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Comment Of The Day: April 3, 2010

Post Published: 03 April 2010
Category: Comment of the Day
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In “Thyrants Are Baaaaack” we posted all of the previous week’s rantarific mini-yarns from our beautiful thymmunity. Though, nobody commented, you all ranted flawlessly and we are super proud of you!

Today’s “Flying With Broken Wings, In Sickness and in Health, I said I Don’tSarah Downing struck a chord with each of us. Shedding light on patients with chronic conditions and how TERRIFYING it is to date what that means and what our fears our. Thank you, Sarah, for writing this article!

Bravely, humorously and honestly, our Dear Thyroid community spoke up about their fears and concerns, and shared some thylicious advice along the way. This column was NOT EASY for any of us to digest, much less discuss. The courage demonstrated by each individual took our breath away. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for being yourselves, always.

Today’s comment of the day;

Jane says: April 3, 2010 at 11:01 am

Thank you Sarah for such a wonderful article. I think it is amazing just how much everyone opened up and share their very personal and very private experiences. It made me realize just how much I beat myself up about my weight, appearance, health issues and relationships.

I use to be much thinner and felt good about myself. I had no problem dating and or being in a relationship and my sex life;well with the right partner was simply amazing, something I enjoyed very much. Unfortunately Mr. Wonderful always turned into Mr. Very Wrong.

A year or two before I was diagnosed with Hoshimotos thyroid disease, things began to plummet downhill for me. I gained 30-40 pounds and yes even being treated with thyroid meds the damm weight stayed on and was a bear trying to lose it. With my ever so fluctuating thyroid the fatigue took over my life. When i look in the mirror I couldn’t imagine any one being attracted to me let alone having sex with me or even try to understand my chronic health problems.
The last couple of years I have totally sabotaged any chance of a relationship, Ill cancel a date because I am just too damm tired and I am so afraid of the many what ifs. If I start communicating with a guy online I always back out when it comes time to meet them in person because of the what ifs.

I realize now I need to feel better about myself before I can expect any man to even remotely be attracted to me. I am ok for the most part to just be alone as I sure don’t want what I had in my past relationships but maybe one day when I get my heath and attitude in a better place there still may be a chance to find someone special

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