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Thyrants, Thyrants?!

Post Published: 20 March 2010
Category: Thyrants, Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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We have been publishing Thyrants (thyroid-rants), highs and lows, on Dear Thyroid since inception. We rant on Facebook, via email and Twitter, and all of it is fabulous and wonderful. The question is, do we want to continue publishing thyrants on the site. I am posing the question to our Dear Thyeeps.  Yes?,  No?,  Spill.




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Reader Feedback

31 Responses to “Thyrants, Thyrants?!

  1. HD inOregon says:

    I think venting is thyrapeutic! Let’s continue.

  2. Angel says:

    Yes !!! keep it !!! but does it have to post 3 times in a row the same post??? I alsways see all your post 3 times in a row? Why?

  3. ana says:

    Yes, I love them! It’s a good way of sharing experiences. But I’d like to say what I don’t like on this site – all these pictures of perfectly shaped women, every time I come to this site I get down because I’ll never look like that. Maybe something to consider?

  4. Dear Thyroid says:

    Thanks for the vote, HD. Got it

  5. Dear Thyroid says:

    Angel, you see three postings? What do you mean? So glad you want to keep them, yay

  6. Dear Thyroid says:

    Hey Ana;

    I’m very glad you chimed in on Thyrants and on your opinions regarding the pin ups.

    Let me give you a bit of back-story about the pin ups. (You can read more about it here) http://bit.ly/9jRQv4

    We use pin-ups for a few reasons “Subtextually, these pin-up dames represent pieces of who we were before we got sick. Iconic images of sexuality, sass and the epitome of health. In some small way, they remind us to have hope that we will reclaim our individual definitions of healthy minds, bodies and spirits.”

    We don’t want you to feel bad, we want you to feel empowered. You are beautiful and fabulous, and wonderful.

    I look forward to your thoughts!

  7. Hypogirl says:

    Pin-ups are a thumbs up from me. They are empowering.

    Yes, I would love to continue to see Thyrants on this site.

    But – please try to keep them smaller word wise. I like the twitter model myself of 140 characters. Reading a whole paragraph of a thyrant seems too much for me. It would be better to submit a letter. JMO.

  8. Dear Thyroid says:


    Thanks for sharing your two cents, much appreciated. We have a few votes for keeping them on the site.

    Limiting them to 140 characters… how about 100 words? For longer rants, we can turn them into thygraphs (paragraphs) for another post. Considering you came up with Marco Thylo, any thoughts on a name for thygraph rants?

    And…. go

  9. Kaytee says:

    I’d like them to continue on Facebook– but is there some way to not get repeated posts? Everything seems to post in triplicate– sounds like what Angel is getting, although I don’t see her post above your answer.

    I think it may be because you are posting the same thing three places– Twitter and your blog, with an automatic posting to FB on each, then again directly on FB. Maybe see if you can consolidate them so it posts on all at the same time, and comments all go to the same spot.

  10. Kaytee says:

    PS: now that I’ve posted, I do see Angel’s post, so somehow what you replied got here faster than her question… Time machine???

  11. Lolly says:

    I think thyrants should stay agree not too long but hey some of us have long things to vent about I don’t rant that much so when do I save it up for a long one LOL

    As for the pin-ups if they go so do I cus it means we are all beautiful regardless of this disease It was drew me to this place I love the pin ups.

  12. Dear Thyroid says:

    Kaytee – I get it now. Well, we ask for Thyrants on Facebook and Twitter and we compile them and post them on Dear Thyroid, so everybody can see them. Not everyone uses Twitter and/or Facebook.

    Ha. Time machine

  13. Dear Thyroid says:

    Lolly – The pin ups are never going away. I stand behind the choice I made when I first started this site.

    I did want to explain why I made that choice to Ana, as well as reminding her that she is beautiful. I don’t want her or anyone else to feel badly. I do believe these iconic images of perfect health are important, especially paired with letters and all things literary.

    Good point re: length of rants, too and not putting a cap on word length.


  14. Dear Thyroid says:

    I really appreciate everyone’s input! Thank you so much.

  15. HD inOregon says:


    I too see three (almost) identical postings on FaceBook. I emailed you a screen shot to look at.


  16. HD inOregon says:

    … and please keep the pin-ups. They are amusing.


  17. Dear Thyroid says:

    HD – I just emailed you back, thank you for sending. I’m going to write a post about why people are seeing multiple Dear Thyroid postings on their Facebook page and how to correct it.

    Thank you for sending!

    so glad you like the pin-ups.


  18. Elaine says:

    Love the ranting and the pin ups.

    Thinking of a having my group dress in the forties some time. Still working on it. You know me got to use everything.

  19. Lori says:

    Definitely want to see thyrants continue and I would not want a cap put on the length.

    And I love the pin-ups, it wouldn’t be “Dear Thyroid” without them.

  20. Dear Thyroid says:

    Elaine – I love that idea! Will you be sharing those pics of the gals dressed in full 40s garb and make-up and hair?

  21. Dear Thyroid says:

    Lori – Thanks for your input; it is most appreciated.

  22. Dear Thyroid says:

    oops – Elaine, thank you, too!

  23. Keep the Thyrants, but as I mentioned before make sure people are fully aware that their names are going to be published and if they don’t want that, then they should let us know in advance. I think that at some point the Thyrants would make a good book separate to the Dear Thyroid letters – it would certainly illustrate the suffering we thyroid patients go through and how much needs to be done to improve things.

  24. HD inOregon says:

    Dear Katie,

    Of course I like the pin-ups… I am a healthy guy.


  25. Bee says:

    love the pin-ups but what really pisses me off is seeing actual pictures of a lot of you thypeople on your flickr posts or profile pics and you all look beautiful and i’m waddling around trying to hide my jowls and double chin and B.F.arse-I like the rants but is there someway to use a rant “name” instead of our own if that were a problem for some? As for names for rants: Butterfly burps? Hor-moans? Thy-cries?Gland gripes?

  26. Dear Thyroid says:

    Sarah – We’re same paging harder than a knish with mustard. Instead of asking about anonymizing, we’re going to assume everyone wants to be anonymized and post their initials without their link. We got a few emails regarding this post, too.

    Love the separate book idea, too.


  27. Dear Thyroid says:

    Adore you to bits and pieces, HD 🙂

  28. Dear Thyroid says:

    Bee – Those names are fan-fuckin-tastic! Love em’. Tomorrow afternoon when we do a little updates post, I will throw them out to the community as “Bee’s suggested titles”. Personally, I’m in love with Gland Gripes, though Butterfly Burps made me scream!


  29. Lolly says:

    Great names Bee I love them. Gland Gripes My fav.

    Katie so glad to hear the pin-ups are going nowhere, I’d be made redundant if I didn’t keep posing for the shots for you but hey it gets fucking cold being scantly dressed so a few more clothes would be nice next time.


  30. Lori says:

    @ Bee, I love the names. They are so creative. I can’t decide on….Thy-cries? or Gland gripes?

    I’m waddling right along with ya and it pisses me off to no end that this weight is so freakin stubborn. I hate myself like this. It’s not meeee…I don’t recognize myself, ugh!!!!!!!

  31. Ria the Deer says:

    Bleep bleeep bleeeeeeeeeeeep… Not allowed to swear coz I’m a good mummy to my darling son. But by freaking golly, if I am ever in the position to tell certain doctors what I sincerely think, then their testicles better have a steel cage to protect them!
    Sick and tired of being sick and tired. So hard to convince them that my Free T3 being low is the reason I am sick..NOT bloody effing anxiety! GIMME some T3! Oh that’s right, I live in Australia…might as well move to Antarctica, and play with the penguins…oh, no they only live in the Arctic…what ever! Find a doc who prescribes and THEN a compounding pharmacy that doesn’t charge the earth? Bwwwwaaaaaaah hhaaaaaaa…Yeah right!

    Ok I step off my thy-box now and go back to my research of “How to stay Sane in a Medically Inept World”

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