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Thyrants February 22-27 Thyroid Patient Rants And Why Not

Post Published: 27 February 2010
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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Thyrants, thyroid patient discussion, thyroid rants, health blog, health literary blog

Check out these fabulous patient rants, all great; some sad, angry and funny, always honest. Care to share yours? Post in comments. We also publish Thyrants every Saturday morning.

Faith Gaspare coughing,pain below waist The agony…

Linda Barton Reed My current rant- Tired of constantly struggling to just function when I really want to exceed! My mind has so many wonderful ideas of things I would like to accomplish and experience, but my body screams “Good grief-are you crazy…NO” and prevents me about 90% of the time. 🙁

Joni Canfield awlful, caught something, head hurts, throat hurts, add to all the usually stuff, just is going to make for one bad day again.

Lori Graham Atkinson Thyroid: Is my cold never going to go away? Is this your fault? I tend to blame a lot of things on you, so if I am off, just let me know. Everyone else had a cold for 3 days. I have had one for 2 weeks. grrrr

Aimee Gilmore thyrant for today:: why, why I ask, is it necessary for me to bust my everloving tail to lose 1 or so pounds.. when I USED to not worry about it at all.. and why has my self esteem gone to hell too??

Sarah Downing Another bloody fungus. Why me thyroid?

Rebekah McAlinden Thyroid! You’ve been treating me ever so marvellously for the last few months. Now I’m down again with that horrid tired feeling and a nasty cold that I can’t shake. Go screw yourself please.  Excellent.

Lolly: I don’t know what it’s like in other countries but here in the UK the labs/technicians seem to be the new Doctors, Endocriminologist’s who say what test can be done even though they have been requested,  on lab forms by,  Endo’s and GP’s,  and get this also inform your GP on your lab results that you are on adequate replacement when clearly you are not.. like in my case today call for my results My GP calls me back relays the results including numbers and say adequate replacement well I am clearly hyper as my FT4 is out of range FT3 has still to come back from private labs. It pisses me off each time but with a cool head and a foggy brain I say well as I am out of range and Hyper do you think it would be okay for me to reduce by 25 mcg as i am taking an alternating dose he is happy with that but how many poor uneducated or trust the labs and Doctors fucking word for it,  carry on and end up in an even worse state For fuck sake who is the,  Dr. here labs or Doc can he not think for himself can he not see that I am out of range are they looking just at the fucking TSH which is in range but heading low. I am so used to doing this but each time I want to scream down the fucking phone and say,  for fuck sake doc can’t you interpret thyroid labs for yourself ( I did scream at him once must have thought I was some neurotic women i said I had enough of the roller coast ride he had me On and wanted to be referred he did and I am now,  with an endo who still on trial,   jury is still out on this one.

Katie Schwartz Graves’ Eye Doctor, my lady balls are in remission, seriously?! When your eyelids topple your man balls, your vision is blurry and you can’t be indoors or outdoors without sunglasses, you tell me if your G-fucking-O is in remission?! I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.


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One Response to “Thyrants February 22-27 Thyroid Patient Rants And Why Not”

  1. Lolly says:

    Great Thyrants this week hope you all get over your virus and fungus.

    It doesn;t sound like you are in remission all I can say is seek a second or third opinion. they see what we don;t you can still be symptomatic even in the incative stage but as you are t=still having serious disturbances of the eyes it sound like your not quite there yet so Fuck this Optho for telling you you are just an easy opt out so they don;t have to treat hope you got a follow up appointment scheduled.

    I had the same thing happen to me I was that bad after surgery I had to go to an emergency eye hospital miles away he wasn’t happy that they said my GO was in the inactive stage and put me on some treatment and said it could take anywhere from 2yrs to 10yrs to reach the inactive stage I did it in less than a year after surgery after taking matters into my own hands and trying LDN Low dose Naltrexone. You want to look into it seriously,you got nothing to lose except your sight if you carry ion this way.

    FT3 fucking results came back in the post this morning and they are going down not in line with FT4 which is above the normal ranges maybe now they will fucking listen, this is war and I mean it.


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