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Manda’s Thyroid, Please Give Me My Sister Back

Post Published: 04 January 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Family Letters
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Written by a family member of a Hashimoto’s Thyroid Patient

Dear Manda’s Thyroid,


I have come to the conclusion that you make her life hell and I want my sister back!

I went on a holiday to see her in September and I then came to realize that she is a completely different person, no energy, tired, the pain etc. this is not the sister I know.

I had a sister that would stay up all night talking and laughing, one that would be up early and ready to go shopping, one that could manage her life and problems as they arose, one that had energy!

I live so far away and feel helpless, I read her blogs and some of them make me cry, all I want to do is go over there and do the things she can’t for her on the days she needs help the most.

I now worry for myself, seems like the thyroids in my family are a bit dickey and am wondering if I have any hope.

My sister and I are very close and it’s like she has been possessed by this thing, which makes her think, feel and behave in a totally different way, I know there are parts of my sister in there somewhere. Still, I just wish it showed more and she didn’t have so many bad days.

I kept searching the house for her while I was over there,  and would always find her lying on her bed, just needing to rest for a minute. I wish there was more that could be done to help her; it’s not fair that something like this can turn her life upside-down and turn it into a struggle. She couldn’t even make it to my wedding because she was so drained!

You are doing this to her, you are making her life shit. It’s unfair that she can’t do the things she wants to do anymore well not all of them anyway, I don’t appreciate what you have done to her and I think you should;FUCK OFF!!!!!

(Bio) I am Annie (Manda’s sister) I am a married mum of 3 and live in Tassie too far away from her.   I am always there for my BIG sis n always listens and understands. I am hoping that,   my thyroid stays my friend and we can live together in the same body forever, I do not want thyroid disease like my mother and sister; my sister is the 4th generation in our family to have a screwy thyroid, and they are gonna need someone to look after them ;right????

Please feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts about this letter whether you have a thyroid condition or not, everyone is welcomed.

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Reader Feedback

19 Responses to “Manda’s Thyroid, Please Give Me My Sister Back”

  1. amy says:

    Annie, I love your your concern and love for your sis! As a thyroid disease sufferer, I can tell you it means the world to have the support of family! Just yesterday my husband said Fuck you thyroid!(to my thyroid) and I think it felt so good for him to say that. If I may, I thank you on Manda’s behalf! Amy

  2. Lolly says:

    Annie, we forget about family and relatives how they see this fucked up disease, I don’t know if we ever get back to the way we where but certainly we adapt to change.

    So glad you were able to write this letter to Manda’s thyroid telling it to fuck off. All you can be is a listening ear a shoulder to cry on and just support in general things will improve it just takes time and alot of patience which most of us thyroid patients don’t have we want to be well now but it just doesn’t happen that way.
    I hope that you and your sis will one day do the things you so love to do go shopping late night chats take in a movie or watch TV it doesn’t have to stop just because you have Thyroid disease you just have to work around it, take the good days with the bad and be thankful for anything inbetween.

    Great letter by the way.And what ever you do never argue with a thyrella when there having a rage,you won’t win

    My family learned the hard way they shut up and took for cover till the rage had passed no fury like a raging thyroidian worst part is they make no fucking sense.


  3. quin browne says:

    this is so dear, so impassioned, so spot on… you made me wish i had a sister, now.

  4. Lori says:

    Annie, I could feel your pain in your words and how badly you want to help your sister. Your letter is awesome. I am so glad Manda has a sister like you who cares for her and supports her as much as you do.

    I have had the pleasure of talking to Manda a little bit and she is an amazing woman with a lot of spirit. She inspires me.


  5. Dear Thyroid says:


    Love what your husband said to your thyroid. I think you’re right,that it helps.

    I was really happy Annie wrote this letter to her sister’s thyroid. I think many families of thyroid patients feel angry. In many ways, they lose as much as we do, at least that’s what I think.


  6. Dear Thyroid says:


    Such great points and very inspiring.

    Re: Thyroid rage, agreed: duck and run for cover. How awful for families to go through. I feel badly for my family having to deal with me, even though it’s not me per se, it’s my thyroid.

    Do youknow what I mean?

  7. Dear Thyroid says:

    Aww, Quin, sorry you don’t have a sister. I agree with you, Annie’s passion just bleeds onto the page.

  8. Dear Thyroid says:


    Wonderfully supportive, you are. I’m glad they have each other, too.

    Definitely inspired by Manda, too.

  9. Dear Thyroid says:

    Love all of these comments and outpouring of support for Annie.

    Great show everyone!

  10. Lori A. says:


    I wish my sisters understood like you do! What a great sis! I am sure it means so much to Manda that you are not angry at her for something she can’t help.

    Lori A.

  11. Bee says:

    Annie-thanks for giving us the sis’s perspective…looking back, I think I was quite the constant complainer way b4 diagnosis of hypoT… it doesn’t really help tp know WHY i was complaing so much either. You’re a good sister. a

  12. Robyn says:

    I’m sorry that you both have suffered some loss at the hands of your sister’s thyroid. But it sounds like she has awesome support from you as you redefine your relationship! Kudos!

  13. Dear Thyroid says:


    So well said and I completely agree! The blame has been placed so appropriately and she’s expressed herself so honestly, which I also adore.

  14. Dear Thyroid says:


    I am SO SORRY that your sisters don’t understand. How do they handle your situation? How do they deal with you? What do you wish they would do differently?

  15. Dear Thyroid says:

    Awww, Bee, you’re so sweet. Love the support for Annie and her sister.

  16. Dear Thyroid says:


    Great points and so true…

  17. Shan McKenzie says:

    Annie, Mandi, this will be a big emotional day for you and I feel theres a huge sense of mourning for what could have been, and love so strong that you feel each others pain. I’m right there with you and knowing what this disease has done to me, Mandi, I’m so sorry not to have been more supportive. At the same time that I didn’t realise what you were going through, I was going through prediagnosis hell. I love you girls so much. Annie, please take good care of yourself. Mandi please forgive me. Thanks Annie for being there for her. Love you both, Mum.

  18. dearthyroid says:


    You’re a loving, wonderful mom. You did a great job raising two magnificent daughters. Having thyroid disease yourself and suffering, as well as having your daughter suffer alongside you must be unimaginable.

    You’re not alone. Beautiful comment. Thank you so much for posting.


  19. Manda says:

    Thanks Sis 🙂
    it hasn’t fucked off, but it’s been well and truly told. good job!

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