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Thyrants Will Be Posted Next Week and Going Forward: Anonymously And Every Saturday

Post Published: 27 March 2010
Category: Thyrants, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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Good morning Thyietnam! How are you glanding on this fine AM? We wanted to let you know that we’ve arrived at a decision, thanks to your thyilliance and input.

Thyrants will continue to be published every Saturday, anonymously! Good rants, bad rants, whatever rants, we want to hear from you!


Dear Thyroid

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4 Responses to “Thyrants Will Be Posted Next Week and Going Forward: Anonymously And Every Saturday”

  1. Lori says:

    Very good news!

  2. Rissa says:


    I have a question and need help with suggestions. For the last six months of last year I had a underactive thyroid and felt like I was dragging thur the day. My Dr.changed my dosage to 125mg and called me after the last blood test to tell me to just take one pill two days aweek. Want to know why? Now I am hyperthyroid. O, glee. Now I am lossing weight (O,yeah!)but now I have heart palpitations and I hate it. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them? I am willing to do anything.

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