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Thyrants and Thyraves: April 17, 2010

Post Published: 16 April 2010
Category: Thyrants and Thyraves, Thyroid Symptoms Discussion
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PWH: YES! Hashimoto’s: Why is it not treated by docs? Or even tested for, and heaven forbid, mentioned as a potential problem? Rant away.

MG: Hating my thyroid for not giving me the support to fight off the cold in my chest.

CSC: Had my Endo appointment. Doing ok. I have to have RAI scan around August. It’s a year since I had my Thyroid cancer, found out I do not have to stop taking my medication for the test…which is good. The Doctor said I will have to have a total of 3 scans to make there are no more thyroid cancer cells….

EB: I actually think I can say that my thyroid is on the right track. It’s another ailment that is causing me problems right now~~fibromyalgia.

CKP: Thyroid – I hate you! Actually, it is Synthroid that I hate! A year and a half ago my diabetes was in remission and since my thyroid was removed and I went on Synthroid, I am now up to 8 pills a day plus insulin. Go f*ck yourself thyroid! How in the world is it possible to be healthier WITH cancer than without?!

CNC: – you make a point I’ve recently hear a lot – about diabetes and thyroid/synthroid. We are talking about Beta now – wasn’t a problem until my dosage got upped to 400mcg – just one more thing to deal with… makes me wonder…

SR: Dearest, sweetest thyroid: Please, please, please work just a little for as long as you can. We start a new job tomorrow at 5am, working 12 hour shifts. They have nice chairs, no standing, so I think you could handle it. Let’s do this! 911, what is your emergency?

KN: Fighting off a bug for 2 weeks just can’t seem to kick it! Thanks a lot hashi for making it difficult to keep to a healthy immune system and fight off infections!

JW: This might get a little long, and I apologize in advance. I went to my quack today. That is the nicest word I can come up with for her today. I went in with leg edema clear up to mid-thigh, 20 lb weight gain in 4 months, mental shutdown (beyond fuzzy) and periods that soak thru the super soakers in under an hour for 3-5 days. There have been times I am so frazzled I have contemplated having had a stroke, reaching for words that are quite plainly in front of my face taunting me. She is downwardly adjusting my synthetic T3/T4 combo because my TSH is 0.21, which she said is too low despite my T3 and T4 being within the normal range.

She is really big into Chinese medicine and again I found myself walking out with herb, berry, twig and root combination formulas from “her supplier.” $36 worth of this crap. Her latest theory is that my adrenals are fatigued and I am taking some nasty flavored tincture under my tongue a couple times a day and then the rainforest-in-a-pill combinations.

Why don’t I leave her? I ask myself that more often than not. Every time I walk out I vow that is the last time I get conned into another round of quackery, but then I go back because I don’t want to have to start all over with a new provider. Test after test, lab after lab. I don’t want that again.

Well, my freakin’ thyroid has decided I am done writing… I had a rant going in my head, but now it’s gone. Which is exactly my complaint… sigh.

FG: My husband loves salty food, now I can’t stand it…salt tastes so awful now…in some of his creations for dinner.

JH: The pain and Exhaustion! I had more blood tests done, but they still aren’t getting anywhere. 🙁

RR: My doctors maintained my high Levothyrox dose after my second Thyca surgery even though my TSH was < 0.01 at 100, µg! When I tell them that anything above 100, µg makes my ankles, legs and feet swell, they say, ‘That is not possible.’ At 100, µg, just after the surgery, I had no similar problems. At 150, µg, swelling is back. It is stated clearly online, on the paper notice and everywhere else I have looked that this is side effect of too much Levothyrox. I want doctors who listen to me and are literate, who don’t just go with the lock step/cookie cutter approach, who think of the patient’s entire body/quality of life and not just numbers on a chart.

MMW: Is it legal to bitch slap your endo until you knock the wax out of their ears.

VLN: I hate dr’s that treat lab values, & not the patient! That’s when I want to slap them into tomorrow.

PD: I think my thyroid didn’t really like the fact that I ate ice cream yesterday horrible sleep

LCC: I just realized I haven’t taken a nap all week during the day. It’s been years!

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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Thyrants and Thyraves: April 17, 2010”

  1. SAH says:

    Dear thyroid, I hate you thyroid. Kind of dumb aren’t ya? You are too stupid to even know how to work right. What you have my dumb thyroid, is a pill addiction, you refuse to work unless I give you your pill. Go ahead, prove me wrong, start working on your own, I dare you. Quit making your problems my problems. Dear head, I sure wish you would clear up and stop listening to that thyroid, you are much smarter than it is. Can’t you take over control of things. It would be so much easier if you would. Dear nerves, I’m sorry you are so messed up by all the nonsense that thyroid and head are giving you. Tell me what it is that I need to do for you to fix you. I liked you so much better when I didn’t even know you existed. Dear heart, please keep pumping.

  2. Dear Thyroid says:

    Dear SAH; Thank you for adding your rant, it’s quite beautiful, tragic and honest. I feel you so deeply. I love the metaphors and points you made. The challenge to your thyroid. Beautifully written!

    I wish you didn’t have to feel this way. I wish nobody felt as horribly as they do.


  3. Dear Thyroid says:

    Everyone, Great ranting and raving this week! So proud of you.

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