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Thyrants February 15-20th

Post Published: 20 February 2010
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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Thyrants, Thyroid patient discussion, symptoms of thyroid diseases and cancers


thy_r88gous Best: My son went 2 his 1st dance. Worst: I didn’t go because TED makes me look like a monster.;(

cherylarizona Life. Everything. Ugh.

thy_r88gous HOW N THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN??????????????AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacerella I have one, but it’s about my mother, my thyroid.


Amy Elizabeth Parker I am moving. Five minutes down the road to a better place for my family. My THYRANT is this: Every time I try to pack something I start feeling depressed and overwhelmed and then I end up just going and sitting on the couch. Why should something that is good and wanted make me feel like this?!?

Marianne Jones Hooker 53 years of them!

Sarah Downing Out of curiosity, I was reading about awareness ribbons. It seems there are no less than 24 for multiple diseases, including PCOS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, and diabetes and sleep disorders. All of these are common symptoms of thyroid disease, so can anybody tell me why there isn’t a ribbon for thyroid disease? Talking to a good friend today, he said people generally associate fat and depressed women with thyroid disease. Unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that (I know he knows that, but he is right about the stereotype)! Another acquaintance said he didn’t realise thyroid disease was that bad (his own mom has it!) Can someone tell me why all these other diseases or mere symptoms of thyroid disease get so much attention and sympathy and why half of the time thyroid disease is ridiculed and misunderstood? Perhaps if we focused more on thyroid disease, we could prevent half of these things occurring in the first place or even cure them once they are in existence by properly treating the thyroid. Thyroid disease isn’t a joke and people need to start realising this.

Nikki Hundt Prohaska Just call my rant the Bitch’n Bad Ass thyroid saga…

Stephanie Lawton I had a whole big reply typed out and my browser crashed. Sigh. Basically go for it; I feel like I come to this site (or this FB page really) and just whine nonstop but thyroid issues have taken over my life completely and I feel like I’ve lost the last few things I could count on and I don’t know how to deal at all anymore. I used to have a body I,  could rely on completely as far as my metabolism, health, all of that – and now I find out I have an autoimmune disorder that’s obviously been messing with me for a *long* time; I’m suddenly severely allergic to dust, mold, and my two cats and (less so) to all this other stuff I can’t even really keep track of; I went from rarely getting sick to having a 3 cm tumor; I’m not sleeping at all these days; I quit my one hobby because I get exhausted/out of breath way too easily when I try to run – supposed to be temporary but I don’t feel like I can go back until I know what’s going on with my cancer treatment; panic attacks are on a whole new level and don’t respond to medication; I’ve lost too much weight and I’m never hungry; I can’t handle sugar; I’m worried about having to deal with weight issues once I have no thyroid, which has never been a part of my life, and I’m reading about people losing their hair, and I’m going to have to be checked for cancer regularly forever and it’s just never going to end. I lost another semester of school (took a huge chunk of time off – now realize how much of that was cause by my thyroid – I almost got diagnosed as bipolar, but the manic episodes were never quite right – finally makes sense because the symptoms of hashitoxicosis fit perfectly – my whole body covered in hives for a week, and I kept thinking I’d finally gotten a handle on my depression and/or anxiety problems when suddenly the medication wouldn’t work anymore and I never knew why – now I know that it doesn’t help me when I have too much thyroid hormone; we were trying to fix the wrong problem.


Marianne Dear Thyroid,

Where do I begin?,   I have 53 years on the planet, and to my knowledge, only 9 of those without trouble from the thyroid.   I started in the day when there were no fat clothes for women and along came the Sears chubby girls department.   By 15 I was on thyroid meds, lithium and diet pills for my weight and behavioral problems.   By 16 I was 230 pounds and miserable.   I developed a goiter, had both hypo and hyper and by my mid 40’s the goiter was so big I could hardly breathe or swallow.   I had already had the gastric bypass, my gallbladder and appendix removed, and the development of osteoporosis. The decision then was to remove the thyroid. Since that time I have had more peace, but still problems getting the level right.   At 49 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.   I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over 20 years and some might say a successful one.   Through the years, many of my female clients come to me on thyroid meds with emotional, physical and spiritual lives out of whack.   I believe the thyroid is the most misunderstood and unknown part of our bodies.   Some days I want to give up, but most days I persevere. I still to this day don’t know the answers, who to trust, or where to turn, so mostly I listen to my own intuition.

Love to all fellow sufferers,

Miriam: Just having a “thyrant” here……I think the medical profession has always dismissed being diagnosed with Thyroid as nothing more than a mild condition that sufferers exaggerate! If only they would realise that it’s very important that the thyroid gland needs to be 100% regulated for everyone’s well being and treat us… properly. I hope one day we can say: I TOLD YOU SO, to the worldwide medical profession when they finally wake up and start treating us properly instead of making out were all Bipolar (manic depressive) and need Valium/Prozac rather than the correct dose of Thyroid pills!!

–What do you want to rant about today? Add your rant in comments!

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7 Responses to “Thyrants February 15-20th”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Amy – I’ve wanted to move out of this stupid apartment since May, and I can’t seem to pack either. I was supposed to be making a “good” move, and instead I don’t really know what I’m doing, but still. I need to get out of here and I have no idea how to begin. Sleeping at night once in a while would be a good start, but I swear I’d get more done if I scheduled all my packing for 3 am.

  2. Pam says:

    My thy rant is this: I have no thyroid. Had cancer. So now, any energy from me is generated from a pill I have to take daily. The dosage is (according to doctors) good and consistent. But it consistently doesn’t give me the right kind of energy. Everything is forced. Synthroid, and Armour for that matter, have never given me what I feel is a “natural” energy. So, I go to work out with a trainer (who nothing bad has ever happened to, young/fit/athletic), and I’m just trying to get strong and healthy; she thinks I’m a slacker because I run out of steam. How to explain? I’ve tried; she doesn’t get it.

  3. Viiu says:

    I hate medical system. In conventional medicine you are not understood and for alternative you pay so much because it is not covered. Being my own doctor may very well be risk but if that is all i have then i am willing to take it. I see my own bigger picture in health better and no doctor so far has been willing to listen me out and one doctor that i actually got to listen to me wasn’t interested in helping me. He actually said that he doesn’t have time for giving me treatment i asked for which was that i just wanted to know my mineral levels in blood and try to treat this with supplements and diet and observe the results. He wasn’t willing loud and clear. It is absolutely stupid because it wasn’t much i asked but he has to go by guidelines or something i guess and i am left with another disappointment in my life to deal with. So now here i am without proper observation, treating myself with minerals and changing my diet and doing research on my own. I got my hormone levels without medications (just dropped taking them) in order by changing what i eat, how much i drink and what is my stress level within a year. Every doctor i have talked to about it has been surprised but non are willing to aknowledge that it is possible. After my miscarriage now almost 3 months ago i am afraid that my thyroid will act up again and autoimmunity that i have has not been resolved yet either which is what i wanted to treat with diet and supplements which doc refused because in his opinion it is IMPOSSIBLE to change autoimmunity within my body. Stupid stupid stupid. Does anyone knows any doctor around BC Langley or Vancouver a good doctor ,then please let me know. To sufferers, i feel for you very much and know how much effort it takes but don’t give up ever.

  4. dearthyroid says:


    Very funny re: scheduled packing @ 3AM. I hear you re: needing to move, not wanting to pack or having the energy. I think that’s part of why I (Katie) haven’t moved or looked for a place.

    I feel you, girl.

    Hang in.


    PS: Keep us posted.

  5. dearthyroid says:


    First of all, good for you for getting out there and trying, BRAVO! That takes moxie.

    As for your trainer, you are not a slacker and being a trainer, I’m surprised she doesn’t know about thyroid conditions. Have you thought of printing some articles to show her? If you want, I’d be happy to email you a few great ones.


    email: Katie@dearthyroid.com

  6. dearthyroid says:


    I hear you and I feel your frustration, I really do. You have every right to throw your hands in the air and scream ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! That being said, as difficult as it is, we have to keep fighting for our wellbeing and searching for the right doctor or team of doctors.

    have you checked out our patient rec’ doctor list on the forums? http://bit.ly/4JqRMx. If not, please do. Also, consider adding your location and what kind of doctor you’re looking for. Sounds like you want an integrative specialist.

    Please don’t give up and PLEASE KEEP VENTING and getting it out.


  7. Hypogirl says:

    Thyrant: Why does having this disease make everything so hard? Even the basic things in life?

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