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An Infinite Number of Monkeys Typing At an Infinite Number of Typewriters Might Not Produce Shakespeare, But They’ll Still Be Ahead of the Insurance Companies and Pharmacies

Post Published: 11 March 2010
Category: Dear Thyroid Letters
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(Written by Sharen, Thyroid Patient)

Dear Thyroid,

Happy New Year. You and I have finally WON! Well, let’s say we’ve won the first step, and that is finally getting the insurance company to open their eyes. Not sure if it was my patient call, or the medical bills or the doctor’s office finally calling to let them know that the generics are not accepted in my body. Anyway, I received a call today to let me know that they are letting me take the correct medication for one year.

Dear Thyroid,

Well, two days have passed so I called the pharmacy, and—yep!—they are saying that the insurance company will not process the medication. So I called the insurance company back, and they are stating that the pharmacy did not call them. So, they will call the pharmacy back, then me.

Dear Thyroid,

Another day has passed and so far not a call from anyone. The pharmacy states that the insurance company didn’t call, so I will call the insurance company. Called the insurance company and the lady suggested that I stay on line while she talks with the pharmacy. She called them, then she talked with me, stating that the pharmacy was lying and that the medication will go through at a certain dosage only per pill.

Dear Thyroid,

Well, another day has gone by and I am still fighting with the pharmacy and now the doctor’s office. How hard is it to understand that the pill can only be 25, not 50! Finally, after 4 HOURS, I’m able to pick up the right dosage and the insurance company is paying.

Dear Thyroid!

Oh Good Grief! I stopped at the pharmacy and they have not even started to work on the prescription. Then they state they do not have the full amount, that I will have to come back sometime next week. They also stated that none of this was their fault.

Dear Thyroid,

I am back on the right medication, and I am feeling better. The thyfog is less and the thyblindness has eased as well. The thought of seeing the doctor in March is not high on my list. I have kept record of all the running around that has been done due to her people and herself and I feel she needs to know that this is not the way people should be taken care of.

But I won, ONE battle, and maybe because of this victory, others will be able to fight and win as well.

So, OK Thyroid! Wakee….Wakeee….


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Reader Feedback

25 Responses to “An Infinite Number of Monkeys Typing At an Infinite Number of Typewriters Might Not Produce Shakespeare, But They’ll Still Be Ahead of the Insurance Companies and Pharmacies”

  1. Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing your story here Sharen.
    I, ´m glad you FINALLY got the right dosage and feel better.
    Hope you stay feeling good even after you have to get a new prescribtion and you don, ´t have to go through all this again.
    It, ´s a good thing I, ´m in a public place right now.That keeps from screaming out loud.
    Stories like yours frustrate me every time I have to read them.
    I know,it, ´s not a nice thing to say,but I admit,I sometimes wish those people who keep patients from getting the right treatment or medication would have to life with the symptoms and frustration for just one day.I bet that would change their mind and behaviour.

  2. Kay says:

    Thank you for a great letter, Sharen!

    We’ve talked here a great deal about finding new doctors. Since we’re all usually stuck with our insurance companies, I wonder about all of us searching until we find good pharmacists as well?

  3. Hypogirl says:

    “one small step for all thykind” Thanks Sharen for sharing your story. Way to fight the good fight. I never thought I would have so many problems with insurance companies, pharmacists or doctors at all. I am amazed that you found the energy to fight not having your thyroid meds LOL! I applaud you! Now I know it can be done! I am off to storm the castle!

  4. Dear Thyroid says:

    Hi Christina –

    Completely agreed – Very frustrating and disgusting to read about patients not getting what they need medication and treatment wise.

    Looking forward to Sharen’s next update.

    I think that every time we speak out about our insurance issues, not only do we make it clear that SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING, we also give voice to how ineffective treatment for our diseases are and how costly.


  5. Dear Thyroid says:

    Kay – I am so happy that you mentioned pharmacies.

    Are you looking for a good pharmacist for NT or are you saying that finding good pharmacies is another issue?


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and support for Sharen.


  6. Dear Thyroid says:


    I love the intro to your comment. Ha! It’s awesome.

    I agree, I don’t know how Sharen had the drive to fight; she is a true fighter. Very difficult to fight the system, but well worth the fight.

    Look at us, we’re doing it right here, right now!


  7. Jessie says:

    i go through this almost monthly with Walgreens – and my insurance company always says that they have approved brand name for me. So, I found 1 pharmacist who knows which “codes” to use so that my insurance will pay for it, and I only pick my meds up on days that she is working. I still have problems, but now if I do, I call my insurance and tell them I’ll wait on the line while they figure it out with Walgreens. Yes, it usually still takes at least a half hour of my time, but it works (as long as the pharmacist I know is the one checking me out!)

    Fighting the system so often just wears on my already very tired mind and body. But what else can we do?

  8. anita says:

    yo sharen! great letter and even better spirit. i DO love a fighter! like you, i have found that the pharmacy is very important in the whole cycle. actually, just got my erfa from northwest. they were pretty cool considering the distance and i’m thrilled with the meds. i too have had to deal with generic not working and a doc who can’t seem to get it right. ever. esp. since i have to fly home from china every year to sort it all out. it’s soooo frustrating to have to be doing so much chasing and begging for something that you’re PAYING for!! just ridiculous. hold strong, stay tough and give ’em hell. we’re behind you!

  9. Joanna says:

    Sharen, I am frustrated for you! We should not have to spend our time and energy fighting for this month after month after month. Our time could be put to much better use. Good for you for not letting this issue go and fighting for the medicine you need! I’m too quick to get frustrated and give up. I hope your next battle will be a much easier fight.


  10. Dear Thyroid says:

    Jesse – Great point. I’m sorry you have to go through so much to get your medication!

    We have to fight the system, I think, together. The more we speak up and out about our diseases and the issues we face (personally), with insurance and pharmacies; the more we come together as a community, and the greater our chances for invoking change.

    We will find the way, my dear.


  11. Dear Thyroid says:

    Anita – You’re so right, it’s vile and exhausting having to deal with all of this crap. However, we have to keep fighting. Such an inspiration you are!

    How do you deal with it being in China?! Do you have to come to the US for all of your medications and to see doctors?

    Great support for Sharen.


  12. Dear Thyroid says:

    Beautifully said, Joanna! Totally agreed.

    Wonderful support for Sharen, thank you.


  13. Heide says:

    That is so awesome that you fought your way through! because of you we all have the encouragement to keep going. thank you for sharing.

  14. HD inOregon says:

    Hello Sharen,

    I feel with you. Been there, done some of that! You’re not alone!

    At one point in my treatment the insurance company didn’t want to reimburse us for the initial dose of a medication (they paid all the subsequent prescriptions of the same meds just fine. Go figure), and my wife called them omp-teen times and talked to a million people. She was given the great run-around between pharmacy and insurance company. After 2 years we finally gave up and “ate” the $300 we were out of pocket.

    As I said in a few other posts, not only are you very ill, but you also get to deal with this horrid I, ²S, ² (“Insurance Induced Stress Syndrome”) thing, which is really aggravating and makes you so much more miserable. Yuk!!!

    During the course of my cancer treatment I changed my pharmacy to a locally owned one. The big chain pharmacies screwed my prescription up one too many times. One medication needed at a very specific date/time for my chemo therapy, was delayed, and we had to hunt around for another pharmacy that had the item in stock. – That was the reason we changed to a local pharmacy. By now we know the owners, and if need be can call them even at night for help.

    (On a side note, when you are out and down with a serious illness, it is great if you have a wife or partner who can do the fighting for you, at the time [with chemo and radiation], I was in no shape, nor mood, to fight the bureaucrats. So appreciate your support person. Give them a special hug.)

    Keep on fighting back!

    Thanks for the great post!


  15. Anna says:

    Hi Sharen,

    I love this story and feel so bad that you were not only feeling bad but had to deal with this stuff—ughhhh.
    Good job for fighting – i think most big guys there think sick people just are lazy and whiners and just don’t want to stand up for ourselves – well screw that i say LOL
    I had this issue with meds for my son – he has Asperger’s..i fought w/insurance and everyone but they insisted it isn’t covered and there was no generic and there was no other meds that worked as well and as safely as possible. They were $125/month if 1 day & $232 if 2x. Then his new doctor asked about the meds etc and i told him. He said didn’t they tell you that all I have to do is certify this as the only treatment possible and best for the patient and they will approve it. It is now covered 100% go figure all that money wasted
    We just have to have hope and know that there is support.
    Especially such as Dear Thyroid and others.

  16. Dear Thyroid says:

    Heide!!! I love what you wrote. Yahoo.

  17. Dear Thyroid says:


    You have been through way too much with insurance and pharmacies, too!

    It never fargin ends. Argh.

    I am so glad your partner was there for you to fight and advocate on your behalf.

    Funny you mention big pharmacies vs. small pharmacies. I made the switch a few years ago and I’m so glad I did. Though, it takes time to find a good one, it’s well worth the endeavor.

    Great show of support and THANK YOU for sharing more, more, more of your thylicious self with us.


  18. Dear Thyroid says:


    $232 a month for medication — Disgusting. I get it. My inhaler, just one medication for asthma (PS: is there even such a thing as a thyroid friendly inhaler?), costs close to $300 a month.

    Thanks to you and what everyone else here had the courage to speak up about it, I’m going to fight to get it covered 100%.

    You are wonderful. Thanks for your support and encouragement of Sharen and all of us.

    We’re here for you, too.


  19. Sara Broers says:

    Our insurance companies should NOT determine what types of medications we receive. This should be between us (the patient) and our physicians. I just don’t get it! Keep fighting~thanks for standing up for yourself and the rest of us!

  20. Elaine says:

    Sara, You are so right. I had to turn down a cough medicine ($30.00 a bottle) when I had Bronchitis. My insurance would not cover it and it was all I could take.
    I think the price of the medicine we take is way to much. Without insurance …..well forget it. We must keep fighting.

  21. dearthyroid says:

    Sara – You’re absolutely right; it shouldn’t be an issue, period. Great show of support!

  22. dearthyroid says:

    Elaine – Totally agreed “We must keep fighting” and to be denied medication and/or treatment due to insurance or lack thereof is absolutely unconscionable.

  23. Barbara says:

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  24. Melanie says:

    I don’t remember what letter I read for all I know it was in a book. Took both my kids to the doctor’s today and we have been going to see her for 18 years now. My daughter and her were talking and she told her that she believes everything her drug rep. tells her because he wouldn’t lie to her. I just lost all faith in her.

  25. Joe, you are absolutely correct, it shows that you’re an authority on the subject. I admire someone that takes the pride you have and with your projecton of information. oSo when i actually do sit down to read material, I appreciate well written and organized blogs like this one. I have it bookmarked and will be back. Thanks.

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