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Thyrants, November 28 — December 5

Post Published: 05 December 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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@jeangfl Dear Doctors – YOU SUCK- xoxo Thyrogramma

@Yodat It’s all a thyWIN over here!

@jeangfl Dear stubborn gland, after decades found someone to treat you & you’re still acting like a 2-yr-old with tantrums. Enough already.

@anneliang Thank you for functioning these days! I can allow myself to eat peanut butter and ice cream for the first time in years!!

@treehugster Thyroid, you and the Dr. have conspired against me, again. I feel like shit and I want my life back. I want my ultrasound results!


Lolly: Thyrant: What a funny day yesterday was — due to have T labs taken at 11.20am.   Got to my appointment 10 minutes early, booked in, only to be told that whoever took the call hadn’t put a name down so they got me down as Minnie Mouse. Sitting there getting increasingly wound up because the clock was ticking and I,   wanted to catch the last post at the post office, to post my FT3 off. If anyone calls me Minnie Mouse again I’ll show them Walt Disney!!! Caught the post just in time, lucky for them.


Chris Prestano The movie (and books) “Crazy Sexy Cancer” are NOT porn for cancer patients. F*cking perverts.

Lori Caprio Callahan I thought I wanted my old life back. Right now, I want any fucking life but the one I have right now. Can you tell I’m SUPER pissed at this life-sucking disease? Maybe it’s not even from this disease; who the fuck knows. Had to take Ritalin to stay awake driving to my doctors appointment today (next town), then my heart pounded, flip flopped, and jumped so fast I thought I’d shoot like a fucking rocket right through the roof…no such luck!

Diane Fama Thytrocious this morning! Just hate the dripping wet morning sweat. Wtf????

Regina Cintron Thytrocious… The neck puffiness makes me feel like I’m being strangled!

Hans-Dieter Honscheid I am feeling glandy-dandy. Saw a new endo yesterday, and I think I like him. The man can “listen” & explain before he goes into treatment detail stuff. I find him thypathic instead of thycopathic. Also instead of 100 miles he is only 70 miles away 😉

Robyn Davis Hahn Ugh. Red, hot throat, dizzy, more prominent lump in throat. Please, not again!!!!

Lori Caprio Callahan I wish I could figure out why I can’t stay awake, seriously can’t stay awake. Can’t take that Ritalin shit again. My adrenal gland told me loud and clear to not take that again. Felt like a rubberband stretched as high as it would go then all at once let go. Thought I was gonna die. Of course my doctor dismissed the adrenal theory because she only knows what adrenal crisis is. Sorry but I’m not going to let myself get that close to death if I can help it. I don’t know how am I going to drive tomorrow to pickup/drop off work.

Duana Jorden I ran 4.3 miles tonight and felt really strong throughout the entire run. But now my hips and calves ACHE so bad I could just scream. I try so hard all the time to be so positive with what I have been forced to accept with my “challenged” thyroid but sometimes I just feel so cheated and alone.

Amy Elizabeth Parker I am good tonight. I got my blood drawn today w/ my three year old along. She was so curious. I tried to explain it to her somewhat. After the blood draw she looked at the nurse and told her “You are not going to do that to me.” lol

Natasha Kahn Not exactly a rant but my pulmonologist told me yesterday that last year I looked “deathly ill” and she was pleased to see that at least outwardly, I look like the Graves is getting under control. She’s the one who first saw my goiter and sent me to the lab for blood test. I certainly felt “deathly ill” but I thought I looked the same that I always did. My appointment with my endo is next Thursday. I can only imagine what she’s going to say about my numbers and how many tears I will shed in her office . . .

Hans-Dieter Honscheid Dear thyroid, Where are you today? Are you happy you went to live w/this carcinoma guy? Papillary was his name, wasn’t it? Happy now? ;-(

Manda Richardson Thyroid, I am going nucking futs with this whole insomnia business, what exactly is the go?

Billie Jean Doty I’m getting zits…how’s your day?!

Anita Roberts Well, I’ve had two of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in forever!!! And some really intense dreams too. But for some reason, I’m all greasy and zitted up. Ugh. I suspect a surfeit of T3… appetite is revved up too. Oh the joy.

Kathleen Taylor This has been a crying week for me. Little things just get me emotional and it gets me going.. Not always a bad thing, for the feelings are coming out and I cherish having feelings at all. I have been so numb for awhile. I am going to buy stock in tissues. Forget waterproof mascara. I usually just end up rubbing it all over my face.. then, along with everything else, I look especially attractive..

I am watching others stress out this week. I shake my head and think… ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’, then I want to smack ’em.. oh..is that another feeling? Yippee!

Lori Graham Atkinson Dear stupid thyroid, I feel that you and the doctor have conspired against me AGAIN! Why would she say no more T3 and then when I get my meds, they have T3? Is the pharmacist in on this with you guys too? I have cut way back because I could not stand my heart pounding and when I called the Dr. today, I found out she leaves at noon. How nice for her! And does it really take two weeks to get a result from an ultrasound of the thyroid? Does my Dr. care at all? I am tired of the lumpy, tight feeling in my throat, thyroid, so knock it off and leave me the hell alone! I am sick of it!

Lori Caprio Callahan I guess this was the week for the waterworks show. I didn’t realize I had so much company. Next time we should try crying in sync, then we can charge people to see our waterworks show.

It is a morphing experience isn’t it? I barely recognize myself any more. I don’t look like myself, I don’t feel like myself, don’t sound like myself, and I don’t .particularly like myself very much right now.
But I do have some good news, I actually slept 8 hr last night. I don’t remember the last time I did that. I sure hope it continues. I’ll make a bargain with you gland, if you let me sleep 8 hr every night, I won’t cuss and swear at you. Deal?

Robyn Davis Hahn My lump has been back for 3 days now. It’s the Hashimoto Quasimodo–just on the front instead of the back…

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