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Post Published: 15 February 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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Written by Louise Sopher, Hypothyroid Patient

So, Thyroid, here we were, not long ago – you and me – standing on this platform of scenic views, watching the world go by.

We floated up in space, jumped from planet to planet – but the jump took,  lightyears,  (it seemed the planets didn’t feel like moving us anywhere); we saw the Earth as it rotated and watched the sky as it moved along with time. And we stood outside of time, never changing, never doing anything at all except sleeping, dazing, dreaming, staring;

Hypo, if you’re not standing side-by-side with it, throws you into the depths of space and leaves you there until something is ready to pull you out. Everything stands still where you lie, but the world moves on around you and you can merely observe.

Standing side-by-side, though, with your hypo, is one way to,  try – to fight Time Himself, in a battle of powerful minds; to fight Fatigue (that’s a ‘normal’ phrase isn’t it?); to fight,  yourself – you’re going to need to learn how to punch.

“There it goes,” we say, a droned voice barely a whisper in Space, as we watch a satellite busy with chattering voices.

How do people speak that fast? We,  try,  both of us – it’s one thing to laugh at!

We once heard the very ticking of Time Himself -,  tick, tick, tick – every second, as our head was heavy and our mind so blurred;but we didn’t know, then, that,  you had a problem. You never said, you know, that you were being attacked. Or my fogged-up brain never heard you.

We are our own story, you and me.

That world we saw – not everyone gets to see that.  Some people fight, just to stop, just for one moment, to watch the world go by.  Some people,  run, because they don’t,  want to be normal – they want to be original; want to be,  different. Some people spend their lives running or trying to,  stop.

But here we are today,  finally, rescued from the observation deck and thrown head-first into a busy world. And I,  love it. Finally,  taking part.  Finally,  doing everything.

Some people,  run? Some people try to,  stop? I like originality; I will never want a “normal” imagination, but,  I don’t want to stop.

“Normal,” is fantastic.

(Bio): I am aged 18 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year. I recently set up my blog — Small But Mighty: A Thyroid Life because I was angered by the poppycock awareness that we have of thyroid disease. Posts are about thyroid articles in the media, along with information. Get to know Louise, check out,  Louise’s Blog and,  Which Charity.

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Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Reminiscing”

  1. Joanna says:

    Fabulous post, Louise!!!

    “We are our own story, you and me.”
    I love this because I feel the same way!

    I’m so glad you kept fighting and are now at the point where you can live. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.


  2. Dear Thyroid says:

    We are our own story, you and me, what is it about thyroid diseases and cancers, or maybe it’s all diseases, that manifests this result? I find the notion not only fascinating but eerily true.

    Beautiful comment, Joanna.


  3. Lolly says:

    Excellent post Louise I felt I was in space with you and understood every bit of where you were coming from.
    It’s great to know you are abbynormal now what is normal anyway I like to be different it makes me unique.

    I so related to this bit like living in a cocoon unable to break free until your wings sprout and your able to fly back into the world.

    “Hypo, if you’re not standing side-by-side with it, throws you into the depths of space and leaves you there until something is ready to pull you out. Everything stands still where you lie, but the world moves on around you and you can merely observe”.

    And it’s great to hear too that you have joined the land of the living and can now participate once again. For one so young you write really well I love your imagination and the way you see things. Keep on writing I adore it.


  4. Dear Thyroid says:

    Lolly, great Young Frankenstein reference — nice.

    Love your comments and support. You’re right, reading Louise’s Dear Thyroid letter, you really do feel like you’re in space with her. She took me/us on a really kick ass journey.


  5. amy says:

    I totally get it and I like it! A job well done. Very creative indeed! I am glad things are finally going well for you.

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