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Thyrants, September 26 — October 3

Post Published: 03 October 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves
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thyrants, sept 26-oct 3


@EAWake Dear thyroid, if you are making my migraines worse, I am SO going to mess you up back.

@RawHealer How ’bout FDArants? Found natural T3/T4, but compounded version isn’t same strength. I’ve gained 12 lbs in 2 wks. FURIOUS. :-/

,  Facebook:

Ari Kenney I’ve been exercising and eating better for the past few weeks. I was really starting to feel, dare I say it, great!? I honestly was forgetting what was so bad about Hashi’s. Until today when all the exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks again and has left me completely drained emotionally and physically. Seriously thyroid, I’m trying. Can’t you try too?

Cynthia Ortega It’s almost 3 am Sunday Sept 27 (in Japan) and I cant sleep. I woke up itching like crazy. I know this is you damn thyroid. Why… why? First migraines and now hives? WTF!?

Angel Strecker Meds are not working. Doctor increased dose, but went to another brand (Synthroid). Having problems!!!! Forgetful ,can’t concentrate, getting the blues, everything hurts, and waiting for doctor to call back. I hate this shit, just want to crawl under a rock! But at this rate I can’t even fit under a rock! I hate you thyroid… what’s left can’t keep up.

Billie Jean Doty (sung to the tune of “Home On the Range”):

Gland, gland on the brain

where the fear and the consciousness drain

Oh, give me a lab

where the values are FAB

and the hormones stay steady all day

Kathleen Taylor My brain is so bad today, I thought of something this morning and now I have forgotten what I was going to rant about… oh brother! Guess it wasn’t all that bad?!?!? I’ll never know now.

Becky Lou Duffy A pain at the back of my head, a neck that wants to flop and a strain over my forehead: All three ingredients equals a hangover feeling which can only be caused for me by a busy day and a ‘not high enough’ dosage of thyroxine!! Oh crap!

Angel Strecker hate
Thyroid Disease today.   Hurting… all my muscles hurt!! It’s a side
effect I’m told. And no one understands, NO! It’s not in my head!!! And
for you people who really know me, when have I ever looked for
sympathy? Never… and I don’t want
it now! Just believe me when I say its all from the thyroid and meds
not kicking in yet. Doctor says it takes time 4 to 6 weeks.   I can’t believe
it takes so long…what the hell!

Pamela Lau Thyrant: Anyone who says “I’m SO tired” and doesn’t know chronic fatigue like we thyroidians do just doesn’t even know the meaning of tired. I’m just sayin’.

Amy Elizabeth Parker Well, this is lovely!: In addition to having Hashimoto’s and gallstones I just found out that I am insulin resistant. Really! As if I needed one more thing!?

Natasha Kahn My left lung has ached for weeks and now that the weather is getting colder my lung just hurts all the time – it feels like someone keeps punching me in the lung. Thyroid, I know it’s not your fault, but could you please be a good role model for my other organs on how to rally and work properly?

Robyn Davis Hahn It is not comforting to clients and patients to thyfog up over simple words like “syringe” and “abdomen”. Thanks thyroid, I’m officially an idiot.

Angel Strecker What is with the sweating? Gee wiz its not enough that I ache all over like I have been working out for body builder of the year; now I’m sweating like a freaking pig… it’s dripping down my back like some boxer after a 10 round fight.   My hair is soaked, looks like I just got out of the shower and all I did was walk to the mailbox. WTF else have I got to look forward to? Can I hit the doctor now!? “That happens” is her reply. “WHY?” is what I’m asking. Come on left side thyroid pick up the pace would ya! I’m really hating you this week. Thanks a lot thyroid!

Anita Roberts I am sooooo beyond irritated at the FDA. I have maybe two months of meds stored up, I have to get it like that cause I live in china. I have NO idea what I’m gonna do in December if this keeps up like this. I do NOT feel good on Synthroid. I hate that crap. I have managed to be ok for a long time on Armour and now Naturethriod. I am pissed off at all this nonsense. I’m having to cut pills and semi guess at doses to get by right now and I’m a little off; and did i mention, pissed???


HD in Oregon:,  I am a little mad. On Monday I had a full body scan to look for thyroid cancer remnants. Was told results should be in Wednesday or Thursday. Last time, six months ago, I had preliminary results the very same evening. Now,  with a different doctor, so far silence. Wednesday, Thursday, and so far Friday — nothing!,   So I just called them, they are out till Monday.   Dear folks, we’re NOT talking some minor blood test like to check for high cholesterol, we are talking nasty and deadly CANCER.   The big bad C-word. (Some thyroid cancers can indeed be deadly).   We are talking radioactive iodine procedure. We’re talking big sophisticated and very expensive stuff. I am on edge. Waiting folks. Waiting. Worrying.   At least they could have given me an update that the results are not in yet.   Not sure I like the new doctors office. Grrrr.

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  1. just me says:

    Oh, the hyper causing hives…how well I know this. Thives?

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