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Comment Of The Day: March 31, 2010

Post Published: 31 March 2010
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In Chris Prestano’s letter today “Now Emerges a Fearless Butterfly” she wrote about how thyroid cancer has changed her life. With many quotables, such as “I have shed my cocoon of innocence and am learning to soar on an entirely different plane in the same world I was living in before…

So many patients with thyroid diseases and cancers shared their stories and their experiences about how their condition was the impetus for positive change, as well as lending support for Chris.

Thank you everyone for sharing so much of yourselves. In fact, all of the comments were brimming in delicious or is that thylicious quotes. When you read Chris’ letter, please don’t forget to read the comments.

Today’s comment of the day;

Karyn says: March 31, 2010 at 7:17 am


Thank you for sharing this. Your words really resonated with me. You are not alone. I have found in my struggles that I had built my life one way. Now that life doesn’t work for me. Sometimes this change is incredibly good and sometimes not so much. The friends and family that knew us before sometimes don’t understand the change, they expect us to be the same no matter what happens. Sometimes however there is delight and surprise at the new person we have become. We now know that life is short or long with limitations and we live more for today and more generously to ourselves because we need to. Go for it do what you need to do! I say that for myself as well as I try to figure this all out. Thank you again for sharing.

Following the Autoimmune Awareness theme for March, Katie Schwartz wrote a piece about what awareness means to her. A quote from her post: “We must continue,  writing and submitting letters, as well as connecting with each other in comments. If we are ever going to create the kind of awareness we so rightfully deserve, our stories must be told. Each chronicles an anomalous yarn of the same disease. ,  And with pride, wear our,  diseases on our sleeves and,  awareness on our wrists…

The Dear Thyroid community shared their stories in comments and on Facebook about what awareness means to them and why lack thereof is an issue, financially, medically, emotionally, intellectually and with respect to relationships.

Thank you, everyone! Every time we speak up and out about our diseases, and come together as a community, we invoke change, even when it doesn’t feel like we are.

Today’s comment of the day;

Carol says: March 31, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Doctors need more education and awareness and compassion regarding this disease — this happened to me today: I am on my 3rd dr. and called today for apt (she will get blood results and ultrasound results and I have ????’s and issues) and 1st avail apt 6/3, I won’t be available in June, made apt with another dr in her office and got a voicemail ; See More canceling apt ” they like you to see your reg; dr and no other dr. (even though same office) and when they get my test results, they will let me know if there are any probs.

HELLLLLOOOOOO I so won’t be back, I will send the results and have all my records sent to another dr. don’t they even want to feel my nodules and ask me how I fee. I will say at least the dr before this one wanted to see me twice a year and this one said once, but after this NEVER again. So just for reading my results they will bill my insurance companies, and I have to have the results sent to her until I find another dr so she can refill my meds.

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