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Thyrants, January 9 – 16

Post Published: 16 January 2010
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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thyrants janurary 9-16


Amanda Shay Richardson just.sick.of.it.all.

Lori Caprio Callahan I just want a fucking break!

Tan Smith I want to stop being a 35 year old with Alzheimer’s!

Robyn Davis Hahn Why does my thyroid zap my motivation? So unmotivated.

Aimee Gilmore Why does my thyroid-induced mood swings cause people to think I am a raving bitch?

Diane Fama Hypothyroidism – you are now entering another dimension where all the faces are telling you – you’re lazy, you’re fat, you’re crazy, and my favorite – you need anger management. Your hair will fall out, you will experience ringing ears and you will undergo a skin transformation causing you to scratch at all inappropriate times! You will seek out those that are like you and even a lot of them will think you’re crazy! Welcome to the Thyroid Zone!

Cassandra Boykins How about, WHY is my insurance BLUECROSSBLUESUCKYSHEILD ending negations with my doctor’s office! UGH! Now who is going to fix me!? What a bunch of GREEDY JERKS!

Hans-Dieter Honscheid Being grumpy and depressed sucks! Where has all the energy gone? Puffed into the thy-void?

Misty Fogerty Dr just called and I wrote you a prescription see you in a year, never asked me how I was feeling, if my new meds are helping nothing. I feel cheated; I guess I need to learn to push a bit.

Alison Mackie Medicated or not, I will never be “small” by any means.

Caroline Paganelli Needing to see a doctor for the past 6 months but dreading being told I am fine despite all the now too visible signs of hypo… Sleeping so much… Having to tell people I am not well enough to do certain things, and then downplaying it by saying I’m okay… Having 2 speeds: slow and very slow….

Cindi Straughn Whining. Weepy. A ” poor me” state of mind. Sleepy. Saying out loud to hubby “I am a human slug”. This is me on a bad day. Thank goodness there aren’t that many bad days anymore. Because they are a pitiful sight.

Sandra Lee Islas Heart palpitations and Tachycardia even though I’m on meds; it sucks!

Jennifer Jennings I am changing my future for the next year because of you, thyroid! And it sucks. I want my life trajectory back.


@Yodat My Thyroid is making me feel fatter than I actually am.

@christinah84 I’m too tired to rant. Just want to be able to fall asleep. Maybe even for an hour or two…

@catchyseachild I am so doggone tired of being FREEZING even when I set the thermostat at 75 degrees.

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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Thyrants, January 9 – 16”

  1. Theresa Budke says:

    I am tired. I am tired of the word Thyroid. I am tired of dwelling on the 4 year battle of Graves Disease and the doctor that told me how great it would be when it was taken out, how easy it would be to medicate with out it. I am tired of the having to find out about my own disease on my own because my Endo only looks at T-4, I am tired of looking for doctors. I am tired of pills. I am tired of every day getting getting harder and harder to lift my head off the pillow and force myself to get up everyday and go to work and pretend everything is great. I am just tired. Tired of it all!!!!

  2. katie says:


    GREAT RANT! Raw, honest and tragically beautiful.

    I understand how you feel so deeply. Having GD, too. I remember when my doctor told me that I would be fine after the RAI. WRONG. “Take this magic blue pill and you’ll be right as rain”.

    This thyroid business is exhausting and overwhelming.

    I feel ya, thysistah.

    Thanks for sharing.


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