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Thycleansing, But Deep, Really Deep

Post Published: 24 November 2009
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid

The nurse just called to say that you are now over active?  I don’t believe her, there is no way.   I am so tired, I could fall asleep standing up, and the weight, that is another story.  The T3 is 2.26 the T4 is 0.05 and the TS is a flat line 0.00

Do these doctors really understand what the body is doing?  My thyroid is not working.   I sat at a dinner table watching everyone enjoy their food and I took two bites and stopped.   I walk six miles in sure pain everyday and I put on 30 pounds.   How in the world can my thyroid be overactive?!  Are they crazy or am I.

Yesterday, my wonderful husband said something simple to me and I broke down in tears and could not stop crying for the rest of the day.   That poor man felt so bad.   It broke my heart to see his pain, but I just could not stop crying.   I think that this thyroid thing finally hit me.

Today is a better day with fall in the air.   It is a bit on the nippy side, so I will be able to get out and enjoy.

The insurance company refuses still to work with us, even with all the paper work we have mailed in.   I guess that they really do not care; they just want to take the cheap way, so that they may make a profit.

Well, time to steam clean my kitchen floor and the bathroom floors.   That is such a wonderful toy, the steam cleaner.   I wish I could use it on my thyroid  🙂  Maybe if it had a deep cleaning  job, it would work right or the way the doctors feel it should.


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Reader Feedback

9 Responses to “Thycleansing, But Deep, Really Deep”

  1. Jackie says:

    Maybe that’s all our bodies really need. The other night I was watching a show about these native guys in the US. My husband and I said that they all look healthy, happy, and they are all sizes. I am truly starting to believe that the stuff in our environment is what is making us sick. I didn’t see anyone in that tribe have mood swings or a lump in front of their throat.

    As far as the docs go, you can go to three different doctors (like I did) and show them all the same blood work. And all three docs will look at it a different way. That’s why it took so long to figure mine out.

    I also do something I shouldn’t do. I stop taking my meds a week or so before my blood test. That way it comes in on the low side and they don’t lower my thyroid meds. Then if I am having hyper symptoms, I just take half the med. I’m probably screwing myself, but it’s the only way I have been feeling better.

    If you invent the thyroid deep cleaner system, let me know…I’ll be one of your first customers.

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks for your honest words Sheran. I feel your pain.

  3. Lolly says:

    Sheran, I feel your pain too and hope that you are now getting the medication or reduction to help get you at an even keel. Just know things will get better.


  4. HD inOregon says:

    It is not only the problems the thyroid hormones (or the lack of same) cause, but no, it is also this dreaded “IISS” thingy. — What you haven’t heard of IISS? Where did you live, even Congress seems to have it these days. IISS is Insurance Induced Stress Syndrom. No, I am not making it up, I’m suffering from it.

    Sharen, I hope you feel better soon.

    HD in Oregon, who lost his thyroid to a surgeons knife.

  5. Lolly says:

    Sorry Sharen I got your name wrong I need me some deep cleaning.

  6. Kathy says:

    Steam clean my thyroid, what a great idea! There must be a lot of dirt, grease and grime in mine to make it feel this way. Today, I wrote on Facebook about feeling like I am on a seesaw of emotion.. Don’t you just hate the ups and downs and feeling sick, but you cannot get off the ride?! Husbands and others need to be supportive and when we are having a good day, we have to let them know that our teariest of times has nothing to do with them..that’s why it’s good to write it all down, and let us support one another here..it gets it all out one way or another..we’re here for you!

  7. Robyn says:

    Oh Sharen! I just listened to Dr. Hollis on The People’s Pharmacy and he said most people need a T3 in the 3s before they “feel good”. FWIW.

  8. Hypogirl says:

    I really enjoyed reading your letter. Keep steam cleaning your thyroid – it does get better from here. You will find out the mystery and will look back on all this and go WOW I made it through that. We will all be here for you if you need. Consider us the “steam cleaners” 😉

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