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Comment Of The Day: April 27, 2010

Post Published: 27 April 2010
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A note: When I think we’ve achieved the bravest community I have ever known, a new day passes, and I realize that it’s even more spectacular than before. I am the luckiest person in the world, to know you, to share in your lives, and to be a part of Dear Thyroid. THANK YOU.

A Quiet Plea” written by Joey, our newest community member, is 28, and has Graves’s disease. He’s been thyrotoxic, with subsequent heart issues, and equally upsetting, his depression is so severe, he finds himself feeling… Well, you’ll just have to read his letter to find out.

Thank you to everyone for your INCREDIBLE support. So many people came together to, not only share their stories, but also to ensure that Joey realized he’s not alone. He has all of us. You’re flawless.

Today’s comment…

Kathy says: April 27, 2010 at 7:34 am

Hi Joey, I also have Graves. In the beginning of my treatment I was on Synthyroid too, I had the depression, etc. that you are experiencing. I definitely didn’t like it so I switched to a natural hormone replacement as well as found a new doctor who was more interested in how I feel. I now have a life without the depression and suicidal thoughts. Now the only time I get in moods of staying to myself is when my hormone replacement isn’t correct. It is a symptom that something is off. Don’t give up on yourself, once you start feeling better all else will get better. This disease definitely lets you see who really cares about you. It’s hard to explain to them but once they see what you’re telling them, then they start to understand. My husband laughs now when I repeat myself cause I forgot that I’ve said that same thing two minutes ago. He knows at times, I just don’t realize that I’ve done it. He says, better to laugh about it then get upset with me. Certain things have just become part of our lives at times.

Thyme For Some Literary Healing: Part VII

We discussed psychiatric disturbances as a result of our respective thyroid conditions. Every individual wrote, in painstaking detail how mentally consumed by our thyroids we were, and are. The bravery is astounding. Each post will render you speechless, bring you to tears, and make you realize that you aren’t alone – none of us are. This is a very real, and serious condition (mental disturbances) with thyroid patients.

Thank you for being so brave.

Today’s comment…

Shan M. says: April 27, 2010 at 3:02 pm

I need a shrink to explain it all to, because its a long story that makes me sound crazy, but I’ve been politically active and with the onset of thyroid psychosis, I was convinced my phone was bugged, everything I did on the internet was recorded, I went as far as inventing in my mind the technologies ‘they’ were using to get inside my head,and hear what I was up to. Oh and when I was at my worst, my neighbor was a spy! I really can’t get rid of them because they follow me.

I do give them ‘the look’ when I spot them following me and I imagine they know I know. I know, you’re all thinking I need my head examined, but you would have to have a long conversation with me to understand how I arrived here and the things that happened to me. I’m so used to it that I just go about my business being as controversial as I want. I fear that one day I’m going to tell a perfectly innocent stranger to ‘piss of and stop following me’. It just shits me that they have to loiter around me when I’m in one place, then the same person is there when I drive to another place, and they come up close as though to eavesdrop, that’s when I give them ‘the look’.

You see I live in a world where we are all being slowly poisoned, on a planet that is being quickly ruined, and by huge powerful corporations who have the power to buy politicians. They don’t like it when someone sees through their dirty tactics and thwarts their unethical schemes. It surely is a mad, mad, world. Oh, and also they suspect me of things I’d never do and are trying to get me for something.

I don’t know how they can do what they do, thousands of people are being paid to follow, or to sit on their arses watching the internet. Its a bloody sad thing we’ve come to this. I know, I’ve gone over it all a kazillion times, yes I’m paranoid, I have trust issues, and a (can’t think of the word — it came to me — persecution) complex. And I’m so not important enough to follow, it must cost them a fortune to have people watched. Actually its kind of a game, playing spot the spy! The eye contact is my way of saying ‘gotcha” and ‘bugger off’. Hey, don’t all unfriend me on facebook, crazies and protesters need support too!

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