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Thyrants: April 10, 2010

Post Published: 10 April 2010
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  • Been 11 years since I had a thyroid, and boy howdy do I miss it!!!! This synthroid thing sure doesn’t cut it! I just want to be myself again, although I know that is an impossible dream. So, I am doing the best I can and luckily I have the best husband, kids, family, and friends in the world. Cheers to you! And, double cheers to those who are in the thyroid boat with me, may we never sink!
  • “I went for my second set of blood work 2 and a half weeks ago. Doctor went on holiday, but first set showed low thyroid and my cholesterols were out out wack. Im so tired, exhausted, and fell high levels of nausea all the time. IM pale, which is not like me. Taking a natural medicine right now, 3 tmes a day from my homeopathic doc. ancient chinese for low thyroid…i feel like crap, plus having a severly autistic son, and one with ADD…well im just drained. Going to get my results next week, when doc is back.
  • Major female issues today, blamed on the thyroid of course, it is it’s fault!! Hate it!!!!
  •  I was diagnosed with thyroid disease at age 19. I sm now 37 I have had three… Yes three surgeries on my neck as a result of being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I have gained and lost and gained and lost weight, have fought depression, my hair has changed, my skin has changed and is dry…and still there are days I wake up exhausted. My joints hurt And years of hearing it’s not your thyroid causing the problem!!!! Really?
  •  It’s one of those days where everything is wrong! And I just don’t know why??? All I want to do is cry!!! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!
  • Ahhhh, feel a little better now. :).
  • Omg last Saturday was beautiful here in ny. My bf and I did some shopping and got back home about 2 pm. I told him I needed to lay down for a bit and ended up taking a 4 hour nap. Sunday was Easter and I took a walk down the block and got over heated.. Shouldve known I was gonna crash. all the signs were there. By Tuesday at work I thought I wasgonna pass out.. Got home and slept for 13 hours and when I woke up it took all my strength to get out of bed, I couldve slept for another 13. I then decided to add 25 mcg more and I am slowly get back on track.
  • so sleepy today
  • pretty much having a nervous breakdown…can’t seem to stop crying.
  • So sorry to hear you are having a bad day today Elizabeth, I have had many days like that so I can relate. I am online for a while yet if you need to chat and vent, sometimes it’s good to share with someone that understands!
  • These posts actually put a smile on my face, so nice to have a “family” that understands here!!!! Hope you are feeling better Elizabeth, and what a great friend you are Caroline!!! Have a smiley day everyone!!!
  • I just left the hospital after my RAI 131 and 48 hours of isolation!!! So, I just want to say, suck it thyroid cancer!! Suck it!!!
  • NO HYPO SYMPTOMS…can’t be anymore successful than that!!!! took me almost a decade to figure it out, but I am a new woman & no longer a zombie!!!!
  •  Slumped in the lounge, almost ready for bed, while you’re all waking up on the other side of the world. I grabbed my roll of tummy fat just now and wondered why I’ve been comfortable with this extra layer over me while I feel like the other me pre-fat days, is here in disguise. Why have I settled for this? It makes me kind of invisible that I’m,  not seen as physically attractive, yet visible as someone somewhat unattractive. The mirror is not my friend, and photos show me an old saggy lump of a person that I just don’t recognize. If it had happened overnight I would have been horrified and worked like a mad thing to get it off me. But it happened 12 years ago during pregnancy and just stuck. I really haven’t tried in any way to lose this fat, my brain is just scattered in so many directions and I nearly always put myself last. I don’t think I can avoid this issue any longer, because I’ve always said the most important thing in life is your health and if I don’t do something now it may be too late. So heres the deal self, I’m going to be gentle with you but you are going to notice some changes. Things are going to get moving and shaking, so don’t think you can sit around reading all that stuff on facebook and the internet. You already know enough to take good care of yourself. You need all of your brain to focus now on yourself and your body. Remember when you used to jog and cycle, well I’m not promising you’ll be able to do that again, but hey, lets take this as far as it will go and see just what you are capable of. Now this starts today, right now, and theres no day off. Every day is about you getting back to you, and that is the priority! No excuses for not eating well either. THIS IS IT! you can do it, don’t expect miracles, just discover your potential, because right now its hidden. Day one to uncover a new me has begun.

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