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Thyrants, October 3-10

Post Published: 10 October 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves
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thyrants, oct 3-10


@EAWake Sick and tired of freezing and sweating at same time!


Robyn Davis Hahn I feel like poop. I am on the WHEENIEST amount of Synthroid and had been feeling very HYPO. Two days into a miniscule increase — heart rate up 20 bpm, hard beats, anxiety. Seriously? Over 12.5 mcg? I’m not sure if that means I need a different drug (Levoxyl? Armour?), or if my system is just that sensitive. Whah, whah, whah. Rant over.

Billie Jean Doty I’m trying to figure out a way to carry my bed around with me, like to work, without getting in trouble. Brain Frog/exhaustion/swelling bad this week and as to this eating it raw stuff, that raw turnip I just cut up and ate has done quite a number on my bowel loops.   Thanks for that.

Sarina Favazza-Bray New to all this. One week out — thyroid cancer — and now a nasty scar that looks like a chainsaw taken to my neck. I am on tons of vitamins and my heart rate was in the 140 range yesterday. Went to the ER, now on Digoxion to slow it down, all because of the removal and hormones. I’m tired but have insomnia so I don’t sleep, just lay around, so miserable. What am I in for??

Annie Rz Oh ya know, my fingers actually “peel” more so on my thumbs.   Such DRY skin. The endocrinologist just says, “Oh, that, just… blah blah blah… I have turned to this peeling when I am nervous. Also, wash hands lots — work with young art students!

Sarina Favazza-Bray Well lets see, two surgeries in two weeks, heart flutter problems, a-fib, and today a visit with doc cause puss is in the incision. So how your week?!? ‘Cause mine sucks!

Billie Jean Doty Getting pretty damn tired of feeling pretty good only to have a thyroid crash and the need to nap in my car on my lunch hour.

Joyce Jordan Corley I’m tired of not getting to sleep until midnight, then by 4 in the afternoon I can’t hold my eyes open. I actually fell asleep at my desk today. Sitting straight up, hand on the mouse. Then I almost fell asleep driving home. Plus the extra 10 pounds I have gained in the past month really make me feel great.

Kathleen Taylor I squashed you a little bit while I was away on my trip, ‘til you tried to sneak thru in mood swings and sleeplessness. I hid it, but it was there in my head. What now?! Do you think that you’re trying to get even with me by making me so achy and tired that I can’t even get up to go to bed? The gassiness from the ibuprofen propels me from the bedroom door right into the bathroom. I’m tired from all this running around. You hear me?! I’m tired!

Rebekah McAlinden I can’t seem to shake this stupid cold. Stupid thyroid fucking with my stupid immune system.

Sarina Favazza-Bray Oh what am I looking forward to in the coming years?? Scary, just like it’s Halloween everyday… without the candy

Robyn Davis Hahn I got one for you. Thyroid — you suck. I was on 50 mcg of Synthroid–BABY DOSAGE — and you made me hypER. Cut the dose in half and guess what? My latest labs say I’m more hypO than before starting treatment! No wonder I feel like shit!

Hans-Dieter Honscheid Thyrant: So my thyroid cancer reared its ugly head this week through an uptake on a scan. Growing things is wonderful in the garden, but not in your body; that is unless your last name is Uterus, then, of course, it’s called bundle of joy.

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5 Responses to “Thyrants, October 3-10”

  1. Robyn says:

    Here’s another thyrant–thyroid, you’ve made me so stupid I forgot I had already ranted and basically said the same thing twice!

  2. Rebekah says:

    Guess it’s a good thing not many people needed to rant this week?


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