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Care To Host A Dear Thyroid Tweet-Up?

Post Published: 09 November 2009
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Just for today, in honor of our new site launch and in the interest of continuing to reach out to each other in as many ways as possible, we wanted to post tweet-ups. Tomorrow, we will resume posting letters, of course. By the by, have you sent us a letter lately? Thought about writing one? Go for it! Email them to submissions@dearthyroid.com.

Here’s a question for you: what maybe, possibly, could ever match the amazing community and support we’ve got going on right here at Dear Thyroid? If your first answer would be “nothing” then think again!,   The only thing that could compete with the level of honesty and awesomeness is, actually, a Dear Thyroid Tweet-Up! Yes, a Tweet-Up.

For those of you not familiar with Tweet-Ups, they are, essentially, meet-ups.   You know, groups of Dear Thyroid users meeting up for coffee or dinner or drinks, or whatever other creative and chit-chatty social events we can dream up.   The point is for those of us who normally chat it up via our website to actually meet face-to-face and continue the Dear Thyroid lovefest.

This is open to anyone, no matter where you happen to live. What you’ll do is email us the specifics of the Tweet-Up you have in mind, and we’ll add it to the calendar on our site.   That way, fellow thyroidians from all walks of life and all locations on the planet can check out exactly when and where said Tweet-Up will take place.

But it gets even better!,   Once you get all the details together and actually do meet-up with other Dear Thyroid users, we want to see your lovely, smiling faces.   That means, take pictures!,   What would be even better is if you take pictures of your Tweet-Up in some Dear Thyroid gear — shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, etc. We want to see you proudly displaying your thyroid disease for all to see!

Let the Tweet-Ups begin!

Got an Q’s? Email us and let’s get this baby going.


Dear Thyroid

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14 Responses to “Care To Host A Dear Thyroid Tweet-Up?”

  1. lori says:

    omfg are you kidding me? you guys are absolute genius! if there is another thyroidian living near me going through this alone like me, we gotta meet. i got to get my thinking cap on cuz at the moment i don’t know where to set this up, but i wanted you to know i think your idea rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in the meantime, if anyone living south of boston sees this we can talk about where?

  2. yodat/jody says:

    I am so for it. I am in Minneapolis, MN. Anybody from Minnesota?? I’d be happy to arrange a Tweet-up. 🙂

  3. dearthyroid says:


    Love your attitude! This is great. Tweeting about it right now.



  4. Lolly says:

    Well if anyone wants to meet me anywhere in the USA just send me the fare and I’ll be there.. otherwise anyone in the UK near London/Birminggham or Buckinghamshire.

  5. Robyn says:

    Well, of course, being the social, ahem *butterfly*, I would love a Tweet Up. Unless that means I have to join twitter–the computer already sucks too much time! HowEV, anyone in the North Crackalackin area (uh, North Carolina) give me a shout and we’ll get something going!

  6. BEE says:

    where in N. crackalackin (love the name)?

  7. Robyn says:

    I’m in the Raleigh area, but for a DTer, I could travel a bit 😉

  8. katie says:


    My darling, you do not have to join Twitter at all!

    Sounds fabulous, I will tweet your location and see if we can get some fellow thyroidians to hook up with you.

    This is so exciting!


  9. katie says:

    Hey Bee;

    Thanks for chiming in! Are you in close proximity to Robyn?


  10. katie says:


    You are so awesome!!!

    “For a DT’er”. Har.

  11. yodat/jody says:

    My commnet got stuck in Moderation land. I am in Minneapolis, MN. Anyone want to tweet up let me know. 🙂

  12. dearthyroid says:


    I’ve taken care of the comment issue. You shouldn’t have any issues commenting again. Sorry about that, doll.

    I’ve added you to the list.

    This is so great, everyone!

  13. dearthyroid says:

    Hey everybody, here are all of the cities we have so far:

    Central Mass
    Orcas Islands
    South Florida
    Washington DC
    Darien, Il
    New Jersey

    Talk to me! Let’s get some meet ups happening. Email Katie@dearthyroid.com. We’ll get everything calendared.


  14. […] a follow up post to this morning’s, Care to Host a Dear Thyroid Tweet-Up? I am proud to say that our community has rallied beautifully and I hope to see more meet up […]

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