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Comment Of The Day: April 26, 2010

Post Published: 26 April 2010
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It’s the Health Equivalent of Learning Geography by Having War Declared On You was today’s Dear Thyroid Letter, written by Em. “29 years old and have been married for just over a year and half. I work full time as a receptionist while I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I was diagnosed as hypothyroid 2 years ago, right before my wedding. I am mildly hypothyroid and it is completely under control with my medication…

The discussion centered on how we feel about our self esteem, the strain our thyroids have on our relationships, and among other things, weight and libidos. Everyone shared their stories, lended support and was generally flawless.

Thank you!

Today’s comment of the day…

Sharper says: April 26, 2010 at 10:01 am

Yikes! I wasn’t even aware that libido was a symptom. Yet, another thing that makes more sense. My libido has always been low. But now that I think about it, when I’m regulated and loosing weight, my sex drive is at its high. And when I’m feeling bad and gaining weight, my sex drive is non-existent. I really just thought it was my self-esteem that was making me stay at the very opposite of the bed. Another symptom to add to my list. Thanks a lot, thyroid!

Em — I completely understand about dieting around a meat and potatoes kind of guy. When I cooked something healthy for supper, he would complain. He is 6′7″ and has a strong metabolism to eat like a horse and stay fit. I sometimes have to cook 2 separate meals — one healthy dish for me and something really yummy and unhealthy for him. Then I get to watch him eat and enjoy, while I pick at yet another salad.

Thyme For Some Literary Healing: Part VI

Today, as a result of Em’s beautiful Dear Thyroid Letter, we delved a bit deeper into the impact our thyroid’s have on our sexual libido.

The conversation was, bold, incendiary and bewitching. I was so proud of everyone for sharing their gut wrenching sexual stories – past and present. Standing ovation to everyone.

Today’s comment…

amy says: April 26, 2010 at 3:37 pm

When my thyroid is not happy sex is not fun! Sometimes I would try, in my mind I felt I really wanted it! But, my body was saying “I am too tired and this is too much work! What are you doing?” I would feel bad for my poor husband. He is very kind and generous in bed, not wanting to take w/o giving. There are times, I am ashamed to admit, where I would feel repulsed by my husband but it was really me and not him at all. It is hard to explain why I felt that way.

But, on the other hand, when my thyroid is balanced and happy sex is amazing, once again! I want it as emotionally as well as physically.

There you have it, my two cents worth

Doctor Myhill’s GMC Hearing: Update, And What You Can Do To Get Involved Today!

We need action and letters today, to save this doctor from an meritless witch hunt and the GMC Hearing. Please read the post and get involved.

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