

  1. Freida Bee says:

    Ok. This is great timeing on both of our parts, because I just went through an awful and long coming need to give up coffee and I’m all about the teas. I’ve been feeling inordinately full, and more and more lethargic. I slightly self-upped my levoxyl for a few weeks a bit ago, hoping to see it help and it didn’t. It didn’t occur to me it might be about my not absorbing the stuff. I’d come to conclude the Master cleanser was my only way, but then I am at least going to do something more gentle in the meantime. My teeth have hurt from the sweetness of the lemonade the last couple time I did the MC.

  2. Jess Burnquist says:

    It’s on! I just visited my naturopathic doc and she discussed the liver and kidneys at length. I’m taking a supplement for my adrenals which will kick start the whole ding dang endocrine system and help with the cleanse. It’s called “Adrenal Cortex” and is produced by Thorne Research Co. I’m not sure if you need a prescription or not as my doc had it on hand. It might be a good start. As always, thanks for the great information!

  3. Pam says:

    I didn’t know avocados were thyroid-stimulating (not good as I’m hyper). It’s one of my fave foods!

  4. Bee says:

    I’m such a pu**y when it comes to juicing. I’ve just never liked it .YUK! but i do know about the liver and stuff and I, like many thyroid pts. have a fatty liver- not caused by alcohol but becuz our metabolism is so jacked up—and I ‘ve often felt that when I physically feel better my liver must be helping out some-the only problem is then I go hyper because my system’s trying to actually function and I’m processing my synthroid too well. I’ll be watching your successes closely. Presently I’ve commited to a 3 mo. research diet program w/ my husband and will have to wait to try this new plan. One word of advice: wash those lemons WELL. I never get lemon in my water at a restaurant bcuz studies have shown that a wedge of lemon in a public establishment is loaded w/ way more bacteria than you even want to think about.

  5. Bee says:

    fatty liver showed up on Abdominal U/S , Ct scan, an occasional liver function test will be slightly askew—cholesteral just does crazy shit from time to time but for the most part is good—and no genetic link to a cholesteral prob, at least I’ve got that going or me

  6. Robyn says:

    Liz and everyone,
    Almost all drugs, hormones, and toxins are metablized, filtered, or processed through the liver and/or kidneys. (There are a select few that use “alternate” pathways to be converted to usable form, or for deactivation and clearing.) Check out this link: http://www.salugenecists.com/genpage.php?tname=disease&dbid=21, for a nice, non-doctor word explanation of T4, T3 and the liver and kidneys.
    In addition to the things you have mentioned, SAM-E and milk thistle are great for improving/maximizing liver function, and in fact I use these in pets with impaired liver function all the time.

  7. Deanna says:

    I did a liver/gall bladder flush years ago (before I was diagnosed with low-thyroid), and while it was just about the grossest thing ever, I felt amazing afterwards, for a good three to four months. This was the recipe I used: http://curezone.com/cleanse/liver/huldas_recipe.asp Ignore all the hyperbole and bad design, just follow the instructions towards the bottom…

  8. Sue Jenkins says:

    Easy and delicious juice. I am NOT a juicer but love this one!

    3 carrots
    1/2 cucumber
    1″ ginger
    1/2 lemon (squeezed after juicing)

    Naturally sweet with a little zing from the ginger

  9. thy_r88gous says:

    ok here i go, im gonna do this but i really cant stand the thought of pooping or stones or anything else that comes out of those area’s. i would freak out if i had to poop more than once a day so …………………….yuck. but seriously ive been thinking about this for about 6 months, since i was diagnosed as hyper. Cause when i went to the endo, my eyes, the middle part of the white, was yellow, like jaundice. And the endo said that my liver had nothing to do with my thyroid. and the yellow was no big deal. Can u believe that? I never went back to that crazy lady. But i havent wanted to do this because of ya know, the poop. So anyways here i go. And i bought some every day detox tea today by traditional medicnals. its quite tasty. with a little honey. It says it “promotes healthy liver function” and ” it also helps digest fats and promotes digestion by aiding in the manufacture of bile. ” So im hoping that this works. Cause its my liver and my eyes and i kinda think they are a big deal. Also in all my many adventures on the www i have found that chinese believe the liver and eyes are connected. (thyroid eye disease)

  10. Deb says:

    Something interesting has happened, looking for your insight …. I have had a low thyroid for years and a low endocrine system in general; I also have Chronic Lyme Disease. Treatment included one full year of 1,800 mgs of antibiotics daily …. managageable now, but I believe the side effects of the antibiotics (all my 30-some supplements and 15 presciptions medications) has taken a tole on my liver …. I feel awful and it’s been over a years since I’ve been off all supplements and medications only take one pill for my low thyroid and nothing else … at one point I felt poisioned !!!! As a result, my undereye area is dark and puffy each and everyday …. I’m pale(er) than usual … I soak in Epson Salts, ACV and Baking Soda daily to remove toxins …. drink lots of water …. Any HELP ?????

  11. Lisa truitt says:

    You might have your nutrient levels checked. I was found iodine, iron and vitamin d deficient. Now that I’ve gotten these corrected I had to go off thyroid as it was making me hyper. For a long while I was taking 300-4000 iu of vitamin d and was not able to get off thyroid. It was t until I read Power of vitamin d by an Indian MD can’t remember name and the Jeff Bowles book Miraculous results of high dose vitamin d, my experiment with huge doses that I got over the toxicity brainwashing enough to go up to between 10,000 and 20,000 iu. Within a few days I had to start lowering my dose and eventually quit altogether.

    Personally, I don’t think you are going to get much results from the detox path. I certainly never did. I think you should eat as clean and wholesome as possible but it probably won’t fix the problem unless you address your deficiencies. Also ther is a lot of info out there based on nothing but opinion and emotion regarding how everything is full of toxins, our meat dripping with antibiotics and hormones, etc etc, and this is what is killing us. A guy named Don Matez did a lengthy research project and wrote a paper on this subject. Dons blog is called primal wisdom I think? Something like that. He is really into pastured meats and sustainably raised stuff. His paper was called A Primal Guide to Conventional Beef. He used extensive studies from independent researchers and found that you’d have to eat 200 lbs of beef to get a fraction of a percent of the hormones produced endogenously in your own body. People who eat bull meat get way more hormones than we get in conventional beef. Animal products even conventional are low in toxins because of their livers cleaning up their systems. The highest toxin levels a person consumes are from plants and over ninety nine percent of that is naturally occuring from the plant not from chemicals put on them. Plants make toxins for protection. Some of these are actually antioxidants for us, but many are bad and must be removed by our liver.

    Don is ideologically so opposed to cafo operations, not because the meat is so toxic because the overwhelming weight of evidence shows that not to be true, but because he says that they destroy the topsoil, etc

    So he deleted this excellent work off his site. Too bad as some people have no choice at this point but to eat cafo meats. It would have greatly eased their minds to learn that it is still a good food if that is what you’ve got. Not as dense nutritionally as pastured but still not bad.

    You’ve got to learn to be skeptical before you believe things. Demand some proof.

  12. Lisa truitt says:

    You can still get pieces of info that was in dons original paper at Chris Kressers site if you search on conventional meat.

  13. lizschau says:


    WOW. i’m thrilled that this is good timing for you too! i’m gonna be really interested to hear how it will help you.

    now, what exactly does the Master Cleanse entail? i’m not familiar with it. what did you eat/drink? is it just lemon water? how did you feel after doing that for a while?

    so excited that you’re joining us!! :)

  14. lizschau says:


    YAY! i’m so happy you’re joining!!

    i’m not familiar with the product you’re talking about, but that’s great if it’s going to help in this process. it doesn’t sound too tough, right? i’m gonna be dying to hear about your results each step of the way! keep me updated! :)

  15. Pam says:

    I have to say it certainly is interesting how some Western doctors don’t look at the whole body as being a unit. It’s akin to people who don’t understand that ecosystems are affected by one small change (i.e. climate change/global warming). Health care reform, in whichever form it occurs, needs to take this into account. Just needed to put that out there! My former GP would give me an Rx for pain meds for back probs. She never once suggested physical therapy, exercise or any other options!

  16. lizschau says:

    yep, Pam, they certainly are. :)

  17. lizschau says:

    Bee, yeah with juicing, i know so many people are averse to it. maybe a good way to start is just with one vegetable. like i said celery.. that way it doesn’t end up this weird cocktail of strange flavors melding together. or, start with a mild vegetable like cucumber, or something sweet like carrots. ?? does that help at all? or, start with fruits and work your way up to vegetables. alot of people do celery and apple, which is sweet and refreshing. or does the thought of those two gross you out? :)

    were you tested for fatty liver? i ask because it is a COMMON symptom of thyroid disease, as far as my research this week has taught me. i have never specifically been tested for it myself, but i did have high cholesterol (which of course involves the liver and is a hallmark of thyroid disease). i know i’ve done a bunch of damage to my liver over the years (high-fructose corn syrup anyone??)

    thanks for the lemon tip! i’m a freak and don’t really eat out, but i will keep that in mind. :)

  18. sushi thyroid says:

    That may explain my random guac cravings. I am hypo and love organic fresh guac.

  19. Pam says:

    Love peaches too. Been eating a lot of ’em this season.

  20. dearthyroid says:

    YUM! me too! huge guacamole fan.

  21. dearthyroid says:

    Okay Bee, gotcha. :)

  22. Jackie Kipilo says:

    Thanks for the info. Now I know why my cholesterol levels get weirded out sometimes.

  23. Robyn says:

    PS, I have a great guacamole recipe that I got from a Oaxacan indian when backpacking through Sedona, AZ many years ago….

  24. dearthyroid says:


    Awesome. Thank you. I will have to check that link out. And yeah, I was reading how the liver even detoxifies the air we breathe… eliminates the toxins from the air we take in. Crazy the amount of work they do. Thanks for the link and info — will check it out!! :)


  25. dearthyroid says:


    thanks so much for the link! that’s fabulous that you felt so great afterward. i’m hoping to feel a bit better after this too.

    see, i’ve never been able to do a liquid diet, so to speak. i’ve tried juicing and failed miserably. i could only go three hours before i broke down and ate something. i’m sure you can get good toxic flush with doing the liquid-only thing, but i get majorly nauseous and fatigued if i don’t eat. i also eat a shit load of food in general, so my stomach is used to the really full feeling. also, i worry that i wouldn’t be getting nutrients. i mean, i see that there are some items that contain nutrients in the list you gave, but to me, a liquid diet that doesn’t provide my body with essential nutrients is just as bad as eating the standard American diet — both don’t nourish the body. i don’t know… those are just my qualms, and aren’t true for everyone. it seems like alot of people have great successes with it. just for me, i can’t go without food and it makes me feel like i would be hurting my body.

    thank you for reading and commenting! welcome! we appreciate you so! :)


  26. dearthyroid says:

    Robyn, I would die for that recipe. :)


  27. dearthyroid says:

    Thanks Sue!! Sounds yummy!

  28. Pam says:

    OMG! My endo has been monitoring my liver the whole time I’ve seen him. I was on a very high dose of PTU (900 mg, 18 pills a day) at one point so he was very concerned about my liver. Traditional Medicinals makes some tasty teas. Are you Chinese, thy_r88gous? You don’t like pooping? 😛 LOL.

  29. Pam says:

    Liz, I totally agree on the not being able to fast/do a liquid diet thing. I get really lightheaded, grumpy, tired and headachey if I go too long without eating. Esp. when I was super hyper and needed to eat every 2-3 hours. I already feel bad enough as it is sometimes, I can’t imagine trying to drive if I were feeling that way for DAYS. I have had friends who felt amazing after doing those diets though. Just don’t think it’s for me.

  30. thy_r88gous says:

    No im not chinese. Irish, German and Indian. Fun huh. Wanna go drinking. LOL. (that would be good for our livers.) Im just looking for alternatives to PTU and other meds. Thats the same dose (PTU) that they gave me and then the FDA warning came out about it inducing liver failure. So i am just all over the www.
    Isnt that a bummer about avocados? I can just sit down and eat a whole one with a spoon.

  31. Pam says:

    I was just wondering b/c of the “88”. My liver was fine the whole time I was on the high dose of PTU. My endo said if I had yellow eyes, to give him a call immediately! I’ve since gone down to 100 mg a day. Hey, let’s split an avocado. :) If making guac for myself, all I’d put is avocados. :) Okay, maybe a dash of salt & lemon juice. I love avocados so much, I hate the thought of putting them in soup or those weird Asian drinks. (I am Asian, btw. But some of that stuff is just yuck, yuck, yuck! I hate the flavored boba drinks — too sweet & artificial, totally unappealing flavors.) Although they are a fine accompaniment (almost a must!) to sandwiches and salads.

  32. dearthyroid says:

    WOW. Pam, that’s great that your Endo is so in tune with your liver. That sort of seems like a rarity, no? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Good for you for finding such a great Doc.


  33. thy_r88gous says:

    “88” Dale Earnhardt Jr. Nascar. My fav. Also the forever symbol. I have it tatted on my back. My tramp stamp, if you will, but i got mine before they became popular.

    Yeah avocados straigh out of their shell, peel what ever you call it with a little salt. Yummy!! Ya know what else is good. (i think) avocados with the regular mrs. dash on whole wheat toast. yummy. Sandwiches and salads too. Ugh! Now i really want one. I dont notice any thyroidy effects from eating them. I thought the oil in them would be good for my eyes but i guess i shouldnt eat them anymore.
    How long have you been on the meds. I just cant bring myself to take them. ( i do take the beta blockers tho.) Ive found some herbs/ tincture that i think are working my numbers have gotten better in the last 3 months. so im going to keep taking them. Pills will be my last resort.

  34. Pam says:


    Guess I got lucky. But this was after my GP took 5 yrs. to finally test my thyroid!


    Ah, I’m not a big Nascar fan, as you can see. 😉 I think avocados are fine in moderation. Just don’t OD on ’em! And yes, the oils are good for you. Not sure about the eyes but they are good overall.

    I’ve been on the PTU for about 2 yrs. I also took Propanalol for palpitations but I don’t think they did much. I was on Methimazole for a few wks. Worked great until it gave me hives! Glad you’re able to find an alternative to Rx’s. How long have you had symptoms?


  35. thy_r88gous says:

    Since the beginning of march 09. Im a newbie i guess, but i have never felt hyper. I weigh 179. lbs (OMG!!!) and i have not lost any weight or gained any for that matter. But all my numbers say im hyper. I initially went to the dr because of my eyes, one of them(yes just 1 wtf is up with that?)was bulging. so………. thats my story. Seriously condensend. And Nascar is definately an aquired taste, kinda like avocados. LOL! Ha

  36. Pam says:


    Wow, no other symptoms is certainly a rarity in this group. Have you been to a thyroid eye specialist? Did your endo determine if it’s Graves’?

    I used to be into exotic cars but I’m just not much of a sports fan (only MMA.)

  37. thy_r88gous says:

    My X- endo said graves. My new dr. says its hyperT. with thyroid eye disease. Idk. There are no thyroid eye dr’s around where i live so no i havent. I called around and asked if the dr’s specialized in graves disease and thyroid eye conditions and all i got was “huh? no sorry!” So…….im over it.

  38. Pam says:

    That’s not good, thy_r88gous. I didn’t know before but I think you do need to see a thyroid eye specialist (Katie from DT can prolly offer more guidance). I’m supposed to see one, as soon as I can wake up in time to make an appt! I’ve had mad insomnia for 2 yrs & I rarely wake up before the office closes at 4 pm! So if I can’t even wake up in time to make a phone call, good luck waking up in time to get to the appt! I’m on disability (I also have Graves’-induced anxiety) and it is SO hard to wake up. I go to sleep at 6 am… Anytime I’ve been able to go to sleep earlier, I just end up sleeping in even LATER than usual! I usually sleep 10-12 hrs.; the other night I slept 15 hrs! It’s pretty maddening. With the change in weather over the past week, I seem to have gone into hibernation mode. :(

  39. dearthyroid says:

    Jackie, YES. So true for so many of us. Just one of those fun symptoms of thyroid disease. How great.



  40. dearthyroid says:

    Pam, peaches sound yummy. Goitrogenic, but yummy. I’m a peach pie fan. :)


  41. dearthyroid says:

    Pam, EXACTLY! I just end up feeling worse… headaches, fatigue, stomach ache, the whole thing. I guess it’s just different for everyone. Some people go on liquid diets and have this amazing healing experience. I just end up feeling starved. Yeah totally understand on the driving. You end up feeling sick… no way you can drive and concentrate.

  42. Pam says:


    I was so sick from Graves’, I stopped driving for 6 months. Constantly felt like I was gonna fall asleep or pass out. Can’t imagine fasting… Ugh!

    Peaches, yum! My fiance’s fave. :)

  43. dearthyroid says:


    5 YEARS?????? WTF???? That is CRAZY and completely unacceptable!!!!!!! I am livid FOR you. I can’t believe it.


  44. dearthyroid says:


    Wow. That is so interesting that your weight never fluctuated. I can’t say I’ve heard that one before. Normally people will always lose or gain, as you know. Do you think it’s a positive thing that you didn’t lose/gain weight? Does it bother you?


  45. thy_r88gous says:

    No i dont think its positive, Not at all. Actually at first i was like yea im gonna loose weight. but that hasnt happened yet and i dont think its the best way to loose weight. Also im so sick of ppl when i tell them that i have a thyroid problem they say O hypo and i say no Hyper and then they correct me again. And assume that because i weigh so much that i dont know what im talking about.

    Does it bother me. Absolutley my weight bothers me. But the fact that the weight doesnt change is not a big deal to me. At this point. Some day when i am better i guess i need to loose weight, but until im able i will just be me. Fat happy and thyr88gous! lol. who knows maybe this liver detox will help a little.

  46. Pam says:

    For me, my appetite changed pretty quickly after being on the PTU for a couple of weeks. I was always starving, even after eating a huge meal. I had to eat every 2-3 hrs. I have gradually been losing a little bit of weight too, I think the bulk of it after my levels finally became “normal” (after being on PTU for over a year). I’m almost down to the weight I should be sans Graves’ but still have a big belly! All my weight seems to go to that area first. And my arms & thighs got really big too, they don’t seem to have shrunk much. I also have thyboobs but that’s the one thing I’m NOT complaining about, LOL! I’d always been underendowed. I assumed they would shrink as I lost weight but they have not.

    Point is, it really is about getting the thyroid fixed before being able to get a handle on weight or anything else, as thy_r88gous says. I used to do cardio for 60-90 mins. 3-4x’s a week, and that did not help with my weight (partially b/c I was always hungry & eating so much). I had to stop working out when I finally realized I had heart palpitations (just never knew what they were before.) I still have probs breathing, although not nearly as bad as before. One time was so bad, my endo made me go to the ER just in case it was blood clots. Turned out to be anxiety.

    There were a couple of recent Tyra Shows about women who are extremely judgmental about others. Obviously, they are ignorant! One woman was so grossed out by fat people and said it was convenient for them “to blame it on a thyroid problem”. I really wanted to slap her!!! Even with a 20-lb. weight gain, I’m still considered pretty thin compared to the average American woman but it’s a big difference to me since I’d been underweight my entire life.

    thy_r88gous, you have a good attitude and I hope you find a good endo & the right treatment.

  47. Pam says:

    thy_r88gous, here is a link Katie gave me about Graves’ Eye Disease & Hyperthyroidism, http://eyesee.typepad.com/.

  48. dearthyroid says:

    Pam, OY, honey. That is terrible, what you’re going through!! That’s gotta be the pits not being able to wake up for your DRs appt. I remember when I was going through the worst of it with my Hashi’s, I couldn’t make appts either. Not because I was sleeping but because it would require all the energy I had just to get up and get dressed. I remember my eye insurance was about to expire and I had to go THAT day to get new glasses. I did make it, but the whole schlep left me lifeless for the rest of the day. What a horrible thing to have our bodies do. :(


  49. dearthyroid says:

    Pam, awesome and thank you for giving that link! Very helpful!

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