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Comment Of The Day March 15, 2010

Post Published: 15 March 2010
Category: Comment of the Day
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Today we kicked off the “What Autoimmune Awareness” series means to me. We are inviting our community to submit their stories about what awareness means to them, to be published throughout the month of March. We hope you do submit 200 words, 500 words, or 50 words; whatever it means to you, we want to hear it. Send your words in, express yourself. Put your disease out into the world where it belongs.

Today’s post: What Awareness Means To Me, Sarah Downing: National Autoimmune Diseases Awareness Month, March 2010 was fantastic. If you haven’t read it, please do. Sarah is a Hashimoto’s patient. She is the Editor of Research and Awareness for Dear Thyroid. Her column “Flying with Broken Wings” is soaring to new heights. If you haven’t read it, get to clickin’.

Everyone’s comment was thylicious squared. Today, we chose Jennifer’s comment; recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, Jennifer is one of our newest members in the Jacked Thyroid Club and she’s doing the best she can. Being the community we are, we have every confidence, you will welcome her with open glands.

Jennifer says: March 15, 2010 at 1:24 pm

I don’t think most people understand it so I try and explain it as best I know but as a Hashi’s patient I can honestly say I don’t even know everything about it! I plan to educate myself further and thank you so much Sarah for sharing.

Mike Wilson, our resident Thyku (Haiku) writer spun another yarn about thyroid cancer “Lulay, Lulay and Goodbye Lulay” Poetically and thoughtfully, he dissected thyroid cancers.  As always, our resident comic had a Haiku for Mike!

HD inOregon says: March 15, 2010 at 10:02 am

Hi(Ku) Mike,

Super job dear friend!
We thank you much indeed, Sir
Our spirits ascend!

HD in Oregon

Thank you to everyone for making our community stronger and reminding us that we aren’t alone. Together, we’re fighting for awareness and winning! As Mark Davidson wrote, “When we are silent, our Diseases Win…

Via (Mary Shomon) @ThyroidMary comes a beautiful piece about Dr. Oz’s appearance on GMA regarding thyroid disorders. To paraphrase Mary, he did us proud. ,  If you’d like to see the video, here’s a link: Dr. Oz: How Can You Identify a Thyroid Deficiency?

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  1. HD inOregon says:

    … what do you mean “resident comic”????

    Gratefully grinning,
    HD in Oregon

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