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Marco Thylo February Searches: Back Ordered Blood For Reals

Post Published: 07 March 2010
Category: Humor Columns, Marco Thylo, Thyroid humor column
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Marco Thylo is a thyroid humor column based on the searches Dear Thyroid came up on for the previous month, written by,  Joanna Isbill and Katie Schwartz. We do fly in some news at the bottom of each post when we have news. So, there’s that.

Joanna Isbill

  1. Jokes about the thyroid: We LOVE jokes about the thyroid. You tell. We laugh.
  1. 2010 hypothryoid: 2010, the year of the jacked butterfly gland. ,  It’s only March and we’ve already forgotten all our New Year’s Resolutions. Thank you, thymentia.
  1. Any positive outcomes of having your thyroid out?: Is that supposed to be a joke about the thyroid?
  1. Bladder torture: ,  The new torture method of choice. Waterboarding is a thing of the past.
  1. Blogspot.com thyroid men: ,  Male bloggers who dress up like butterflies?,   Sweet.   What better way to create awareness for thyroid diseases and cancers?

Katie Schwartz

  1. Erotic Signs#II=20: Is that code for creating erotic thyroid porn. Let’s think of thylicious porn titles, shall we? “Pulp Sex Drive-less” “Swollen Hal” “On Hairless Pond”. Care to add yours, too?
  1. “Whoopi Goldberg” sneeze, pee, doctor: I haven’t spoken with Whoopi’s people, but if she’s looking for a sneeze and pee doctor, I doubt she’d be posting about it. Oops, I was wrong. Whoopi is speaking out about bladder control issues. BRAVO, GIRL! Can I get a, whoop-whoop?! Bladder control is an issue for millions of women and men. The fact that she’s willing to discuss it; well that’s just fabulous, and gives us the courage to speak up and out about our respective diseases.
  1. Blood Backordered for Thyroid: Question; Forgive me, I’m confused. How do you back order blood? “Hey, can I get blood from Jack Brimmer from 20-years ago? I’d like to check his thyroid results? Can you spare a vial?”
  1. Broadcast your Ass: Unfortunately, many of us are forced to do so, thanks to thyroid disease. We will continue broadcasting our bold and beautiful asses!

Thylicious News!

Denver Coffee Break Co-Thyvent from 10AM to 4PM in Morse Park. Please click for details. This is an offline meet up co-hosted by Coffee Break and Dear Thyroid, and a wonderful opportunity to connect with other thyroid patients.

Please continue adding your locations to the Dear Thyroid Forums for Local Meet-ups. We have someone joining us who will be coordinating local meet-ups and bringing patients together for offline support. Your patience is greatly appreciated. We are making this happen. And, and, and, you can check out what other patients have said about their meet ups.

Have you submitted your photo for the Dear Thyroid Flickr Pool this month “Reinventing Ourselves“? If not, please do. We’d love your visual story and to know what reinventing yourself means to you.

If you missed Liz’s column today, please check it out. Liz discusses how HTKYA came to be, and the science behind nutrition. Additionally, she discusses myths and misconceptions surrounding how nutrition is perceived by Western medicine. She makes outstanding points and its well worth the read.

Mary Shomon is considering a 3-day thyroid seminar in Tampa with one-on-one thyroid coaching sessions. If you’re interested, please connect with her; this is a terrific thyopportunity!


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3 Responses to “Marco Thylo February Searches: Back Ordered Blood For Reals”

  1. Elaine says:

    Thank you Dear Thyroid for putting our Denver Coffee Break Co-Thyvent on the calender. I hope to see some Dear Thyroid people there. Lots of Free stuff

  2. Hi Elaine – Absolutely! This is our co-vent, and it’s going to be maaaahvelous. We’ll be letting everyone know about it, so locals can come and join the thyestivities. Thank you for creating it and making it happen, Elaine!


  3. Lolly says:

    You two thyrellas are so funny I love jokes about the thyroid. It’s one big fooking joke…Love the one about forgetting your new years resolution. can’t even remember if I made one.
    Nothing positive for me about having the thyroid removed well maybe one my thyoobs get me noticed. I’ve never had so many wolf whistles from the Geriatric community I here they’re giving then viagra free of charge. I must stop walking past the old peoples home and take a detour to the building site.


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