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Comment Of The Day: May 11, 2010

Post Published: 11 May 2010
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If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.  ~Flavia Weedn, Flavia and the Dream

Hashimoto’s, Now Here This: I Am Not Yours For The Taking. You Do Not Own Me. I Make The Rules. Not You!” Johna was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s one year ago. Her Dear Thyroid Letter chronicled the first year of ‘life’ with this disease – the trials – the tribulations – and, in the end… Well, you’ll have to read it to find out. You won’t regret it, we assure you of that.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories about initial diagnosis, living with your respective conditions, and lending to support to Johna. Every comment was so deeply moving, as heartfelt as Johna’s letter. We cried. We laughed. We came together – and hopefully found our way just a wee bit more. Youse kick ass. Yup. You do. you’re loved.

Today’s comment…

Dara says:

Johna, I read and reread your letter so many times. The tears come in the same quantity each time I read it. I had an appointment with an Uro Gynecologist today and ask about an Endocrinologist. She said “That’s strange that you should ask”. Her mother went to one last week and she is going to get the name for me. I want to get tested.

You are such a precious person and I am amazed at the strength you display when you are in pain.

Psychiatric Manifestations In Thyroid Patients: Written by Douglas Bremner MD – Talk about a validating, inspiring article. We are eternally grateful to Dr. B. Often thyroid patients’ pre and post diagnosis are misdiagnosed and pawned off on psychiatrists. Perhaps it’s because so many women have thyroid disorders, I don’t know. Regardless of condition, all too often, we are pawned off on psychiatrists to treat our depression, anxiety, rage, etc. Though, mental issues are not indicative of our personalities. Evidently, checking our thyroids is asking far too much of too many doctors (not all, but too many). Who knew our vaginas had so much authority over our minds?! Good to know.

Nevertheless, thanks to Dr. B’s wonderful post, we all felt victorious and understood. Hearing a doctor say “It’s not you. It’s your thyroid”, brought many of us to tears. Moreover, Dr. B was and is graciously available to answer our questions. All of which we appreciate.

So many questions were asked, along with misdiagnoses and mistreatment. While all of this destroyed so many of us, knowing that our fellow thysistahs were in pain, the bravery demonstrated made us feel that we could speak up, too.

Thank you to everyone. Today wasn’t easy. In fact, it was quite emotional. You did it – we did it.

Today’s comment…

Jocelyn says:

sigh. I don’t have insurance, so I can’t get my theory tested. I believe I have subclinical hypothyroidism. and now that I have researched it and researched it, I wonder if I have had it and it has been getting steadily worse for years.

I was diagnosed with manic-depression in 5/01. I have been stabilized since then (meaning I have only spent time in the hospital that one time) with various and sundry medications. I have found a “decent” cocktail of topamax (300mg), lamictal (225mg), seroquel (50-100 mg, prn) and wellbutrin XL (300mg).

however, I think that maybe things could be wildly different if I could get on some armour. I’ve gained 20 pounds in the last year or so … I don’t eat particularly well and I don’t exercise … BUT …. that has been the case for at least the last 10 years. nothing about my diet or activity level has changed. I have all the other symptoms of hypothyroidism … the dry, brittle nails and hair, the constipation, the sluggishness, the cold hands and feet, the aches and pains, etc. etc. etc.

I had my blood tested last year and it was 2.75 and now I don’t have any real way to get to an endocrinologist and I’m afraid the people at the free health clinic just don’t have the time for someone like me. when I looked it up on the mayo clinic website, they said one of the groups of people *they* treat for subclinical is people with bipolar disorder. even more reason to figure this out, right?

any suggestions?

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