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Thyrants, January 2-9

Post Published: 09 January 2010
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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thyrants january 2-9


Annie Sidorenko I am sick of being sick. All my levels are “fine” but nothing is getting better. Do we ever get a break?

Pamela Dobey Holt Peters got her results back and her TSH is high – FUCK YOU doc!!!

Amy Elizabeth Parker Rant time? Ugh! I am going to pick up some antibiotics for a sinus problem. Went to the dr. yesterday. It does suck that they cannot tell whether it is viral or bacteria! I cannot take it any more…headaches, earaches, a ton of pressure that is most uncomfortable. It has been a bad week and I want to feel better hopefully for the weekend!

Amy Elizabeth Parker And as well my sister found out she is borderline hyper and she is 2 months pregnant. Damn you sister’s thyroid. I can handle me. But, why my baby sis? I usually do not get mad. But, this makes me mad and upset. Now, she will have to be monitored throughout pregnancy and I do not even want to think what could happen after the birth…

Angel McMellin My hands and feet are cold, I’m exhausted, and I have dinner to cook. After six weeks off my Synthroid I’m finally back on, and its taking forever to feel better, I’ve got kids to chase after for crying out loud, I don’t have time for this crap!

Duana Jorden EXHAUSTED!!!!

Annie Rz Tired tonight- long week back-to school- TGIF…The students need to re-learn their manners after vacation! My throat is sort of scratchy- lots of students with the stomach bug (again)!

Jennifer Jennings First day of upped meds. I feel weird…but that should regulate itself in a couple of days (hopefully) but glad that tomorrow is the last day of the school week!

Jennifer Richardson Had a thyroidectomy in 2002 due to nodules choking off my windpipe after the birth of my daughter and have felt like crap (depression, brain fog, no energy, sensitive to hot and cold, absent libido, etc.) ever since even though blood tests were “normal”. Hypothyroidism runs in my family (my mom – 2 surgeries and now another growing nodule, her twin – 1 surgery, their brother just now diagnosed). Something happened recently that made me sit down and really take stock of how I’ve been feeling and why. I was one of those women who just chalked up all these symptoms to being a busy mom with a young family and a full time job. I now understand that I still have hypothyroid symptoms. Lining up all my ducks before heading off to my dr. and endo to, hopefully, change my med from just Levothroid. Really pi**ed off that it feels like I’ve lost the last 8 years of my life and that this has affected my kids and husband.

Aimee Gilmore My thyrant… Armour is still sporadic at best when ordering it. I feel like hell on the Levothyroxil… and would love to be able to get Armour, because at least then, I don’t feel like I have been on the levo (synthroid).. muscles ache, I hurt everywhere, moody, insomnia, foggy brained and my heart will race sometimes.
I wish they would get the Armour production back to demand!

Stephanie Davis-Marcusky I hate medicine and having to worry about it all the time!

Cindy Nieswender I’m so mad at my thyroid for letting me down. Growing up I was never popular or overly pretty or smart but I was in good health, until you let me down!!!!!!!

Angel McMellin I’m mad at the 15+ weight gain, will I ever fit those skinny jeans again, Thanx Thyroid!

Melissa Colbert Collins I hate that I have to take Synthroid and a pill for my cholesterol level thanks to my thyroid problem. Also…if I want to increase my energy level I need to take multivitamins each day. It’s takes me a lot more work to lose weight now and this extreme cold is really hard to deal w/ right now. Is that enough thyranting? lol

Karen Browne-Vohs Weight gain (good bye size 8), Synthroid, cholesterol and high blood pressure because of no thyroid, hot.hot.hot (and not in a sexy way), shit hair, dry skin… did I mention the weight gain?

Joyce Jordan Corley I’m with you on the weight gain! I can’t even fit in my fat pants anymore!!! ARGGHH!! I had to go buy pants a size bigger, but according to my endo (and the scale) I only gained 1 pound from Nov-Jan. So why do my clothes not fit anymore??? Damn thyroid. Plus I was diagnosed with PCOS in Nov, so now I have 2 things working against me!!!


@PrisonMovement I have such a hard time with this dang Thyroid disease! Think if I had to do it all again- would NOT have had it removed (cancer)

@christinah84 It’s really warm in here but I’m freezing like I’m standing outside in a blizzard in my bathing suit.

@christinah84 It’s not enough to nearly freeze outside. Thanks to you thyroid I’m freezing inside too even with blankets and heating.

@PocketPeople What’s your thyrant today? Not remembering to eat. Then the grouchies come on like a fire;)!

@Yodat I don’t wanna be sick anymore! Ugh.

@KittenGator Even though blood tests show “normal” numbers, I remain unconvinced there is no problem with you

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4 Responses to “Thyrants, January 2-9”

  1. rodney says:

    i have/had cancer, ,the endocrinologist said the other day, something like this, i cant remember the exact quote, “we need to get the thyroid hormone right to prevent a recurrence of the cancer”, ,IS THIS TRUE, DOES ACCURATE THYROID HORMONE TREATMENT PREVENT A CANCER RECURRENCE ???? thanks, rodney

  2. katie says:


    Thank you so much for expressing your concerns. I don’t have the answer for you. However, I have some resources for you that might help.

    Dear Thyroid Forums, thyroid cancer section: http://bit.ly/5OsKTd Other thyroid cancer patients might be able to speak to this.

    Thyroid Cancer Patient and Thyroid Cancer Patient ADVOCATE, Kairol Rosenthal’s website – http://bit.ly/7BbdQy. If you’re on Twitter, you can also start following her @Kairol.

    Thyroid Cancer Resources, most of which were provided by Kairol – http://bit.ly/5JmQsz

    If you don’t get your question answered, please let me know.

    You will be in my thoughts.


  3. rodney says:

    @katie, ,thanks so much for your kind and prompt reply, i will look at the links, im now following Kairol on twitter, thanks again, ,rodney

  4. katie says:

    Hey Rodney,

    My pleasure, so glad you are following Kairol. Please let me know if you need anything else. And if you post something in the forums, kindly let me know where you post it so I can tweet about it and have other patients connect with you.

    Wishing you the best,

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