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Thyrants, December 12-19

Post Published: 19 December 2009
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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@Yodat Forgot my purse twice today! Thanks thyroid!

@Yodat I am having a war with my thyroid – so far I think it’s winning = motivation gone!

@EyeceKnits Increasing my dose of vitamin D3 feels exactly the same as upping my dose of levothyroxine. Ice cream headache and all.

@christinah84 Yuck. I guess that sums it up.


Pamela Lau OMG, I feel SO fucking nauseous right now! I think it’s from being hungry too long. My appetite gets weird every now & then & nothing tastes or sounds appetizing. I also feel like I’m on frickin’ Effexor withdrawal. As if the daily symptoms of thyroid disease weren’t bad enough, I feel like I want to die right now!!! I… don’t know if I want to throw up or shit! UGH!!!! WTF!!!

Duana Jorden How is it possible to run for an hour or more every other day and still pack on pounds?????? I am vegetarian and eat only veggies, Mr.

Robyn Davis Hahn I have a thyaise. Thank you thank you thank you Levoxyl for restoring my libido.

Lori Caprio Callahan WTF – I want answers. Sick of being a patient patient. I’m begging more than ranting.

Pretty, pretty please let me sleep a full 8 hours but most of all, let me keep my eyes open, focus and not feel like I’m lost in space, stop making mistakes so I can work. I’m fucking desperate, do you hear me. It has now been 3 weeks, I think, since I have driven out of town. The shit’s hitting the fan and the bottom is falling out from beneath. If my son wasn’t laid off from work, the bottom would already be gone. I’m loading up on protein and veggies. If I didn’t do that, I think I’d sleep 16 hours a day. WTF? What am I doing wrong? What else can I do? I think my brain is turning to dust and blowing out my ears.

Lori Caprio Callahan Oh oh baby, I’m all set now. My husband forced me to eat a piece of pizza tonight (I much rather blame others), now there’s a brick in my gut, a tight band around my head (but it’s a real pretty one), and I feel like I’ve been puffin funny stuff. I’ll have no trouble sleeping tonight. Glad I got one thing solved. I feel so much better!!!

Lori Caprio Callahan Eh too bad ;( so much has improved but why is my mind still so bad? And the sleepiness… It’s not just brain fog, it’s memory too. I can’t joke my way through it any more. Too many mistakes. Are these the issues more T3 is suppose to help? Am I fighting for the right thing with my doctor who knows less than I do?

Always have to try and end with a positive note. Mary Shomon wrote a WODERFUL letter: “When Your Family Member or Friend has Thyroid Disease”. She did an awesome job. I posted it here it’s just a little further down on the page. This letter may have saved my marriage!

I printed it out and had my husband read the part that pertained to me. I think he finally “GETS IT”. It’s a good thing cause I was seriously thinking of hanging up that chapter.

I went one step further and put it in a note and published it on my wall for everyone to see. Wonder if anyone will read it?????? Pretty bad when I have to muster up courage just to do that, ha….:)))

Joanna Isbill Went to a Christmas party last night for my dad’s work. Lasted about an hour before I was ready to hit the dusty trails and climb into bed. And I was the youngest one there. Sweet.

Annie Rz I now bask in” less stress holidays”- after childhood (and beyond) years of family turmoil, it is nice not to feel the need to “do this, do that, cook this, buy that-go here-go there, mediate a fight!” Boy I am tired from just thinking about that!

Susan Valvo Smart ass! Get your butt home! This isn’t funny! We need you here!

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