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Thyoliday Blues And Truths Manda, Little Weirdy

Post Published: 05 December 2009
Category: hashimoto's patient blog
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Manda is one of our Thyrellas. You might recognize her from “Wearing My Disease On My Sleeve“. She’s an eloquent, painfully honest writer with sad overtones, each resonates, especially for us thyroid patients. Often, Manda makes me feel like I’ve been punched in the gut; I can relate that hard to what she’s enduring. Her punches are methodical, well thought out and well worth taking the hit for.

In Manda’s “Thyoliday Blues And Truths” post, she talks about the misconceptions about thyroid disease, and specifically being forced to contend with Hashimoto’s, a disease she struggles with day and day out and how radically it changed her life. Still. She’s finding her way and explains more about that process. Sound familiar, Thyrellas and Thyfellas?!

Click on over and visit Manda’s blog, read her answers to to the questions we posed for “Thyoliday Blues And Truths” and get to know her, she’s a dame well worth knowing, in my humble opinion.



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