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Comment Of The Day: April 2, 2010

Post Published: 02 April 2010
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Today’s Dear Thyroid letter “Saved by Children’s Books After the Experts Failed” was written by Donna. A thyroid yarn we haven’t had the privilege of receiving at Dear Thyroid about over exposure to radiation as a child, which precipitated a benign tumor, among other things. If you missed her letter, click on over and give it a read.

Thank you, fellow members of the Jacked Thyroid Club for being your supportive, loving, good natured selves.

Today’s comment of the day;

Bee says: April 2, 2010 at 6:24 am

It amazes me what we continue to learn from and thru our children or their children or from books about all children. Seems like you had to walk all the way around the house, down the street, around the block, and then in thru the front door to get your news;too bad the delivery system couldn’t have been a little speedier, but glad you’re on a more direct route for recovery. Thanks for sharing your story. Fascinating;

Our wonderful guest blogger, Kevin wrote a fabulous piece “Metabolism, Hormones, Thyroid and Weight Loss, Oh My! We learned an awful lot about the metabolism, hormones effect on metabolism, eating foods rich in antioxidants and low in glycemic, among other things. This is a read you don’t want to miss!

Many of our wonderful community members asked a myriad of questions and Kevin graciously answered each and every one. Thank you for engaging as much as you did.

Today’s comment of the day;

Christine says: April 2, 2010 at 3:47 pm


After reading your post — I emailed my endo (Yes, she is awesome that way); sugar/diabetes is/was a concern (my blood sugar since my thyroidectomy is doing much better getting closer to that under 100 blood sugar finally!

She indicated that they following a low-glycemic index way of eating would be very beneficial to me. I have an appointment next week with the gastro so I will talk with him about this also.

Poor absorption has been a problem for quite a while (like years). With HYPO, think sluggish gastro function never was a problem for me quite the opposite (never went anywhere I didn’t know a bathroom was), despite additional fiber etc. caused great pain, labor like spasms, it was all so frustrating, besides dealing with the effect of a diseased thyroid. Was on a multi-vitamin and probiotic but was not effective at that time. Now that I am HYPER, which can lend to a quick running gastro function (if you will), well I am the exact opposite of that now. UGH UGH UGH BUT the upside it would seem is that my absorption factor has improved (going from extreme HYPO to extreme HYPER) etc. Went from 400 TSH daily to now at 200, B12 several times a week (no B12 absorption at all) to once a week. Healthier bloodwork overall after too many years to count of being a mess. Upswing she calls it! I’ll take it.

The concern has been to find a balance, I was on migraine medication, preventative and as needed, depression and anxiety medication, thyroid medication, T3/T4 meds (again non-existent), spasmotic medication, reflux meds, sugar meds, blood pressure meds etc. etc; You get the picture.

I am now on only Synthroid, Cytomel, B12 shots, and I take anti-spasmotic meds as needed. Since my thyroidectomy I am off of all other medication I am happy to say. (although they are talking of a med for my heart given the extreme side effect of the HYPER now)

Endo’s feeling is a probiotic would be very helpful as well as additional supplementation. If I am now absorbing as one should this is a great time and opportunity to set my body right.

I’d like to put together a“game plan and see what the gastro thinks about what I can or cannot handle now.

My hope is for radiant health. Better energy constant steady energy — a healthy body, soul and mind.  ,  I’d like to be off of all meds — except my thyroid medication (which I know is for the rest of my life). I think with a healthier body, comes a healthier mind, a better outlook on life in general. What I can do as naturally as possible would be delightful. I am ready to make that lifestyle change.

Oddly enough, since my thyroidectomy I have a some difficulty with grains (think pasta, whole wheat grains, breakfast foods etc) that is why I was wondering about those that suggest  gluten free. But I worry about the  carb load and it’s conversion to sugar and it’s impact overall.

Whew bet your glad I popped in and commented eh? LOLOL I’m all about reading learning finding my way through the maze. I am in the process of claiming my life back my terms, my way!

I appreciate all that you brought to the table today, you gave me something to discuss with my docs and to learn more about.

With thyroid disease, no matter the  type we are often so consumed by what it is doing to our body — that we are undone fighting — swimming upstream to a better and healthier life. I don’t think we always think about the impact of what we put in our body and it’s role with what we face as thyroid challenged folks.

I keep thinking“garbage in garbage out LOLOL (I spent too much time at the computer today in the office)

Thank YOU thank YOU for your time, patience and willingness to help. You simply RAWK!

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