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Thyrants… Are Baaaaaaaack

Post Published: 03 April 2010
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Ms. N. Depression GO AWAY! LOL Does anyone else battle with this from day to day?
Ms. K. Most days, trying to overcome the battle of depression. Looking for the half full glass, some days are better than others. And the chronic fatigue…If I had the energy to get out and do something, I know that I would feel better. But, it’s exhausting just looking for that energy.

Ms. N. Depression GO AWAY! LOL Does anyone else battle with this from day to day?

Ms. K. Most days, trying to overcome the battle of depression. Looking for the half full glass, some days are better than others. And the chronic fatigue…If I had the energy to get out and do something, I know that I would feel better. But, it’s exhausting just looking for that energy.

Ms. F: I am so glad to have found your Facebook page and website. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid 4 days ago. Thursday (March 18) I suffered a full-blown grand mal seizure about 10 minutes after I got up that morning. 911 was called and an ambulance trip to the ER followed. The good news was that my heart and brain are fine. The bad news was my thyroid is not. I had been feeling “off” and sluggish all winter but that’s not uncommon for me so I didn’t think much about it and figured I would feel better when spring arrived. I am on Synthroid and feeling better already, but I know that there will probably be ups and downs in the future. So for now I am just taking it one day at a time. Right now I feel horrible for my 2 teenage daughters who witnessed the seizure and thought they were watching me die; although I’m glad they were home and were able to call for help.

Ms. L. Went to my endo last week and she had 8 vials of blood drawn for tests. Have another ultrasound this week. Praying they will finally pinpoint my problems (or at least the main ones- lol) and get my meds adjusted correctly. 🙂

Ms. T. just received the account for my last specialists visit & assorted meds & supplements – $492.00 – better buy a lotto ticket or rob a bloody bank! Why does it have to cost so much to feel well??? I can’t work any more hours ‘cos I need to feel better – can’t feel better without making more money – another one of those vicious circles

Ms. K Grrrrr, went to the Doc for a checkup (non-thyroid related) and gave in to my suspicion that my levels were off so I asked for bloodwork. Yep, TSH is high, so now after less than a year on this dose we’re changing it up again. Why does it have to vary so much and why can I not figure it out until my tongue is swelling, muscles ache, husband is at wits end due to my irritability, and I’m a big blubbery mess?!

Ms. L. I’m up way tooooo late but finally got good news and I can go to sleep now. Local 24-hour CVS has Armour back in stock. No more Naturethroid….what a relief! BTW: I just found out Naturethroid has been revised. WTF is going on with these drug companies???

Ms. T. I know – I wish they’d quit tampering with our lifeline! The adjustments are minor according to the NZ supplier- Calcium has been increased from 16mg to 17mg & Potassium has been removed. Hopefully this won’t affect us. I do get paranoid with changes tho’ – when GSK mucked around with their Eltroxin, it really sent us all into a tailspin here in NZ – actually was the reason we started our own national organisation, to spread the word!

Ms. J. Thank you, thymentia, for plaguing me with your presence today. Seriously,your presence was stronger than usual…I had trouble spelling, talking, and thinking, which made the idea of productivity laughable. And while I’m ranting…hello, insomnia. Thank you for staying away for several days and allowing me to get some awesome sleep. Please go away again.

Ms. K. It seems little thyroid that does not work so well, that you really enjoy taking me down..why is it that even the mildest symptoms of a common cold can take me down so easily, and then it’s extremely difficult to recover..is that you I hear laughing?! You’re not winning in the end, y’know.

Ms. L. Dear Thyroid, Ever since you’ve reared your ugly head, you’ve taken away my power and you’ve stolen what I love to do best: run! I WAS training for a marathon but you took that away from me, too! I’m very angry with you and I want my power back!

Ms. L. Still don’t have good stamina but I feel good today.

Ms. L. Have had itchy hives on an off for over a year. Never had that before getting Hashimotos. Now only need to figure out is it a symptom of the Hashis or is a reaction to the synthroid? Either way I am itchy!!

Ms. E. A little frustrated. Despite being within normal range (I’m hypo) my heart is acting weird. It feels like it is going to burst. When I check my pulse its around 106…it has been this way the last 4-5 times I’ve gone to the dr. When I try to exercise it jumps to 200 or higher…anyone else having issues like this?

Ms. A. I feel like I’ve been swallowing a damn ping pong ball all week long. Thyroid ultrasound coming next week

Ms. J. Had a typical dr. appt last week with my PCP. Told her about all the hypo symptoms I’ve had over the last couple years and how they are not going away. Asked her about testing Free T3. Gave me typical answer, doesn’t believe in results. Is going to do metabolic testing on me because she can’t believe my symptoms are related to thyroid since my TSH and free T4 are in normal ranges. UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Not looking forward to trying this out on my endo doc. nex

Ms. C. ,  It sucks they all say that – these drs need more training, my levels are not all that bad but my level that shows I have Hashimotos was WAY WAY off, but according to others drs,the TSH levels do not indicate anything way off. It is awful because we all know how we feel, and it is lousy. Talk about weight too, the dr said no not because of your thyroid but you are hypom hellllllooooo, I did not gain this weight because I eat eclairs and ice cream all day, wake up drs. High blod pressure, cholesterol, extremem tiredness, mood swings and on and on and on. Sorry peeps for the tyrant, Dear thyroid does make me feel a little better.

Ms. L. Heart Palpatations. I did not have them for a long time becasue I was Hypo went to my endo last month and now I am back hyper. I need to know is there anything I can do to get rid of them? I think this is one of the worst symptoms. Help! I want rid of them for good.

Ms. L. Hey C and J! i switched and went thru 6 Endos last year!!! nobody wants to listen to the patients! yet they don’t want to run extra tests, not even the right tests!!! we MUST be eating eclairs and ice cream all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i am still on the hunt! so good luck! we must find our way out of this! it sucks!

Ms. C. You know what would be great if all our doctors had thyroid problems than they would be able to relate to us – right!!!! 🙂

Ms. A. I got a letter from our insurance carrier last week saying we needed to fill out a form declaring we had no other insurance or dental policies before they’d process my claim. (Dental? Dental insurance covers thyroid exams now? Who knew…?!) See what happens when you ask your doctor for correct thyroid tests? She warned me, though. She said she didn’t think insurance would cover it because the tests “weren’t warranted.” But what do you do when the testing method is broken and consistently gives out erroneous data?,   Apparently, trying to get to the bottom of health issues incurs the wrath of greedy (expletive deleted) insurance companies who don’t want to pay the claims for running additional tests (that are faulty in the first place). No, they’d just rather I stay sick. But it could be worse…I could have NO insurance at ALL

Ms. L. I KNOW! maybe ONE of them DOES have it, and due to the wrong testing, or NOT ENOUGH tests, they don’t know that they have it! SOUND FAMILIAR!!! Unfortunately, we could only wish!

Ms. J. We’ll see what the metabolic tests show, if nothing then off to endo. If I don’t get anywhere with him I’m seriously contemplating a local naturopathic doc who knows all about Free T3 and the fact people still have symptoms with normal test ranges. Insurance won’t cover an N.D. but at this point I don’t give a flying fig. I just want to feel better. I’ve felt like crap ever since they took my thyroid out in 2002.

Ms. C. Oh yes the goiter – forgot about that – maybe that is why sometimes it feels tight in my throat – is that how you felt Jennifer? I had the nodules biopsied a couple years ago and they have not changed according to the ultrasounds, so they are good. I hope all is well with your nodules now :-). I feel bad for eveyone besides myself to see people going through this. I hope we all can feel better and that drs get more knowledgeable from our knowledge

Ms. V. I have had same issues with doctors and planning on trying Naturopathic way as well.I know for a fact that my TPO antibodies are rising every year but docs have totally ignored it. Lot of testing they haven’t even done so far to get a better clue what is going on with me. They seem so to be not worried at all while i am going through all sorts of periods with different symptoms. All thyroid patients should come together and try to pass a law that is beneficial to patients and not for doctors and insurance companies. What do you think? Can it be done?

Ms. L. Yo, why did U leave my throat so achy it scares me at times. My vocals still feel tired.

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