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Thysurance Can Kiss My Ass

Post Published: 02 December 2009
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Dear Thyroid;

Talked with the nurse again, for I just received another denial on my request for my cytomel.   They state that there is not enough evidence that their generic is not working.   The nurse looked at me, and stated something needs to be done, for I am shaking, I have congestion in my lungs and my blood pressure is so low, you have to dig for it, plus the tachycardia is acting up.   With taking the dosage that I am taking, I should be a skinny winy and so hyper that I can’t stop moving.   Instead, I am still overweight and so tired that I feel that I am dragging.

OK, I am almost 60, and one does slow down a bit, and may put on weight, but come on, not this much.

I was so embarrassed when I was at my family’s gathering for them to see the swollen me.   Even though you know this is not your fault, you are still embarrassed, for this society looks down on people who are overweight.   They look at you as though you stuff your face and sit on your round bottom.   So little do they know, that I am at times starving, then at times, am lucky to get food into me.   I am on that gift of a treadmill everyday walking 5 miles.   So, people be more aware before you judge.

Well, I went in for some more blood work.   Who knows maybe this will prove to the insurance company that their generic is not working.   I keep telling myself, this could be a lot worse, I could be like my husband without any health insurance.   He has to walk around with what is wrong without any help.   There are others out there in a harder place then I am, so I need to pick my large round bottom up and keep positive.   For maybe if I win this, it will help others.   Maybe with our constant fight, the insurance company will open their eyes and see that their way is not the only way.


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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Thysurance Can Kiss My Ass”

  1. Lolly says:


    I really hear you on this, especially about T3 (cytomel) replacement, some us are not good converters and FT4 might be in a reasonably good place but FT3 bottomed out, I have been fighting for 2 years plus to get someone to listen now we are experimenting with alternating dose of levo next blood test which I had today will tell, and what a thyiasco that was too, will say more in a thyrant this week.

    As for the weight nothing you can do until you get to a good place level wise with thyroid,You may also have fluid retention. Have you had ferritin an vit D checked, or have you tried selenium to help with FT3 conversion?

    I hope someone will listen to you including your insurance company.It’s not just insurance we have to fight although being in the UK I don;t have that problem my biggest one is the Doctors and the NHS. Still we live to fight yet another day.

  2. HD inOregon says:

    Arrrgh, more IISS…. Insurance Induced Stress Syndrome. Who the heck is in charge here, some minimum-pay clerk sitting in front of a computer screen, or a qualified medical doctor?

    I hope you can get help soon.
    HD in Oregon

  3. Cyndi Woodruff says:


    I feel your pain! When I was finally diagnosed, my TSH levels were normal!! It was my T3 levels that were screwed up!! Took over a year (and 60lbs) to figure that out, as I went from doctor to doctor.
    I currently take 150mcg Levoxyl and 10mcgs of Cytomel. The cytomel, I take twice daily.
    My husband is retired Air Force, so we have medical insurance through the government. (It was CHAMPUS—now TriCare) I was just notified by my pharmacist that TriCare will no longer pay for my brand name Cytomel and will only cover generic. GREAT!
    So, I’m now taking the generic….has been almost a week. I all ready had a lab appointment for this coming Monday…..so we’ll see.
    I feel your pain….your story sounds so much like mine. I hope that you win the current struggle.

  4. Robyn says:

    SUCKS! I hate bureaucracy in all it’s many ugly forms. Keep fighting, only the squeaky wheel has a shot in Hell of getting any grease.

  5. amy says:

    I have to say that the title of this letter and the pin-up picture totally rock!
    I just started taking generic cytomel and I seem fine so far. It has been a month. If insurance is really here to help us why do they give us so much poop? I do not have it but I am sorry for all the crap they give people! Seriously!

  6. dearthyroid says:

    Amy, WELL PUT!!! Robyn, you too! Everything you all have said is so damn true! They’re not out for the best interest of the patient! Healthcare is not a system of health, but a system of oppression and disease!! They need us to be sick!

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