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Superman & Co. Run Wild In Airspace; Oh, wait, I forgot, That’s Too Original!

Post Published: 11 November 2009
Category: Dear Thyroid Teen Letters
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Dear Thyroid,

Since you were caught red-handed in the act of doing absolutely nothing (completely against the rules of bodily functions) last year, your new food (namely Levothyroxine) has been attempting to revitalize your will-power and muscles. The response, in terms of your non-reactiveness, told to me by a highly qualified professional, Blood Test (I am told that you need no introductions as you know each other well) has, on numerous occasions been, and I quote: ‘HI’ (high). This, quite frankly, is unacceptable.

Luckily for you I am feeling generous. Yes, I will let you off. After all, it’s not your fault that you were attacked by our immune system gone ruthless. Although, to be perfectly honest with you, if you really had no skills in defense, you could’ve worked a little harder at introducing yourself to your oblivious outer-casing, me – don’t you think?

I mean, seriously, why couldn’t you of started off with more original symptoms, ones that would make you and your identical siblings (from other oblivious people) newsworthy enough to gain some headlines and a spot in the school syllabus: a spot on the nose maybe; perhaps a dark line drawn across the centre of my forehead, almost like Harry Potter‘s scar? You might even give me a super-power, maybe some kind of flying ability; don’t you think that would be creative? It would please the media, certainly. Can you imagine the amount of times your scientific name would appear, mixed with the names of thousands of now-not-so-oblivious people? ‘Thyroid to Blame For Mysterious Flying-People’, it would say, added with the official: ‘…Says Top-Class Professor‘. The Daily Mail’s headline would probably read something like ‘Superman & Co Run Wild in Airspace’, and would be followed by the by-line: ‘Crazed crowd land for thyroid medication’.

Be serious! You say. I am science: be serious!

But I am. If you gave me this symptom – well, for starters it would be much more fun! You gave me a disease dry of imagination. How boring! – In truth though, I would’ve found out years earlier that you weren’t quite doing your job, or rather that you’d been attacked and left silently wailing, and, well, who knows where life might’ve taken me?

Now, I am terribly sorry you were attacked by our ruthless immune system (really though, we mustn’t blame it, it just thought you were – if I may say it nicely – ugly) but revenge, as I am sure you know, is not the way to go about your everyday life. So (and do please note the emphasis on that so) that means no – and by no I mean absolutely no – mucking around and being indecisive. It means no being greedy and asking “please Sir, can I have some more?” as I can only picture you doing. And, quite finally, it means that you will stop swimming through my blood and knocking on Mr. Pituitary’s door, disturbing all the other neighborhoods situated inside my brain.

I am glad that we have that quite clear.

Seeing as Blood Test now informs me that you are today apparently ‘normal’, perhaps you will swim back down that bubbly fountain and start informing my body and brain that despite their previous assumptions there is actually a supply of everything they need and it is sitting behind their door. Now if they would please open it we can, all of us get to business. That is, unless you really are planning to give me the flying symptom any time soon? I really wouldn’t mind if you did…

Thanking you in advance for you hard work,

Louise Sopher

(Bio): I am aged 18 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year. I recently set up my blog – Small But Mighty: A Thyroid Life because I was angered by the poppycock awareness that we have of thyroid disease. Posts are about thyroid articles in the media, along with information. Get to know Louise, check out, Louise’s Blog and Which Charity.

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Superman & Co. Run Wild In Airspace; Oh, wait, I forgot, That’s Too Original!”

  1. amy says:

    Louise! What an awesome letter! A sense of humor is so wonderful! It must keep you sane. Great writing.

  2. lori says:

    Bravo Louise, you are a very wise young lady. You are very aware of how lacking awareness is about thyroid disease. You have made it your business to learn about what this disease can do to your body and because of that knowledge, you will be able to advocate for yourself. And, you are being proactive with your blog and you certainly do have a great sense of humor.

    I Love your letter to your thyroid.


  3. Robyn says:

    Your letter made my day. You have the storytelling gift–use it! I can’t wait to hear more and read your blog.

  4. Zari says:

    Louise that is very nice and very witty writing. I’ve found that humor is very important in dealing with these problems. Also liked your forgiving attitude-we really can’t afford to be hateful towards our own body.



  5. Lolly says:


    Great letter to your thyroid, I wish I had the ability to be creative in writing. Witty yet precise. Keep writing I loved reading.


  6. Hello,thanks you for this fantastic blogg, i really find much new things on it and i really loved the design of the blogg. I found it on google. I also want to wish you a happy new year.

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