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Marco Thylo The Winner of the Scary Endo Yarn Is

Post Published: 05 November 2009
Category: Humor Columns, Thyroid humor column
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As you know, last week we decided to run the scariest endo yarn contest. Instead of voting, which we usually do, because my dad came up with the “Lightbulb” contest and he’s such an advocate for Dear Thyroid, we asked him to chose the winner.

From my dad, a fabulous father indeed: The winner is Bee (even though the first part of her letter was missing) for describing the worst experience. Her descriptions were so extreme that they were like caricatures’ that amplified the experiences each of you go through. I think it’s critical that we continue to share our experiences because the knowledge not only gives us more strength but the shared experience motivates us to be more assertive with our health care “professionals”.

CONGRATULATIONS, BEELISH! Now, click on over to the Dear Thyroid Store and choose your winning item, email me and I will send it to you.

Everyone, OUTSTANDING ENTRIES, thank you. We loved each and every one. Making a decision was not easy. There were positive and negative experiences, each was so insightful and honest. You are the bravest most remarkable community on the planet and we love you to bits and pieces.



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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Marco Thylo The Winner of the Scary Endo Yarn Is”

  1. Robyn says:

    Yeah, Bee! You always crack me up–well deserved!

  2. BEE says:

    thank you, Robyn—if only these were fictitious experiences thought up in the confines of my brain—unfortunately, each episode is true—which is scary in and of itself…ya gotta laugh….Billie

  3. Jen says:

    I missed a contest?!?!? Well, congrats Bee! Will have to run over and read right away! You might as well get *something* special for your troubles. 🙂

  4. Lolly says:

    Congratulations Bee, now I hope you get you one of those t-shirts that can hold them thyoobs and thyipples.

    I think we’ve all got stories to tell about doctors endo hell even surgeons, but this week has been a horrific week for me and mine, one I can’t put down to an endofuck.. Nearly lost my daughter down to the negligence of the medical staff she lost her Fallopian tube had 1 litre of blood in her stomach and was in excruciating pain they never spotted it and then it got to this stage any longer she would be dead, also to top it off she now has a stomach infection..so sorry I haven’t been around much as you can see I have had my hands full.

    BTW we are taking legal action against the hospital and medical staff for negligence. In the hands of a solicitor who deals with this kind of situation she is only 21. someone is going to take responsibility for this.

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