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Thyrants and Glandside Adventures

Post Published: 06 February 2010
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Thyrants for the Week


Ana Prpic:,  I don’t know which is worse, for weeks I was sleeping 9,10, 11 hours and still was tired, past few days I sleep 5 or 6 hours and have so much trouble falling asleep. It’s both sad and funny

Anita Roberts:,  I’m all over the damn place right now. Last week it was heart palpasaurus, exhaustion and lotsa sleeping, including naps, hair fall. This week it’s fitful sleep, tight throat, rough skin, joint pain. CRAP!! And I was doing so well. Guess my Hashi’s is on the attack again. Pisses me off. I’ve lost weight tho. Weird.

Kathleen Taylor:,  my focus is terrible. I can’t even focus on one thing at a time, never mind more than that

Christinah84:,  Having one of my slo-mo days. Everything seems to take forever and I constantly forget what I was about to do.

ARTIBILITY: Ok…here goes. I hate when I am freezing cold; and it is 75. I hate when my hair falls out & I have somewhere to go. OK it 4 now

Glandside Adventures

@HypoGirl of HypoGirl.com has created a wonderful podcast, her first, chronicling her experiences with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. In her podcast she covers symptoms, her feelings related to her symptoms and fears regarding her future. You must give it a listen! We’re very proud of the girl.

@Kairol, Thyroid Cancer Patient and Patient Advocate, and author of “Everything Changes” is doing a book reading and happy hour in San Francisco co-sponsored by “I’m Too Young for This”. It’s going to be a glandarific time! If you live in the Bay Area, you simply must head over and meet Kairol. Here are the details.

We’re resurrecting an oldie but a goody later on today, “Marco Thyo written by Katie Schwartz and Joanna Isbill. Stay tuned, more dish coming from the Gland Canyon later.

In case you missed “Why We Write Letters To Our Thyroids” this morning, give it a read and let us know what you think. We hope to see more letters and literary things from you in the coming weeks!



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Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “Thyrants and Glandside Adventures”

  1. Hypogirl says:

    Thanks gals! I am proud of the podcast! Thanks for giving it a shout out!

  2. dearthyroid says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful podcast and for your bravery.

  3. Lolly says:

    Hypogirl lovely podcast I could listen to you all day well it’s the accent plus the fact we have things in common. Anyone told you you’ve got a relaxing voice.

  4. Dear Thyroid says:

    Lollylicious, YOU ARE SO RIGHT about Hypogirl’s voice, it’s very hypnotic and relaxing. How proud of the girl are we for sharing as much as she did about her experience of her disease?! VERY SQUARED.

  5. yodat/Jody says:

    Awww, you guys are soo great! My accent is truly Minnesotan! LOL! 🙂 You don’t realize you have one until other people tell you. Thanks for all the positive feedback I hope to have another one out soon. I am so glad that I can share my experience with eveyone and that I can inspire or make others feel comfortable. These are wonderful words that give me great pride. Thanks!

  6. Lolly says:

    I didn’t realize you and Hypogirl are one and the same now what a dumb ass I feel never the less I can say you do have a hypnotic voice I had to listen 3 times cus I fell asleep only kidding. look forward to more and thanks for sharing you.

  7. Hypogirl says:

    Yep – one in the same! I am glad you enjoyed my voice. Get used to it because there will be so many more podcasts to listen too! I am in the process of recording another one to have out by weeks end. I am happy to share!

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