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Thyrants, October 24-31

Post Published: 31 October 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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@christinah84 Shouldn’t the fatigue and foggy brain go away once my TSH is on a healthy level?

@Yodat I think my thyroid is having an identity crisis.

@christinah84 The worst thing about my disease to me is that I’m constantly reminded of it. Not one day passes without saying the word “thyroid”.


Sarina Favazza-Bray “Thyrant” isn’t the word for it: not only did I have a wrong diagnosis, two sonograms, painful biopsy, report read wrong ‘till third opinion, two surgeries before they the found the first cancer, thyroid and cancer taken out, bad infection on scar, cat scan with and with out contrast, NOW I have recurring cancer in the lymphnode in my neck. What the fuckin’ hell is going on?? Come on now, I’ve had enough — NO THYROID HERE!!!!!!! How am I supposed to deal? Oh lets not forget LAST WEEK the pill with iodine, cat scan for that, now I have to have a mega dose of radiation (pill form) and all this to ablate the lymphnode cancer, and have to be isolated in the hospital for three days and no hugs and kisses from family, no sleeping together, separate eating utensils and showers and bathrooms, NO GRANDBABIES AROUND and all this with NO THYROID!!!! COME ON NOW WHOSE STUPID ASS JOKE IS THIS ANY WAY!?? HAPPY FRIKEN HALLOWEEN;

Cassandra Boykins My life is becoming a thyrant. thank you for my thyrage today. I almost bit my boss’s head off. Good thing he was on the phone, otherwise I would have been written up.

Liz Schau i feel like my immune system has been in retrograde these past three days, so thyroid, you get a break from my criticisms for now. I’m mad because all my hard work has been set back a few more weeks. I want to blame the Florida humidity for the problems I’m having, but who the hell knows anymore.

Sandy Savino Sieglaff I am sooo tired of the “thyroid cancer is the good kind to get”!! Oh yeah sure, it’s great to have a seven hour surgery, have your neck sliced open five”, go hypothyroid, have radioiodine and be secluded for at least three days. Let’s not forget the joy of constant bloodwork, losing 1/3 of my hair, exhaustion, the ridiculously dry skin after 30+ years of oily skin. Of course there is the ever-looming fear of being told the cancer is back and having to go through another surgery. Oh what a good cancer. Please dismiss my fears and pain because you don’t freakin’ understand it!

Billie Jean Doty Just found an Endo who came highly referred. Called his office to make an appt. He takes no insurance but will gladly take CASH. Didn’t schedule new appt. visit. Must wait for lottery win!

Zari Absaroka Well done! I’m writing to my immune system. You know the one that turned my thyroid into a homicidal maniac that had to be killed in self-defense. Not to mention a bunch of other bad things you’ve done over the years. But this time; my wife got really sick so I took care of her for a week. And I didn’t get sick at all even though she was coughing all over me when she could find the strength. You, immune system, slaughtered the attacking germs and the survivors fled screaming…¨Ã¢â‚¬¨ Now just do me a favor. Go back to sleep until the next time the germs come to town, and don’t start any more bar room brawls with my own body.

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5 Responses to “Thyrants, October 24-31”

  1. Sarina Bray says:

    sandy, I just was discussing that very fact with friends, if one more person says You are very luck to have this kind of cancer” OK I got it, but I have what I have and I hate it to the core of my soul, Im sure I’d hate any kind, but I have this one so I hate it and dont feel lucky at all……so all you professionals out there listening, We know were not dying so stop say we are very lucky…we dont want to hear it anymore..if this is luck then I dont want to be unlucky….especially since Im just starting the i131 radiation treatment……..

  2. Lolly says:

    Christinah depends what your FT4 and FT3 are, as TSH has a lag time of around 6 weeks.

    Billie sorry about new endo hope you can get it sorted out.

    I did have a rant but probably put it in the wrong place.

  3. Lolly says:

    Liz hope you get to feeling better soon.

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