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Thursday April 4th 2019


Thyme For Some Literary Healing: Your Thyroid’s Secret Life

First, first, first, if you missed Joanna’s AMAZING “Life Redefined”, I beg you to read it. “Keep Your Spirit Fingers to Yourself“. Joanna wrote about what not to say, and what to say, to someone with cancer; she even cited examples. If you missed the comments, be sure to catch those too, because everyone shared exceptional stories while echoing Joanna’s sentiments, among other things.

Onto Thyme for some Literary Healing: Your Thyroid’s Secret Life

So, I’ve been doing some thinking… Yesterday, we wrote back-stories for our thyroidectomized thyroids and/or dysfunctional thyroids. Continuing along that theme, let’s kick it up a glandly notch with a simple question or is it?!

  1. As you imagine your thyroid’s life, with or without you, write, in detail about the life you think your thyroid is having. Is your thyroid living it up? Do you reside in the same city? Same body? Your thyroid has a life — separate from you. Tell us about that life.

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Thyme For Some Literary Healing: Your Thyroid’s Secret Life

  1. Em says:

    As you imagine your thyroid’s life, with or without you, write, in detail about the life you think your thyroid is having. Is your thyroid living it up? Do you reside in the same city? Same body? Your thyroid has a life — separate from you. Tell us about that life.

    My thyroid still lives with me, but its home to check in only every once in a while. Just enough to make me think its there and doing what its supposed to.

    Most of the rest of the time its actually out living life the way I used to. Up early in the morning and going strong all day long into the wee hours of the night/morning. It stumbles home and collapses into bed and manages to eek out the hormones it thinks I need before it passes out.

    It loves to lie too. It was telling me how SO SO much better it felt on a clean food diet, when it actually was doing worse. (The little bastard!)

  2. Christina says:

    I, ´ll stick to the theme I used yesterday.
    My Thyroids Life aka Life is a Battlefield.
    My Thyroid and me, we don, ´t live in the same city.Not even the same country.
    I tried to be Switzerland but instead of working with me my dear thyroid seems to be plotting World War 3.
    Why just go for “small” things like hair loss or dry skin when you have the power to screw up a persons entire life?
    So there is General Thyroid accompanied by Lieutenant Fatigue and Weight Gain, planning another full throttle attack.
    That, ´s what my thyroids life feels like to me.
    Amazing how such a small thing can cause so much trouble.
    (Well, Napoleon wasn, ´t exactly the tallest person either and look how much damage he caused).
    Anyways, I just wish this constant battle would come to an end and I could set up a peace contract with my thyroid,but I guess that is just not in the cards.

  3. Monika says:

    Sometimes, when there’s an inanimate object in my life that causes me trouble, I name it and try to treat it as I would a human so that it might act more politely. For example, we were house-sitting for our neighbor’s house plants while they were remodeling, and when the winter came and the houses started to lose leaves, making a mess of the house, I named them and greeted them kindly when I walked into a room.

    I cannot do this for my thyroid, though, for a number of reasons.

    1) It’s very much animate, very much alive.
    2) If I personify it, I get the image of a small person living inside my neck. A very small, very overweight, very temperamental person.

    I think it’s the temperament that scares me.

    My thyroid lives with me, shares a bed, shares a house. We go everywhere together. It’s a dysfunctional relationship to some degree, I give it what I’m told that it needs so that it will shut up, but it never does stop bitching. I think we both know that we treat each other the same way, though. Every word I’m writing here, my thyroid is thinking, ‘OMG’, she never stops bitching’ but rarely is my bitching about it.

    We are two beings attached for good. There’s no escape, so we live our lives the way that we think we’re meant to. Everywhere I go, my thyroid goes, too, all the while producing, doing its thing, and complaining that there’s not enough room in my neck.

    We agree on so many things except our way of life together, as it were.

  4. Christine says:

    Oh it lives on elsewhere, outside of me. I imagine it much like the “blob” (you might remember this 1958 scifi/horror movie)…. ever growing eating and destroying everything in it’s path. It is only stopped by being frozen, but at the end of the movie where it says “The End” it is followed by a question mark – of course their was a sequel The Blob 2 where it returns.

    Although now that I think of it – this sounds a lot like my thyroid journey when I had it…. and the aftermath of losing it would be “The Blob 2”!!

    I believe it wants to conquer the world, one person, one family, one community at a time. I hope it is frozen, confined to a small space, sliced and diced never to see the light of day, person or thing again!

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