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Gland To Mike

Post Published: 02 November 2009
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Mike Wilson, Mikes letter from his thyroid, gland to Mike

Dear Mike,

I am sorry.   I really am.   I know you are angry at me.   I know you blame me for how you feel.   Life isn’t fair, not to you and not to me.   Sometimes I just want to cry about it, but life must go on.

I really want you to understand what is going on here.   I know that what you really want, what you really need, is healing.   And I know you won’t be able to get that until you realize the truth about what happened to us.   You cannot cure a disease until you address the cause of it; treating the symptoms may make you feel better, but it doesn’t make you well.

And this is what I want you to know:,   the doctors may classify me as diseased myself, but I am just a symptom of a larger problem.   Think about it…

All of us, every cell in our body, came from just one original cell.   So, we all have the same set of chromosomes and the same set of genes.   The cells in me have all the same programming as the cells in your brain, or in your skin, or in your kidneys, or in your bones.   Somewhere along the line, certain genes in my cells got turned on and others were turned off and I became assigned the task of managing the iodine in the body and creating metabolic hormones out of it.   It’s a pretty nifty job, if I do say so myself.   But external factors aside, the other cells in the body are pretty much working normally, but I am not.   Why?,   What happened?,   We have the same program!

Think about it, will you?,   Something happened to me to mess up my programming; something I could not control.   I tried to keep working properly, but there was only so much I could do before I was too damaged.   Perhaps I was poisoned by something in the environment:,   a chemical or something radioactive that damaged my programming so that it wasn’t the same as the original.   Why did you allow those substances into our body?,   Weren’t you paying attention?,   Was it something you ate?,   Something you drank?,   Something you breathed in?,   You know I can’t control those things.   All I do is make metabolic hormone… or at least I used to.

Perhaps the immune system attacked me.   Oh!,   The nerve them!,   We’re all part of the same team, and I was attacked…unprovoked!,   How can that be?,   It’s just so wrong!,   Why don’t you blame THEM?,   They just barged in here shooting off antibodies and invading with killer T cells, and they didn’t even bother to ask questions first.   I’m so incensed about this.   Why didn’t you stop them?,   I’m the one that should be angry here.

Of course, sometimes the programming gets so messed up by something else that one of my cells gets out of control.   It starts growing, and multiplying, and it’s not making the hormone to the right formula.   I yelled “Stop!,   Stop!” but nobody listened.   Where were those vicious T cells when I needed them?,   Eventually you got sick from their toxic spew, and I was fighting as best I could, but you had to call that doctor instead… the one who used nuclear weapons on me!,   Oh the horrors!,   (Didn’t you learn anything from the Hiroshimans?),   This is what makes me cry the most.

And the pituitary doesn’t help.   It keeps relentlessly jabbing me in the side with that TSH stuff.   Enough already!,   It’s irritating!,   Do you know how much work it is to keep padding myself from those jabs by adding layer after layer of cells.   A goiter may be ugly to you, but it’s my self defense mechanism against that bossy pituitary!,   Why don’t you go yell at it for a while instead.

I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE AS ANGRY ABOUT THIS SITUATION AS YOU ARE!,   But anger won’t help up.   Anger is poison.   Haven’t we been poisoned enough by whatever it was that killed me?,   I want to do my job, but I just cannot anymore, and we all suffer because of it.   Please try to understand my side of things.

Your Thyroid

Mike is a 36-year old male suffering from hypothyroidism of mysterious cause for almost 10 years now.   He believes that knowledge is power, and that true healing cannot happen without fully understanding the entire situation.   Examining the opposing point-of-view is essential to obtain knowledge and understanding.   The greatest discoveries come from thinking differently. Check out Mike’s website.

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Gland To Mike”

  1. BEE says:

    too bad your gland can’t get itself on medicaid, you’ve made me feel very sorry for it. Good letter, Mike….you write good words

  2. Robyn says:

    So true, I feel sorry for your thyroid too. But my thyroid can still go fuck itself.

  3. Zari says:

    Mike very nicely put. I’m one of those who has the immune system to thank for what it did to the thryoid. At this point blaming my thyroid is like blaming a corpse.

    Anyway great eulogy


  4. lori says:

    I agree, very nice eulogy, Mike.

    Your statement…”knowledge is power, and that true healing cannot happen without fully understanding the entire situation”…this is so true and you got me thinkng, Mike.

    I believe striving to understand is what helps us “deal” and keeps us fighting this fight.

    I know my cause is my immune system but could the “immune system” and “your mysterious cause” be a smokescreen of sorts? Will focusing on the “one cause” keep us spinning in circles?

    Good reminder, Mike,….we need to keep looking “outside the box”!

  5. Lolly says:

    Mike, Must be hard not knowing what causes some thyroid disease, at least if it’s the immune system you can blame that. After all it isn’t really the thyroid that is sick just the enemy thinking it is being invaded by a foreign body and is on the attack.

    Great letter I too feel sorry for your thyroid.


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