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A Tender Love Poem to TED

Post Published: 13 January 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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A Tender Love Poem To TED, Thyroid Eye Disease, Graves Eye Disease, Dear Thyroid Poems

Fuck you TED

Get out of my head

I want you dead

Fuck you TED

TED you suck

You have no purpose

You piece of shit

You make me miserable

You make me hideous

You make me mad

You make me sad

You sorry, no-good disease

Why,  don’t you die already

You fucking no-good pain in the eye?

You need to be buried

far,  beneath the earth

leave,  use humans alone

we,  are all beautiful

and,  just as ugly without you

You are not a necessity

You are not wanted

You are not welcome

Fuck you TED

I wish you were dead

Fuck you TED get out of my head

I want you dead.

I will stop you TED.

This is MY head, not yours

I will drown you in flaxseed oil

I will smother you with tea bags and ice

I will numb you before you go

but,  the point is,  TED that you suck

and,  you will leave even if,  i,  have to call in a scalpel

and,  sutures.

So,  its,  your choice go peacefully and quickly

or,  you will be forcefully removed.

This,  I promise you TED


Fuck you TED.

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “A Tender Love Poem to TED”

  1. Lolly says:

    I don;t know who I am replying to but know exactly how you feel. one thing I will say don;t take a scalpel to your TED before your are in the cold or inactive stage because it will only make things worse and not better, and you could end up having surgery after surgery.

    Very powerful poem, as I know the eye disease can be worse than the thyroid disease itself, it isn’t something you can hide away a dead give away.

    Lolly now in the Inactive stage of TED there is hope.

  2. amy says:

    So, I did not know what TED was I finally got it-Thyroid Eye Disease. Am I right? Does this just happen in hyper?

    I am sorry that you, whoever you are, are going through this. I hope things look up for you!!!!

  3. dearthyroid says:

    Lolly, I didn’t know that surgery with a fluctuating thyroid could exacerbate your TED. That’s shit. Here’s my question… Why do the eyes get even slightly wonky if the thyroid is ever so slightly imbalanced?

  4. dearthyroid says:


    This is my fault for not clarifying what TED is/was. I apologies. TED, also called Graves’ eye disease and Graves’ opthalmopathy is associated with Graves’ disease, not hyperthyroidism, though Graves’ affects your thyroid. This is as I understand it. I could be wrong. As always, I defer to Mary Shomon on concrete science as well as (for GO, Lolly, Eyesee.typepad and the “Elaines”, Moore and Martinez).

    PS: She chose to wrote the poem anonymously and thank you for leaving such a supportive, wonderful comment.

  5. dearthyroid says:

    Having GO, this poem affected me so deeply. I felt it in my womb. I feel the same way. She took the words right out of my mouth.

    Lolly — Great point, the GO is/can be so much worse, it seems than the GD, at least that’s my personal expereince.

    Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

  6. Lolly says:

    Lolly, I didn’t know that surgery with a fluctuating thyroid could exacerbate your TED. That’s shit. Here’s my question; Why do the eyes get even slightly wonky if the thyroid is ever so slightly imbalanced?

    Thyroid disease and TED should be treated as seperate disease although Gd causes the disease in the first place in most instances it’s the antibodies that attack the eyes which go hand in hand with Graves disease. What has been studied and noted that if you become euthyroid you may have more control over your eye disease, to a faahion it has to run it’s course in most cases.

    We have the hot phase, cold phase when the TED or GO is active and then becomes inactive that’s cvan anywhere form 1 year to 10 years most cases within 2 years. Thyroid levels can determine how severe your symptoms our for instances if you are rendered Hypo after taking antithyroid medication, you will find you symptoms back gritty eyes proptosis(bulging of the eyes) Light sensitivity pain etc.

    What I am trying to say know one truly knows why we get the eye disease what they do know is the antibodies which are present in Graves diseases TRab and TSI also attack the eyes. Having surgery on the eyes when it is in the active stage isn’t really recommended although in some cases it is necessary because of the optic nerve but if it doesn’t need fixing then why fix it because it could lead onto more surgery to correct the surgery you have just had. If surgery is going to be an option the best time is when the disease is in the inactive stage more chance of a good outcome, and less surgeries.

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